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Coming together to save one of their own. #GreysAnatomy is new tomorrow at 8|7c.

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Guy Ⓥ🎗🌱 ()

Like there are these moments and then ruined in the very next scene or episode but the way @KristaVernoff and co treated Alex and his goodbye, I will never forgive them for that. Such a low low point in the writing even though they made it emotional #GreysAnatomy

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Season 16 just makes me so angry but sad at the same time with the way it’s all been written 😪 rewatching it again I’m like really? It has to be one of the worst put together seasons writing wise. Everything just thrown out the window and anything goes. #GreysAnatomy

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Jolex getting married again 😭😭😭😭😭 why the fuck did they do this to them and make Alex to back to Izzie 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 this makes no sense watching it all again #GreysAnatomy

Guy Ⓥ🎗🌱 ()

Cute costume Mom 😂😂😂😂😂 (Meredith in prison scrubs) oh I love Zola. We don’t see enough of her. #GreysAnatomy

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The cast of #GreysAnatomy thanked the real life healthcare workers on #NationalDoctorsDay

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Promo k epizodě 16×20 – Sing It Again #GreysAnatomy

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Siobhan abigail ♡ ()

this is the guy you say no more @GreysABC #GreysAnatomy16 #GreysAnatomy 😍

🌟Sαяα🦄 ()

Devo ammettere che Maggie mi è diventata molto più tollerabile da quando si è lasciata con Jackson. Ma al contempo mi rode troppo per i #Japril. Continuerò a dirlo fin quando anche chi non segue GA se ne convincerà. #GreysAnatomy

Mars ()

I finally reached the episode of #GreysAnatomy where we say bye to I’m not ready. I got emotional just watching the preview with all the flashbacks of the OGs. 😭💔 and by the way the storyline is headed I’m not sure if I’m gonna like the way he left.

Dyoncè 🏁 ()

Finally started watching #GreysAnatomy and it’s so good. Kind of glad I have a long series to watch during #QuarantineLife

𝓗𝓸𝓽 𝓒𝓱𝓸𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓪𝓽𝓮 ()

Gün gün değil de direk yapacağım tabi karar verebilirsem #greysanatomy

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Mitzi ()

I love how close Meredith is with Amelia and Maggie. I wish Lexie could be there to join the sisters though 💔 #GreysAnatomy @EllenPompeo

Disneyphile ()

(Audiences TV) Plus de 4 millions de téléspectateurs étaient réunis devant les deux inédits de #GreysAnatomy

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Alajimmdr ()

having marathon of greys anatomy reruns. and damn every characters in the show has tragic past.🤦🏻‍♀️ #GreysAnatomy

Heloisa ()

O tanto que to chorando assistindo os episódios da morte do Derek não é normal #GreysAnatomy

Benjamin Rabier ⭐️⭐️ ()

#GreysAnatomy toujours leader des audiences : 4,09 millions de téléspectateurs (15,1% de PDA) hier pour les 2 épisodes inédits diffusés sur TF1.

Tricia Ennis ()

Every so often I see that “what’s the best episode of television” meme and I think I need to officially throw in for the #GreysAnatomy two-parter with the mass shooting.

L̤o̤a̤n̤a̤ ❀ ()

Yo viendo la escena en donde Mark le dice a Lexie cuanto la ama y luego ella muere #GreysAnatomy

Prata, Thulio (de 🏡) ()

Estou ainda entristecido com esses dois últimos episódios da Temporada 6 de #GreysAnatomy

NoodzyLu ()

Yo, still can’t believe Karev left to be w/ Izzie. Haha Shonda Rhimes had to have been upset to find out Justin Chambers was leaving to write it off like that. Telling us men really ain’t shit. #GreysAnatomy

Caterina Online ()

Beautiful, even when she’s arguing. Do you remember who she was going up against here? (GA 11x03) @caterinatweets @GreysABC #GreysAnatomy

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Daily Express ()

[email protected]: Will there be another #greysanatomy spin-off series? #station19

Greys Anatomy Brasil ()

10 anos atrás, Amelia Shepherd era introduzida em Private Practice, spin-off de #GreysAnatomy. Vamos relembrar quando @caterinatweets deu um show de atuação em uma das cenas mais importantes de sua carreira, e um dos maiores plots da história da Shondaland! 👏

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Coming together to save one of their own. #GreysAnatomy is new tomorrow at 8|7c.

Preyforjai ()

My thing is Addison how do you chat on Derek with MARK!? Bitch what the actual fuck!? #GreysAnatomy

Stephanie Leone Montes ()

#GreysAnatomy - Love of My Life [S16E19] 😢

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Ana 👸🏼 ()

Les gens qui regardent #GreysAnatomy en France là. Visualisez bien le visage d’Alex, c’est la dernière fois oú vous le verrez. Aller bisous. 🙃

Krista Vernoff ()

Never been happier to make a donation! #GreysAnatomy & #Station19 fans, you donated almost $3K! I’m double matching that! And true to my word, I convinced @RealCarmack to go live on Insta w/ @JenPastiloff & play a song for you! Stay tuned for date&time!

Alexis gomez ()

I hate Burke. He was the worst. He tried to change Cheiatin into what he wanted her to be and then would shut down on her when she would “mess up” in his mind. #greysanatomy #quarantine

Quine.B 👑 ()

Au début de l’épisode tu te dis Bailey c’est une putain de garce puis après elle a fait son discours #GreysAnatomy

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