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‘GotG Vol. 3’ will begin production after James Gunn completes ‘The Suicide Squad’ for DC (via @DEADLINE).

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@FightOnTwist From a movie standpoint, Winter soldier. My favorite is GOTG 1, tho. So fun and really made me feel how all the storylines come together..

ジェ-ムズ・ガン、ス-スク2もやった上でGotG復帰するの心底良かったぁってなってる 正直心がもうス-スクに向いてて第一報あんまり嬉しくない自分がショックだった.

My new official MCU top 5: 1. Thor: Ragnarok 2. GOTG Vol. 1 3. Captain Marvel 4. Ant Man 5. Black Panther.


@thatbitcheva @trivksterloki No, and he agrees with that. Take into account, though, the timeline, the shock film company he worked for at the time, and the admitted autobiographical narrative of gotg, which is essentially about a bunch of hopelessly shitty people who redeem themselves. It shows a lot..

@MrNoFollowers The first gotg is top 5 mcu for me, 2 was decent at best tho, the yondu fight scene was visually amazing tho. Also liked the sisters coming together..

@JamesGunn Inevitable decision because you’re the only one that knows how to deal with GOTG, but I hope you learn to leave behind you certain immature jokes. Maybe you should learn from Woody Alllen. I mean, only his.

Can you imagine a gotg movie directed by taika waititi though, i would kill for it.

@keileykaiser im happy hes back now bring on both The Suicide Squad & GOTG V3.

Good. GotG is one of my favourites and if we all got fired from past mistakes, no one would be in a job..

é bem capaz dele cagar pra um dos filmes ne fazer um puta gotg e tacar o fodase pra ss q ja nao ta sendo grandes coisas tb.

before his old tweets surfaced no one cared and GOTG became some of the best MCU movies to date, then someone wasted their time trying to ruin his life and suddenly it becomes a problem. 10 years is a long time and enough for people to change. get over it and enjoy his movies.

a certeza que eu tenho é que se james gunn voltar a dirigir gotg as falas e aparições do drax vão triplicar tem que fazer o mozão aparecer.


friendly reminder that the whole gotg cast supports james gunn, a pedo.

Imaginei que a Disney só tava esperando a poeira baixar e geral esquecer a polêmica. Ok, o cara tem talento, mas, antes disso, vêm outras coisas: Privilégios… Não sei o que sentir a respeito, sinceramente (sou apaixonada por GotG 1 e 2). Amo a arte, mas não o artista..

@Brobinso54 @JamesGunn I’m not even a GOTG fan but I loved the Belko Experiment. The entire issue was over the top. Hopefully everyone has learned something and we can move on.


@arcticninjapaul If I was WB, I’d let Gunn go and let him finish making his GOTG trilogy. And I would pay Mel Gibson whatever he wants to do Suicide Squad 2. 😊.

@iWatchiAm I am here for the GotG hate. Least interesting and most useless superhero. Give me Thor: Ragnarok any day. Or Captain Marvel. And I don’t even like Brie Larson..

Called it! Especially with him getting hired as a director of another film I knew marvel was going to see people dont have an issue with @JamesGunn and he is the only person who can continue #GotG.

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@IniciativaV Eso fue hace 20 años 😂 después ocurre lo de gotg para ese entonces él estaba vivo..

Apparently the GOTG director got reinstated after getting kicked off the project by an internet mob effort. Was originally not going to see that movie because of this, so good job. Acting like an irresponsible twat online is bad, but if the person has grown up, apologized, and >>.

what’s stopping me from making my own gotg v3 where nebula and her girlfriend mantis are the main characters.

‘GotG Vol. 3’ will begin production after James Gunn completes ‘The Suicide Squad’ for DC (via @DEADLINE).

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