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Big Money
Big Money

If yo girl look up to ig models and you a regular working guy it’s destined to fail get you a female who gone help increase ya bag not a female who gon spend all ya bread.

She said she wanted some cookies I sent her $500 and she gone say “that’s to much how do I send it back” girl shut up and go get the cookies i know what I sent.

Love tweets like this. I agree. We haven’t been making enough noise for it. Look up my name + gone girl though 😅.

Not her folding over something he does a lot girl stand up!! These the ones you really gotta watch them the ones that’s gone really take you through it🤣.

Asil üçlü: 1. Interstellar 2. Whiplash 3. Gone Girl Yedek üçlü: 1. The Grand Budapest Hotel 2. Nightcrawler 3. Birdman.

@RikaXIV The main difference is that Cam is a lala, A’lisae is a cat girl, Valljan is a viera and X’vett is a Viera as well. Valljans world is gone post calamity so he got thrown to the source. A’lisae was the backup WOL as hers died young and Vett remembered his unsundered self..

@JLClayton5 1. Boyhood 2-4 (alphabetical): - Grand Budapest Hotel - Inherent Vice - It Follows 5-10 (alphabetical): - Babadook - Birdman - Dawn of the Planet…Apes - Ex Machina - Heaven Knows What - Nightcrawler Need to Revisit: Gone Girl & Whiplash Overlooked Doc: Breadcrumb Trail.

@TennisPuneet I know…I didn’t recognize her either at first. Jeez…she’s gone through so much. As a child of war, I sympathize with her. After that family problems…no wonder the poor girl was struggling so much. 😢.

Watching the On The Run Tour and one thing bout my girl Bey, SHE GONE DANCE!💅🏾👑.

@alyahcs girl gone head with that rare ass experience!!!! this gave me life you really thriving 😭💙💙.

@RealBreMariee I feel like my girl gonna want me too lol so I might just gone and ask 😂.

@mrtutunculer @sinemori Benim listeyi yapmışsın ama alternatif olarak nightcrawler veya gone girl ekle çıkar yapabilirim.

no but who in their right fucking mind would classify gone girl as a romcom.

Suddenly all freedom was gone with this girl once she realized it was the wife next to me. Wife was cracking up. Light turned green, so had to jet. This is a faux freedom protest. Bunch of fakes. All 8 of them..

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