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FT. Crystal Palace 0-2 Arsenal. ➔ La Premier League 2022/23 inició con triunfo gunner. ➔ Martinelli abrió la cuenta. ➔ Autogol de Guéhi tras jugadón de Saka. ➔ Fantástico debut de William Saliba. ➔ Muy bien Gabriel Jesus y Zinchenko. ➔ De más a menos el equipo de Arteta..

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Bukayo Saka hits a hard ball across the box and forces an own goal by Marc Guehi. Arsenal now have a 2-0 lead. #CRYARS | #AFC 📺: @USA_Network & @NBCUniverso.

FIM DE JOGO ! Crystal Palace 0x2 Arsenal Gols: G. Martinelli e M. Guehi (GC) Contra um adversário indigesto, e fora de casa, o Arsenal levou a melhor, e os 3 pontos. Ajustes precisam ser feitos, mais o objetivo foi conquistado. Bons primeiros minutos de GJ. É seguir evoluindo..

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Viernes loco, hoy me fue del carajo en Premier en picks de preps de pases y remates. Me mato Guehi, Xhaka y Gabriel Jesús, mañana hay otro día para su poder sumar y recuperar las pérdidas de hoy manejando bien el bank. Cabe recalcar que tengo vivo el parley fuerte 💯👍🔥.

Con goles de 🇧🇷 Gabriel Martinelli y uno en contra de 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Marc Guehi, el 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Arsenal sumó su primera victoria en la 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Premier League 2022/23 tras derrotar por 0-2 al 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Crystal Palace. #EPL #J01.

Guehi Photo,Guehi Photo by Premier League 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿,Premier League 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 on twitter tweets Guehi Photo

@CFC_Fin_ So the sale of Guehi, Tomori and Colwill isn’t going to cost Chelsea millions to get the same level in?.

Det er tungt å se spillere som Tomori, Guehi og Colwill forlate klubben i løpet av tre sommervinduer. Det virker i alle fall som man har en plan angående sistnevnte - det er betryggende. Gleder meg voldsomt til å se han uke inn og uke ut i Premier League #cfcnor #viaplayPL.


I like that we implement buy-back clauses when selling our talents! Got me thinking, which other players did we (reportedly) have a buy-back clause: Matic (only one we have triggered) Chalobah Ake Boga Traore 😅 Livramento Guehi (first refusal) Abraham Anyone else?.

Final Crystal Palace 0 🆚 Arsenal 2 ⚽ Gabriel Martinelli ⚽ Guehi en contra.

Guehi Photo,Guehi Photo by ⚽ Leo Benítez 🏆 La Máquina de Inf⚽rmar 🏆,⚽ Leo Benítez 🏆 La Máquina de Inf⚽rmar 🏆 on twitter tweets Guehi Photo

Início com o pé direito: com gols de Martinelli e Guehi (contra), o Arsenal venceu fora de casa o Crystal Palace..

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@owen_bhafc Yeah, makes more sense to have a deal like us with Guehi - no figures, just “first refusal”..

@ChicagoDmitry So, guehi, tomori, Levi, Tammy would have won Chelsea a premier league title.

Some of our chelsea fans are interesting! Colwill is good; no two ways but he’s surely not chelsea standard. I don’t want to hear about Guehi & Tomori, what about the other players that flopped when they went away? I’m almost certain most of you have never even seen Colwill play.

Yes, because we would be comfortably winning the league with Tomori, Guehi and Colwill playing 3 ATB..

Fikayo Tomori, Marc Guehi and now Levi Colewill have all left Chelsea in that last couple of seasons. The future of our defence gone just like that for such a small fee 🤦‍♂️.

Cahill and all these players over Guehi my eyes are bleeding 😭.

Martinelli first half goal and Guehi og was enough to secure three points for the Gunners, in their opening game of the season. #CRYARS #Arsenal.

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@Iouisldn especially when some of them are just good/decent I rate guehi and others but our expectations for a good performance from them are low in comparison to if they were still playing for us.

#Video Con goles de Martinelli y Guehi (en contra), el equipo de Arteta ganó 2-0 como visitante en la primera fecha de la #PREMIERxESPN..


Guys have to understand that if they like Guehi that much we’ll just spawn another one lol, he’s was never THAT special.

ARSENAL DI PUNCAK LIGA ✊😁 Masa Penuh: @CPFC 0-2 @Arsenal ⚽️ Gabriel Martinelli ⚽️ M. Guehi (Gol Sendiri) ✅ Kemenangan pertama Premier League musim baharu 2022-23. ✅ Clean sheet pertama musim ini. ✅ Top of the table. COME ON YOU GUNNERS! ❤️.

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@DrSolMD አንዳንዴ አስቀይሳለሁ ስትል እንደ Marc Guéhi እራስህ ላይ ጎል ታገባለህ.

You wrote something about realizing that it was a mistake immediately after selling Marc Guéhi for a similar amount, and now you applaud this? Lmao. Chelsea breed fowls sell for paltry sums only to go buy them back a few years later with ridiculous sums. We are losing!.

@thechelskikid @Je_Frota 🤣🤣🤣you are clowning yourself, we had buy back clause in Boga, Abraham, Guehi etc, have we bought anyone back to the club? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 we were in need of a CB, we didn’t even look Guehi’s wag. Be humble, Colwill is gone.

@Tbag__1 Defensively he said no to Tino Livramento and a year later we are considering buying Kyle walker-Peters, someone Livramento has been benching! He said no to Guehi and yet kept Sarr, Guehi is now a captain.


How can you justify that, when you had guehi, tomori and colwill in your academy 😂😂.

@tomcoley49 Colwill is a separate deal, if we deside to buy him back Cucurela stil cost 52 and we are just basicaly paing 25m for the development of Colwill In a few years we can deside if we want Tomoti(buy back), Guehi(first refusal) or Colwill(bue back).

@EklavyaChawla16 Definitely. He’ll shine like Guehi and will be a no-brainier at 45M. In terms of money for someone who hasn’t played PL football, sure. Given his potential? It’s shocking.

Here’s my team for Friday 🔴🔵 Guaita Clyne Anderson Guehi Mitchell Doucouré Eze Schluup Ebiowei Edouard Zaha.

@cpfcbeast Same price or more than Guehi but with a buyback price for Chelsea only of 20m in difference. If he’s poor they lose on a big transfer, if he’s class they hardly gain anything. High risk pretty low reward..

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