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Renowned Japanese host and Korean pop culture critic, Furuya Masayuki shared a photo with Jimin on his Twitter! “I met JIMIN in Korea for the first time in 3 and a half years 😭 Of course, to hear about his solo album FACE. And today, the day has come when the whole story….

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Allianz Hurling League semi final score updates from TUS Gaelic Grounds Half Time Tipperary: 0-16(16) Limerick: 0-12(12).

Full time Great comeback from Wally and no more than they deserve for the second half performance. 🔵🔵2v2⚪️🔴 #utw.

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Alpha/Alpha #BeardsOfJustice physically fighting for dominance, Markus is much bigger but Zabel is feisty as hell. A snarling tangle of sweaty limbs, both hard and leaking by the time Markus finally pins Zabel down and folds him in half to claim his reward..

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k so i took those shrooms snd it delt like my brain was spitting in half snd time would never end.

ÉIRGRID ULSTER U20 CHAMPIONSHIP PRELIMINARY ROUND Half-Time: Ard Mhacha 0-05 Muineachán 0-04 #AreMhachaAbú.

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@YTFC Get Mark cooper gone I had more excitement eating my sausage roll at half-time cooper clearly can’t set us up for the dogfight we are in.

Allianz Hurling League Division 1 Semi Final Half Time Limerick: 0-12(12) Tipperary: 0-16(16).

@kimberellaaa_ Yeah. The 2 was perfect for me and 1 being only half of a semester was even better lol. I thought the same way but I came to the conclusion that I’d rather have extra time than not enough lol.

2nd half kicks off. Peterborough made 2 changes. No doubt Ferguson made his displeasure known at half time. Let’s hope Derby can continue the pressure and get something for it #dcfcfans #wwrams.

It’s more sellers then buyers on here half you mfs on here are time wasters and scammers 😭😭 like if you’re not actually buying content don’t say you are and then not reply when sellers hit you up annoying asf. #buyingcontent #selling_content.

@poniesandsodies Paintings famously depreciate over time. They lose half their value when you take them out of the gallery..

HT: Barcelona 0-0 Real Madrid Still level at half-time and we have had some good turnover sequences high up the pitch. Not many clear cut chances for us so far though. Holding out will probably be tough but need to force those mistakes more from their backline & DM..

Hanlon Concrete Senior Football League RD1 - Div1 Naas 1:04 Athy 0:09 2nd Half - Time 20 min.

Moynalvy 0-04 Syddan 2-08 Sean Clare with a goal to the bottom left and the half time whistle goes. #WeAreMeath #MEATHGAA.

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@XRP_Moonshots Well it’s all time high is 3 and a half bucks so probably double or even triple that maybe ? Then it will Dump down to about 2 or 3 bucks as whales take large profits etc.

@milkchococals yeah i did! my call actually woke her up and she came, i’m not getting paid for the hour and a half i sat outside the restaurant tho. EVEN THOUGH at any other time of the day when the restaurant is open you can go clock in and still get paid even tho ur manager is late.


Went and watched my mates little lad for the first time in ages. Absolutely smashed it, two goals from outside the box, lobbed the keeper in the first half and one on the volley into the top corner in the second. Boss 4-1 win!.

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Thinking about that time when I was six and got a jail call. I accepted thinking it was one of my incarcerated half-brothers. I still thought it was when he asked where I went to school and what grade I was in. When he asked me to describe what I looked like I realized it wasn’t..

oops. More than 10. Spent lots of time in rooms of 1 to 9 trans people. we also didn’t do this stupid body-shaming patriarchal bullshit. Sometimes it’d be a half-dozen young trans guys thinking I was a trans guy & complimenting me on passing as a boy, but that’s still better..

@josseder I remember last time you said we will compete for her Bro neither one of us can even half match up to her..

Half time at the TUS Gaelic Grounds and Limerick trail Tipperary by 0-16 to 0-12 #LLSport.

@bill_mitchel01 If you really look at the profile, half the time it’s the same one, different name. I block them, probably bots.

@TennisWinnersO1 this time I was convinced I was throwing a half unit WINNER!!!💵💵💵💵💵.

⏸️ Half-time at Paton Field ⚫️ @CaldyRFC 14-19 @LSFCOfficial 🏉 #⃣ #ChampRugby.

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Half Time @thameunitedfc 1 v 1 @WGCFC Ethan Kessel with our goal direct from a free kick..

@Louis_Tomlinson Have just watched it the second time - These are such special one and a half hour. Thnak you for showing us your perspective on eveything that happned the past decade, thanks for telling your story your own way.

I just spent half my week begging everyone for help and being told “sorry can’t do it” but now that one of them needs something they just want to know what time I’ll be there..

@pn_jordan_cross Great half time test for an inexperienced manager. Hope he gets it right and we come out a different team second half. Be interesting to see how it goes as that was a shocker of a half..

The ramblings of a half asleep half awake woman by Hana Bora 🍃🌸❤️🌸🍃 Laying in my bed with black kitty Counting my blessings for the night Feeling thankful for this down time Feeling lonely and not wanting at the same time Wanting to progress but caught in rut that is….

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