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Michael Gove in an ABSOLUTE PANIC about having made the initial introduction of that controversial Michelle Mone PPE contract. Worth watching the whole clip. Definitely more to this story. - Are you taking my water? - Yes, I am. ~AA.

The Cabinet Office refused our FOI request to release the emails between Gove and Mone saying it was ‘not in the public interest’. 👀 🤯.

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Just what did Michael Gove know about Michelle Mone’s PPE contracts? 🧵.

We believe millions of pounds of public money being awarded unfairly to a Conservative peer IS squarely in the public interest. Our complaint to see the correspondence between Gove and Mone is currently with the Information Commissioner..

Tory Government austerity has already led to cuts totalling over £2 BILLION for Leeds City Council - that’s vital funding slashed from key local services. Michael Gove is treating people as fools when he says further austerity won’t hit the poorest areas hardest..

Michael Gove will be interviewed by ⁦@BBCr4today⁩ at Assume he will be asked why Michelle Mone emailed him and another Tory minister using their private emails on behalf of PPE Medpro, helping it secure contracts worth £20m via the VIP lane?.

Michael Gove Names and Shames Gavin Barwell’s Housing Group.

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All rotten to the core. Mone and Gove knew it was not fit for purpose. The whole thing stinks..

Michael Gove on R4 this morning claiming reform of the CAP as his only tangible Brexit benefit. They really are ******.

@carolvorders Let me think about this for a minute… what will happen ?? 🤔 absolutely nothing that’s what! The people that make and shape the laws have zero interest in pursuing themselves ! Gove on tv this morning, nothing to do with me !! The gov designed the process.

NEW: Gove meeting with RBH didn’t go well. Govt source calls it ‘unsatisfactory’. ‘RBH again failed to answer basic questions about their operations and how they will ensure that tenants are safe in their homes. The Sec of State does not have confidence in the leadership of RBH’.

Gove under pressure to explain role in PPE deals for Mone-linked firm | David Conn.

@BestForBritain In fairness to Mr Gove, it is very hard for him to manifest and maintain human form for that long without looking like a shifty little turd..

I hope this runs and runs. It says everything about this Tory government, its corruption and contempt for ordinary people. #FollowBackFriday #ToriesOut141.

@eyejosh Ha ha ha ha Gove is involved of course a crime has been committed.

Gove Photo,Gove Photo by nivsee,nivsee on twitter tweets Gove Photo

@PaulBrandITV @MartineMavi It’s quite baffling to think that at the last GE, a party was voted into Government that was supposed to be sorting these kinds of problems out - post Grenfell. Well let’s see what the voters opinions about Gove and his Tory scumbags think at NEXT GE, shall we?.

@Haggis_UK Gove seems to forget things frequently and often? Maybe he should see his GP?.

After 12 years of Conservative governments Michael Gove admits ‘tens of thousands’ living in unsafe homes!.

12 years of tory government & Gove on @BBCBreakfast admitting that there are many housing associations & private landlords across the country that are offering substandard & dangerous accommodation & services. No sense whatsoever of accountability from the tories 😡1/2.

@AlexTaylorNews @BBCr4today The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. F Scott Fitzgerald. Gove must be very, very clever..

@KayBurley @michaelgove Gove’s lying btw. He *removed* standard checks to ensure that PPE was a decent standard & overrode civil servants who complained about all these dubious Tory mates (pub landlord) & donors who were fast tracked by him. #ToryCorruption #BuckPassing.

As it’s World Cup time I am reminded of the classic commentary… GOVE TURNS LIKE A LITTLE EEL… AWAY FROM TROUBLE… #FIFAWorldCup.

@campbellclaret For the Tory government ‘getting things done’ means ignoring all advice, even legal advice, and doing reckless things, as Gove said ‘who needs experts’.

@bbcnickrobinson @anandMenon1 I also congratulate your benefits of Brexit questions. Gove’s attempts to suggest he had many examples of the benefits when you said you were out of time was so typically Gove/ disingenuous/predictable..

In countries with proper anti corruption laws and brave prosecutors such as Italy or Romania, Gove and that “business person” would be in jail by now for corruption..

@BestForBritain In countries with proper anti corrupt laws and brave prosecutors such as Italy or Romania, Gove and that “business person” would be in jail by now for corruption..

Gove is not stupid - I’m no admirer - but he clearly realises Brexit is a busted flush just can’t afford to admit it politically - volume on this getting louder by the day.

Michael Gove cuts funding to Rochdale HA where child died. How can associations improve the quality of housing if they have no money? More Catch-22 thinking from this govt. How about training/mentoring people to do a better job instead?.

Protections for England’s tenants won’t be in place until 2023, says Gove.

BBC London leading with Scottish teachers strike. Good for teachers, but unusual. Hope they go next to the other Scottish political story. Gove and Mone and the PPE millions..

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