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Eric Nehm
Eric Nehm

Grayson Allen was right. “The East is really good this year and we’ve been floating in that second range; you don’t do that in a tough conference without a couple of All-Stars on your team. And Jrue’s been consistent for us. He’s an All-Star.” - Allen.

The Bucks don’t *have* to trade Grayson Allen but they do need to ensure they’re able to basically remove him from the rotation in matchups like these where he’s going to be mercilessly hunted. Which is why the Bucks are looking for a big wing at the deadline..

Players like Dillon Brooks, Grayson Allen, Joe Ingles… I don’t get it. These guys are not stars. Why aren’t they suspended/banned when they literally keep trying to injure opponents? They ruin the game and don’t add enough to it. We know they’ll do it again but oh well? Weird!.

Lily Zhao
Lily Zhao

What makes an NBA All-Star? Great answer from #Bucks Jrue Holiday a few weeks ago, who ended with: I would love to be an All-Star. Grayson Allen there with the assist as well to answer our @tvvfoxsix. And how about that, Holiday is now a two-time NBA All-Star..

It’s wild to me that Grayson Allen is shooting above 40% from 3 this year because I haven’t seen him hit a shot against an above .500 team all year.

Giannis is taking and making more threes than Grayson Allen? Get this shit off my TV..

Grayson Allen scared to shoot again, being hunted on defense, and committing dumb fouls. Yayyyyy what a difference maker man.

@CHold NBA All-Star Goon Squad G: Patrick Beverley G: Dillon Brooks G: Grayson Allen F: Draymond Green F: Markieff Morris & Marcus Morris.

Eric Nehm
Eric Nehm

Joe Ingles and Wesley Matthews have entered the game for the Bucks. Matthews has taken over on Paul George for Grayson Allen..

wait the team with two big wins are isoing grayson allen and scoring at will? shocker.

10 times worse intent than anything Grayson Allen ever done in a bucks jersey fuck Dillon brooks.

¿Son Dillon Brooks y Grayson Allen los nuevos Bad Boys de la NBA? 📸: @NBAMemes.

Grayson Allen Photo,Grayson Allen Photo by Cancha NBA,Cancha NBA on twitter tweets Grayson Allen Photo

@Cyndaboss @NemoAugustus This is funny and endearing. Elbowing dudes in the balls is just low level, Grayson Allen shit.

why would I watch Grayson Allen defend an NBA legend one-on-one when I could watch the Great British Bake Off.

how is it possible that I am watching Grayson Allen play basketball on my television right now and Dillon Brooks is still the most annoying player in the NBA.

For the Knicks fans that convinced themselves they want the team to trade for Grayson Allen….

@NBAMemes @dillonbrooks24 gets dirtier and dirtier every year he’s not on Grayson Allen’s level yet but he’s getting close.

@WorldWideWob It’s possible that dillon brooks is the most hatable player in the league. And that’s saying a lot when you’re in the same league as grayson allen.

@NBAMemes Dillon Brooks and Grayson Allen we’re really on the same team at one point😂.

dillon brooks is to the NBA what grayson allen was to the ACC. Maybe less talented..

Giannis has made 2x as many 3’s than “untouchable” 40% “sniper” Grayson Allen.


@_JasonLT i love my Grizzlies, but i’m out on him too. talented and great defender. but dirty doesn’t sit well with me. Grayson Allen-esque..

Grayson Allen still hasn’t got his ass beat I see. Luke Kennard still hasn’t found a comb I see 🙄 Dookies gonna Dookie!.

@ethanjdahlen @WillBrinson Using this to try to defend Grayson Allen is A1 level shamelessness/nasty work sheesh.


@18_cold @ShannonSharpe No sir, he took advantage of Grayson Allen and Pat connaughton, this ain’t a bad night this just the perfect match up. Our team is loaded with defensive wings built to slow down and stop PG and Kawhi type of scorers.

@Granttis Dillon Brooks just seems kinda weird to me. If that’s your dude then go off, but seems like a wanna be Pat Bev type to me. Interested to see how that works for a small market team. Cheapest shot I’ve seen in a while tonight. I wonder if he’s been asking Grayson Allen for tips..

One of my favorite NBA-adjacent things is how any time any player does something dirty, Grayson Allen’s name starts trending..

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Grayson Allen is white so he is dirtier, why a dude from the suburbs would act like a hood nigga.

Early in 2nd quarter, Grayson Allen of #Bucks and Ivica Zubac of #Clippers already with 3 fouls each.

Grayson Allen helping Paul George not hit his head on the floor?? Is this the same guy y’all call “dirty”???.

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