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MONSTER among CHAMPIONS. @BraunStrowman defeats @Goldberg to become the NEW #UniversalChampion! #WrestleMania

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Emil Goldberg ()

Die Stiegen und Wege runter zum Donaukanal sind auch nicht breiter als die Eingänge zu den Bundesgärten. #justsaying

Emil Goldberg ()

Selbstkostenpreis my Die Großmengen-Preise für MNS sind laut Homepage vom Handelsverband deutlich unter 1 Cent (!) pro Stück angesiedelt. (Danke an @AnChVIE für den Link!)

חיים גולדברג ()

אחרי הפרסום ב@kikarhashabat: נפתחה בדיקה במחש

Sumim ()

“良いアイデアはそれだけでは生き残れません─氏の教育におけるコンピュータのバックグラウンド、コミュニティへの関与、そしてシンプルで直接的な文体は、数十年に渡ってソフトウェア業界全体の方向性を形作ってきました[DeepL]”Adele Goldberg’s contributions to Smalltalk


I swear down, plus 20 crates of Goldberg. The he guy keeps talking. He can talk till tomorrow nonstop.

Wrestling ENFURECIDO ()

Confirmamos, entre WrestleMania y Royal Rumble, Edge se ha movido más que Goldberg en 4 años.

Ally. ()

i finally understand that one tweet that said joe goldberg will never be the dexter morgan he thinks he is

Truthglow ()

Power To The People: GET AWFUL WHOOPIE GOLDBERG OFF THE VIEW - Sign the Petition! via @Change

Tanya ()

@ESP_Paranormal I remember that. He was dating Whoopi Goldberg at the time and they thought it would be funny. Except it wasn’t.


Ver episódio de Os Goldberg e tou aqui quase a chorar pq é o episódio sobre o futuro e a despedida da érica para a faculdade e eu tou demasiado sentimental a estas horas



Smark to Death ()

Okay, that Strowman vs Goldberg match was even worse than I expected. Sheesh. #WrestleMania

José Alberto Ortiz B ()

Desde los 90 lo decía. Goldberg siempre ha sido sobrevalorado.

Bud Bundy ()

So Goldberg showed up to get a big check and to drop title to Braun to give 4 spears just to go back home who really won

🇺🇸 doctorcherokee ✝️🩹🩺 ()

I used to be a fan of Jonah Goldberg until he revealed his character.

Richard Goldberg ()

#Iran’s systemic corruption, mismanagement & multi-tier exchange rate (tied to corruption) alongside its institutional money laundering for terrorism, missiles & human rights abuses, make it nearly impossible for the #IMF to approve a loan without betraying its rules & standards.

WWE France ()

[email protected] a battu @Goldberg pour devenir le Nouveau Champion Universel ! #WrestleMania

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Mister Magic ()

@gina_goldberg @bernybelvedere I have no agency. I have to fight the left no matter what the right does

Lemar Lewis ()

@wrestlingshoul2 “Son of a botch” haha get it, Goldberg wasn’t supposed to do that

WWE ()

[email protected] defeated @Goldberg to become THE NEW Universal Champion! #WrestleMania

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Ori Goldberg ()

הכי קשה, מה שמבחינתי יהיה הכי בלתי נסלח, זה הבלבול. הכל מלא הצהרות סותרות ומומחים ובכירים שרבים. ופוליטיקאים, כמובן, שמתנהגים כאילו המשחק הרגיל עוד משוחק. הוא לא. התקוה שחסרה היא לא שיהיה בסדר. אולי לא יהיה. תנו תקוה שמישהו עוד שולט בסיפור הזה ולא כולנו לבדנו בחושך.

Going In Raw Pro Wrestling Podcast ()

In case you missed our reaction to Goldberg losing to Braun at #wrestlemania, here it is. @MFSteveHere greatly increased his chances at keeping the Big Red Title heading into tomorrow.

Rich⭐ ()

@keenanfisher13 @wrestlingmore19 I heard Goldberg is a star because Bischoff pushed him to the moon, is this true?

WWE ()

FOUR @Goldberg Spears cannot keep The #MonsterAmongMen @BraunStrowman down! #WrestleMania

WWE ()

MONSTER among CHAMPIONS. @BraunStrowman defeats @Goldberg to become the NEW #UniversalChampion! #WrestleMania

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Watchalong Wrestling ()

I knew it was a long it would have been great if Samoa Joe replaced Roman Reigns & faced Goldberg at #WrestleMania #Smackdown

Adam0ajl ()

1. Orton/Edge 2. AJ/Taker 3. Brock/Drew 4. Owens/Rollins 5. Cena/Wyatt 6. NXT Womens 7. SD Tag 8. RAW Womens 9. IC Title 10. SD Womens 11. RAW Tag 12. Braun/Goldberg 13. Black/Lashley 14. Womens Tag 15. Otis/Ziggler 16. Elias/Corbin

Wrestling Observer ()

WWE confirms Goldberg vs. Braun Strowman for WrestleMania 36

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Braun Strowman ()

The world is a crazy place. We’re living in crazy times. I’m honored to face @Goldberg for the Universal Title at #WrestleMania. ...but he’s still gonna GET. THESE. HANDS. #ManiaMonster

WWE ()

BREAKING: @Goldberg defends the #UniversalTitle against @BraunStrowman THIS WEEKEND at #WrestleMania!

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