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Updated: October 14th, 2021 01:39 PM IST

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Biz being on a broadcast with Wayne Gretzky will never be not funny to me. Such a disparty in talent, I mean has Wayne ever even been in a New Amsterdam commercial?

Gretzky Twitter

Made the mistake of looking in on the Gretzky trend and came away with the same opinion I always do when looking in on a sports trend: Sports fans on social media are easily the biggest bunch of assholes on the planet. Barking yelping jackasses.

Wayne Gretzky to @BizNasty2point0 “didn’t you celebrate when you got your goal?” 😂😂😂 @spittinchiclets INJECT THIS IN MY VEINS

Yo @NHL_On_TNT is legit! Avalanche + Wayne Gretzky with the coverage! Got to love it!!!

[TNT intermission studio] WAYNE GRETZKY: it’s important to be polite to strangers CHARLES BARKLEY: Jimmy Fallon has active chlamydia

Wayne Gretzky speaking in a monotone about Winnipeg Calgary and Vancouver is going to pop TNT studio show ratings just like the tv execs predicted

I would love to shake the shoe shiner’s hand who shined and colored Wayne Gretzky’s hair. Next time I would probably use lighter shoe polish though. Dude is 60. That’s not natural.

TNT EXEC 1: remember Uncle Leo on Seinfeld TNT EXEC 2: oh yeah he was funny TNT EXEC 1: remember the episode where he drew on thick black eyebrows TNT EXEC 2: that was hilarious TNT EXEC 1: we should do that but do it to Gretzky’s hair

Hey Alex, Wayne Pretty awesome to see Alex Ovechkin and Wayne Gretzky talking postgame after 2 goals from Ovi

Jogadores com mais gols na NHL: Wayne Gretzky: 894 Gordie Howe: 801 Jaromir Jagr: 766 Brett Hull: 741 Alexander Ovechkin: 732 (EM ATIVIDADE) Marcel Dionne: 731 #BrasilTemNHL

Gretzky Photo,Gretzky Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Brett Hull: vai mamar Jaromir Jagr: vai mamar Gordie Howe: vai mamar em 2023 Gretzky: vai mamar em 2024

Marcel Dionne congratulatory video to Alex Ovechkin for passing him for fifth in NHL history with 732 goals. He says “You’ve got a shot” to break Wayne Gretzky’s NHL record of 894 goals

Alex Ovechkin is currently on pace for 164 goals this season. That would tie him with Gretzky. So… mark it down, 164 goal season for Ovi. #ALLCAPS


@NHLBrasil Incrível como foi só o Gretzky começar a falar que o negócio começou kkkkkkk

ESPN: Let’s have random camera angles from Sharper Image drones TNT: Let’s have Gretzky literally talk over two #ALLCAPS goals

Wayne Gretzky just hit Hangman Adam Page with a hockey stick, and is now a member of The Elite. He had us fooled that sum of a bitch! #AEWDynamite

.@NHL_On_TNT, we get it. You have nothing but disrespect and contempt for the Washington @Capitals and the fans that are watching your broadcast. One of our rookies just scored with his family in attendance. Commentary? Nope. Just listening to Gretzky drone on about the Rangers.

@NHL_On_TNT Show some respect Gretzky for the game that is being played and quit talking over it.

thank god we have the TNT broadcast to teach us about the little-known underrated wayne gretzky

@LorettaNYR @MaryL1973 I like the guys actually calling the game! But the studio stuff is quite underwhelming. I adore Gretzky, but there are other people there too. Spread the wealth around guys!

TNT has been trying to maximize fact of Gretzky’s presence on its set all night, but things got weird when he was chatting from studio with game announcers during two Capitals goals. 🤷🏻‍♂️ On the plus side, he scored on four of five shots against Charles Barkley between periods.

Hendrix Lapierre scoring his first NHL goal at the same time Gretzky wouldn’t stfu 😂😂 #priceless

@spittinchiclets Was even better with Gretzky mumbling through it as it happened. What a terrible choice by TNT to put him on while the puck is live.

Chuck played goalie vs. Wayne Gretzky in a shootout 🏒 @NHL_on_TNT | @BR_OpenIce

You lost to a guy with a perm? Chuck already going at Gretzky 🤣 @BR_OpenIce (via @NHL_ON_TNT)

So awesome, Gretzky is going to crush it like Barkley does for TNT’s NBA Coverage

@OldTownCards Gretzky isn’t going to argue that he’s the best goal scorer on TNT. Hockey players are different than basketball players in that sense. Regardless, Ovi is the best goal scorer. As an unbiased Red Wings fan, I don’t even think it’s particularly close.

@bobano Someone needs to tell Gretzky to go easy on the “just for men”. Just sayin’

Biz being on a broadcast with Wayne Gretzky will never be not funny to me. Such a disparty in talent, I mean has Wayne ever even been in a New Amsterdam commercial?

Wayne Gretzky scored his 1000th career NHL point at age 23. Think about that a minute.

Gretzky Photo,Gretzky Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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