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she’s only dropped an EP 👏🏽😩🙏🏽🙏🏽 @HERMusicx #GRAMMMYs lets go!!!!.

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Ariana Grande was the 10th most tweeted celebrity the #GRAMMMYs! The most mention celebrity that didn’t attend the show!.


#GRAMMMYs 2019 pics from last night . let’s get it . #TearItUpBTS.


テテのほへぇ〜って顔 ほんと可愛くて癒される…☺️🥰 みんなといるときのリラックスした表情よ…🐯✨ (キリッとしたイケメンフェイスとのギャップもね…良いよね…😭💜) にトロフィー渡すの緊張したかな??🥺🥺 #TearItUpBTS @BTS_twt #GRAMMMYs.


Lagi bahagia banget nih tae tae ku 💜💜@BTS_twt #TeartltUpBts #GRAMMMYs.

Deeeep Ella mai used to post her song on here and get 20 retweets, now Alicia Keys is singing her songs and she’s winning grammmys. Consistency is keyyy🔑.

So Davido won a Grammy, 😳 best screaming artist of the year 🤪😂 Lmao #GRAMMMYs.

Tonight confirmed that my types is still @ShawnMendes and @ShawnMendes only #grammmys.

What happened to the likes of Jcole and Eminem, did they switch to R&B?? Why on earth would Cardi win best rap album??? #GRAMMMYs.

Gaga était tellement resplendissante, le naturel lui va vraiment bien 💞 #GRAMMMYs.

Monday check list: watched the #GRAMMMYs ✔️ #driverslicense ✔️ hmmm what else?? 🤔.

Woke up to see that @MusicNegrito won at the #GRAMMMYs 🎉😱❤️ The best news and so well deserved!.

Alicia, my girl!! Ugh she’s a diamond that is so loved everything about this performance, it was raw in every form #GRAMMMYs 🖤.

Idk why #GRAMMMYs don’t have a Caribbean vote for the reggae category cos they constantly getting it.

Do we think Tae asked billy Cyrus tips for mullet maintenance or is it just me #TearUpBTS #GRAMMMYs.

Meus amigos tentando me ajudar com minhas paranóias #GRAMMMYs.


Every song is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but it’s the combination of them together that make @KaceyMusgraves’ Golden Hour so excellent. Every song is great on its on but the cohesion and the collective strength eurgh her mind! Such a vibe! #GRAMMMYs #AOTY.

I think @DollyParton could have just done it herself! #GRAMMMYs.

Même pas c’est Black Panther qui a gagné le prix de l’Album de l’Année aux #GRAMMMYs .. où même ! Ce titre est de plus en plus pété....

Full list of the 2019 Grammy award winners #GRAMMMYs.




У #GRAMMMYs была СОФИ с великолепным альбомом и Джон Хопкинс с хорошим альбомом, не таким крутым как прошлый, но все же Но награду отдали РЕМИКС альбому джастис Это не то что choices, это просто такая тупость.

@DUALIPA It’s fucked up they cut you off like that tho :/ I got mad same thing with @Drake y’all both were giving out inspirational messages and they just cut y’all off. #GRAMMMYs.

“The votes are fake, it doesn’t count. They give it to who they want to give it to. They give it to their darlings. I won’t be at the award even if I’m invited over 100million years” — Rapper Eminem speaking on #GRAMMMYs award..

From Love and Hip Hop to winning Best Rap Album at the #GRAMMMYs, you cant deny @iamcardib’s grind 🙌🏾👏🏾 Congrats! #CardiB.

she’s only dropped an EP 👏🏽😩🙏🏽🙏🏽 @HERMusicx #GRAMMMYs lets go!!!!.

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