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Updated: July 29th, 2021 06:39 AM IST

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O mercado do Olympique de Marseille de Sampaoli até aqui: Gerson - Meia - 🇧🇷 - ✅ Luan Peres - Zagueiro - 🇧🇷- ✅ Guendouzi - Meia - 🇫🇷- ✅ Cengiz Ünder - Ponta - 🇹🇷- ✅ Konrad - Ponta - 🇺🇸- ✅ Pau López - Goleiro - 🇪🇸- ✅ Balerdi - Zagueiro - 🇦🇷- ✅ Saliba - Zagueiro - 🇫🇷- ✅

Guendouzi Twitter

Très bon match de Guendouzi, quel enchaînement de Konrad. A noter que des joueurs comme Under et Gerson vont monter en puissance dans quelques semaines, confiant pour la suite #TeamOM #MercatOM

@Glophar Bon courage à ceux qui veulent prendre la place de Guendouzi dans le 11 de dé

Hes miles clear of anything Guendouzi was if we’re all being honest

Guendouzi a deux capacités hors du commun: - jouer vers l avant en permanence - s embrouiller avec toute l équipe adverse en moins de 3 min

@MatteoGuendouzi @TeamOM_Officiel 2 très belles prestations mais STP calme toi sur le terrain les arbitres de L1 nous détestent et tu risque de ne pas finir de très nombreux match si tu reste autant nerveux et c est dommage beau match tout de même Matteo 👌🏻👌🏻 #Guendouzi

@aironeom Guendouzi j’espère juste qu’il va pas faire l’idiot avec son caractère

Satisfaction durant ce match pour moi: - Payet - Gueye - Guendouzi Et vous ? #TeamOM

Guendouzi si dans un match amical sans public sans enjeu il veut se tape avec tout le monde imaginez contre le PSG dans un vel devant 65 k de supporters il va faire quoi ptdrr

force aux équipes de Ligue 1 quand il vont faire une faute car Guendouzi est là pour vous casser la gueule #TeamOM

Jour de match 💙🤍 jour de masterclass de Gerson 🙅🏽‍♂️🇧🇷, jour de masterclass de Henrique 💎🇧🇷, jour de masterclass de Guendouzi 😤🇫🇷

Guendouzi Photo,Guendouzi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Nah man compared the best midfielder of the Emirates era to Guendouzi. Shameless

So from making up “Lokonga is better than Vieira” now to say “Guendouzi is better than our whole midfield”??? Guendouzi is a top talent and I’m sad to of seen him go but he wasn’t levels above our whole midfield he still has a lot to learn

This guy thinks Guendouzi is a better football player than Thomas Partey 😭😭😭

really bothered me yesterday seeing that pr dr. twerking for narratives. he could have just praised sambi and left it at that, but no. he had to is everything we wanted guendouzi to be. why?

Search this guy’s @ and Guendouzi, you’ll see him defend him and praise his talent. Now that he’s gone and a new kid has come in, he’s gonna pretend that Guendouzi never had talent and that Lokonga’s better after 45 mins. I really hate Arsenal fans lol, you’ll turn on Lokonga too

Comparing Guendouzi to Cesc tells us your age 😂😂😂😂

@LeeGunner82 Naa, Partey has done well. Guendouzi also did well. If we had a manager with active braincells; they should have been our pivot last season and going into the new season.

Chelsea got £20m for Guehi that hasnt made a PL app and even got a buyback clause inserted. Meanwhile we could barely get £9m for the captain of France U21 that was valued at €50m and a front runner for the Golden boy award- Guendouzi. just sack Arteta and Edu already.

i promise you if arteta was actually playing guendouzi he’d say something like ‘why is arteta persisting with this whiny childish little beta male who can’t pass, he must be giving him backshots in the changing room’

@rafifreeman Guendouzi is acc a decent player and has potential. Disgusting attitude tho. Shame he couldbt be coached properly at Arsenal


Guendouzi fights his own managers while Fabregas fought against opposition managers, very clear difference

Guendouzi Photo,Guendouzi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@DonreaI Pizza gate was at the height of Man U and Arsenals dominance and Wenger v Sir Alex. The two biggest sides in England going head to head, tensions bubbled over and Cesc launched a pizza. End of story. Guendouzi has made a habit of acting out and clashing with coaches/teammates


@ykfirrifky Tierney did and was praised for it, Guendouzi did and was thrown under the bus


Agree fella this would be our xi if arteta fucked off(grrrr🤬🤬💀) Martinez, Cedric,Sokratis, Saliba,AMN, Azeez ,Guendouzi, Willock,Nelson, Balogun,Pepe

Yet again people forcing themselves to rate Guendouzi so that it’s more ammunition for their Arteta agenda

Guendouzi Photo,Guendouzi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@DonreaI Please……Cesc was on a par with any midfielder in the world by age 20. Was running premier league, champions league games. The only thing Guendouzi has on his CV is a Bundesliga relegation.

@CFCRyann_ @LeeGunner82 I agree with what lee says about the club but to say guendouzi is better than partey is mad 😂

Cesc was everything and more than what Guendouzi stans claim Guendo is


Guendouzi is nowhere near Cesc level talent. What type of comparison is this

O mercado do Olympique de Marseille de Sampaoli até aqui: Gerson - Meia - 🇧🇷 - ✅ Luan Peres - Zagueiro - 🇧🇷- ✅ Guendouzi - Meia - 🇫🇷- ✅ Cengiz Ünder - Ponta - 🇹🇷- ✅ Konrad - Ponta - 🇺🇸- ✅ Pau López - Goleiro - 🇪🇸- ✅ Balerdi - Zagueiro - 🇦🇷- ✅ Saliba - Zagueiro - 🇫🇷- ✅

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