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Make the uv title match a triple threat so kross can dominate/look good in his first match back and drew can lose without being pinned. Then have kross destroy some of the credible stars for a few months and eventually feud with gunther. Let him be the man to dethrone gunther.

GUNTHER is VVALTER He won that IC title so fucking fast, they only putting GOATs in front of him. #SmackDown.

@JDfromNY206 Long shot, but it would be amazing if sometime down the line Gunther referred to himself as Walter again..

@YOURMYNOVEMBER there’s 5 people as of now I see beating roman. Cody, drew, gunther, theory, seth. in that order of likelihood. Id love for gunther to beat roman but i’ve got cody or drew being more likely.

Honestly who the fuck cares bout Karrion Kross? There was no need to present him in his fucking re-debut attacking from behind Drew and facing Roman, The next thing we seeing is Johnny BOREgano facing Gunther next week.

According to the disclosure form, Paul Pelosi has been killing it in the stock market in recent years for reasons that may go well beyond an innate ability to sense market volatility..

Drew McIntyre Roman Reigns Sheamus GUNTHER so many potential matches on Smackdown for Karrion Kross #SmackDown.

@LuchaSantospty Gunther no chopea a Kaiser, Baszler aspirante numero 1 y vuelve Kross. Yo dirΓ­a q si se nota un poquito.

Karrion Kross is back on smackdown. Ok cool I can dig it. More depth for smackdown. Kross and Gunther on the same show..

@WrasslinReviewz fr tho, i see a 1% chance of that happening so i think we’re ok however gunther on the other hand might not be and that thought scares me.

@SeanRossSapp Logan Paul should face Roman Reigns for the undisputed title and Pat MCAfee should face Gunther for the IC title.

That Gunther Video package was just Riccochet getting his ass beat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #SmackDown.

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