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Golden hour glide with Rosie Jaffurs 🌅 Video by Roxy Facer.

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Golden Hour is so GOOOODDDDDD!!!!!! I’ve listened to it 3 times already. It really deserved AOTY #GRAMMYs.

Gays dizendo que a Kacey ganhou só por ser branca sendo que ela tem um histórico de levar temas como feminismo e aceitação pra música country que ainda é tão conservadora e tomada por homens, além do Golden Hour realmente ser um dos discos mais aclamados do ano.

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Alexa, play Grammy-winning Album of the Year ‘Golden Hour’ by @KaceyMusgraves.

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@antiquation lmao you’re not wrong in the t Swift comparison, particularly for golden hour. Same Trailer Different Park and Pageant Material are sharper lyrically, but it’s singer songwriter country pop for sure!.

Kacey Musgraves gana el mejor álbum del año con ‘Golden hour’ #Grammy2019 y nosotros ya lo intuí #LaCanciónDelFinDeSemana @luispardoc.

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@pineappols WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA handang malusaw contact lense at balat para sa golden hour selfie eh no 😂.

fearless golden hour 🤝 both winning album of the year.

goodnight stream grammy award winning albums ‘from the fires’ by greta van fleet and ‘golden hour’ by kacey musgraves😘.

So happy for @KaceyMusgraves well deserved bc golden hour is such a phenomenal album. 😭😭😭❤️.

Happy that @KaceyMusgraves has done so well at the Grammys. Golden Hour is a well deserved Record of the Year. Congratulations Kacey..

I liked Golden Hour, but I probably won’t be able to stomach it after tonight..


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Kacey Musgraves and the Golden Hour deserve all the love. Flawless album - definitely a personal favorite of mine from 2018. I’m pretty sure I had Space Cowboy on a loop for weeks when it first came out. #Grammys2019 Congrats @KaceyMusgraves.

Golden Hour ABSOLUTELY deserves Album of the Year. Miss Musgraves went tf OFF. I’m so happy she won..

I already played Golden Hour approximately 100 times I kinda feel bad for the locals who just discovered it.

Kacey DESERVED AOTY bc Golden Hour was one of the best records of 2018/the decade and that’s that ! So proud of her..

lmao ok before y’all come for miss kacey give golden hour a listen she did that 🤭.

Oof i love Kacey and Golden Hour but Janelle Monáe’s album was musically and creatively miles ahead of everyone else’s. White people in power dislike rewarding non-white excellence..

@QueenSatta Yes, I would definitely recommend. Her older stuff is good but she really got me with Golden Hour. It really is a great body of work..

Que tristeza haber perdido mis audífonos y no poder dormirme escuchando Golden Hour.

all of the people mad over kacey’s win but have never listened to golden hour ....

I am perfectly content with a win for Kacey Musgraves. Golden Hour is a beaut..

So absolutely deserved. Every single song on golden hour speaks to me ✨.

Happiness is when a country female artist wins a Grammy for best album. It truly is the best album. The art, the depths of the lyrics and the musical arrangements of Golden Hour are iconic. @KaceyMusgraves.

Golden hour glide with Rosie Jaffurs 🌅 Video by Roxy Facer.

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