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At halftime, Jay Williams said he criticized Grayson Allen for tripping opponents. Here is evidence he said the exact opposite.

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Unless you’re Grayson it’s okay to be the villain right?.

@GolicAndWingo Just watched highlights of Duke v Syracuse on Sportscenter and ESPN did not show the Syracuse kid try to trip Zion W. Funny how when Grayson Allen tried to trip a player you led with that on highlights. Wonder why that is?.

The difference is Grayson Allen was a punk, and Howard is a turnover machine. BOTH are assholes for intentionally tripping, as is anyone who does it. No amount of homerism by an announcer can change that FACT..

Ya Allah #Duke Grayson Allen #SaveOneDayAtATime Jummah May Allah Frank Howard Pewds.

@UniqueMazique He threw the sneak diss then tried to play like he cared if he fell 😂 just sad in my opinion, but as I said earlier Grayson Allen was 20 times worst & got 🤔.

Now Zion knows what kids who played Grayson Allen had to put up with..

@gavin_koechle Definitely roasted Grayson Allen every time he pulled stuff like that. Gotta fact check before you throw stuff out there.

Where was this energy when Grayson Allen did it three consecutive times? 🤔.

You were okay with Grayson Allen doing it, becoming the “VILLAN”.

Lmao they get mad now but didn’t say anything when Grayson Allen was there.

How can you criticize Frank Howard but praise Grayson Allen? I’m just curious. IMO, you will always be bias and a hypocrite @RealJayWilliams.

@RealJayWilliams @SportsCenter So you got like a follow up video tweet you’re working on after the TMZ Grayson Allen comments video blowback? #Frankwasstillwrong.

After Jay Will calls out Frank for trying to trip Zion, here he is supporting Grayson Allen. You hate to see it.

Grayson allen “tripped” people but this gets no love. Call it both ways or dont complain..

Clemson sucks at basketball; thus, I have no dog in any college basketball fight, but Grayson Allen’s college team is complaining about a player getting.

@DukeFansZone @Frank1Howard If he’s scum what about Grayson Allen? Christian laettner? Actually dirty players frank is definitely not a dirty player.

@barstooltweetss @barstoolsports The Ole Grayson Allen reversal of fortunes trip-up.

@RealJayWilliams @SportsCenter Grayson Allen was also blatantly swiping at people and it happened like 6 times.

Good evening Jay. You once said you like the fact Grayson Allen trips people. Please advise to which side you re on. Thanks.

@coolsneakers16 @DanWolken He will probably rate it on his Grayson Allen Scale. My guess is, he gives it a low 4..

@RealJayWilliams @SportsCenter But, on the other hand, you “liked it” when Grayson Allen tripped people? Hypocrisy at its finest. Sit down and put a sock in it Jay..

I didn’t know Grayson Allen was back in this tripping crap is cheap! No room for it in college basketball!.

If this was Grayson Allen they’d be calling for his head 🤔.

Seems everyone forgot about Grayson Allen’s stray feet 😂 go away, you get tripped what’s gunna happen you stumble a couple feet? Grow up nobody ever tore an ACL tripping over someone..

At halftime, Jay Williams said he criticized Grayson Allen for tripping opponents. Here is evidence he said the exact opposite.

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