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Congratulations to Scott Rolen on Hall of Fame, Andrew and Wagner inch closer #MLB.

One such example is to re-sign former players to a ‘hall of fame programme’, expanding upon the Legends matches and the 12 ambassadors currently on the club’s books. [@NizaarKinsella].

Twin Lakes Athletic Dept is excited to introduce Kevin O’Shea as the Indians’ next Head Football Coach! Coach O’Shea was inducted into the Indiana Football Hall of Fame in 2022 & spent the last 5 years at North Central after coaching Lafayette CC to 5 state titles from 2008-16..

@jesusmedinae Que se puede esperar de unos facinerosos y que fanáticos que dicen tener el mejor equipo del mundo, recuerden cuando a Miguel Cabrera (futuro Hall of Fame) le tiraban vasos, hielo y cualquier cosa que le podían lanzar jugando una final en el LF del Universitario, dan PENA ajena.

Excellent player and great selection, but this is a joke to continue to past over great players who are hall of fame worthy despite mistakes. This voting process is a joke. If I were those guys I would tell them to take my name off the list. Bonds and Clemens are HOF players!.

If you are going to put in Scott Rolen in the Hall of Fame you mine as well put in Mark Grace in who had 407 more hits in his career in one less season, struck out 768 less times and was every bit the defender. Rolen hit .300 3 times, Grace did it 9 times..

@DJLeMVP As you are too dude , I just feel different I still loved him as A pitcher , just feel that the Hall of Fame now for most top sports have become to diluted and become the hall of good..

Former Angels in final Hall of Fame balloting: Bobby Abreu Francisco Rodriguez Torii Hunter John Lackey Mike Napoli Huston Street Jered Weaver.

Hall of Fame Photo,Hall of Fame Photo by Halo Life ⚾,Halo Life ⚾ on twitter tweets Hall of Fame Photo

Scott Rolen was fun to watch, but bud numbers don’t justify getting into the hall of fame. Not even close to hitting .300, not enough homers either. The 8 gold gloves are impressive just not enough on their own. Think the writers wanted to elect someone so he got lucky.

Nobody has made a bigger mockery of the baseball hall of fame than the baseball writers.

@HalcheckbookRBW Scott Rolen being in is a joke as well. It’s went from the Hall of Fame to the Hall of Very Good.

The hall of fame shouldn’t be decided by people who never played the game at the major league level. I said what I said.

#e_RadioUS Former third baseman Scott Rolen gets Baseball Hall of Fame call by just five votes.

NEWS: Former MLB player Scott Rolen who was born in Evansville and grew up in Jasper, has been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. He was elected by the Baseball Writers Association of America..

@PhilliesBell @Phillies Has any former Phillies player made it in to Hall of Fame before making it into their Wall of Fame? This has to be a first..


Me sobbing at his retirement game is more than enough for me this man was my hero and doesn’t need to be in the hall of fame to explain why.

⚾️👍KUDOS to Scott Rolen’s election to the Baseball Hall of Fame. 18th third baseman, fewest of any position. Phillies are the only team with two who have worn their uniform, joining Mike Schmidt. Both Mike and Scott were 2nd round draft selections. #phillies.

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Scott Rolen is what happens to a Hall of Fame when a whiff of controversy can get you on the bad list. Rolen’s number were but good, but not great and certainly not elite. He was a great 3b defensively but above all was a good guy in the room. When that’s your best quality … ?.

How does @JimmyRollins11 not get any respect for the Hall of Fame? Better than plenty of SS in the Hall.

As I’ve gotten a bit older, I’ve taken more of an interest in Hall of Fame stuff, particularly since players I grew up watching have started appearing on ballots. This voting system is…not great..

@LanceMcAlister @baseballhall Wowza talk about about the hall of fame just wanting guys to get in. When was he the best player at his position let alone best player in NL.

Voting for the baseball hall of fame continues to be the biggest snob fest imaginable..

BREAKING: Former Phillies third baseman Scott Rolen elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame.

@MLBNetwork what a garbage hall of fame what number does scott rolen have to be there.

@normcharlatan So weird that bbwa announces hall of fame selections on a random Tuesday in January..

i love using HOF/ hall of fame as a descriptor its so fun like for me i put up hof numbers in experimentation in 2020 in perception of self.

Scott Rolen Elected Into Baseball Hall Of Fame - MLB Trade Rumors.

Former Phillies third baseman Scott Rolen elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame.

Scott Rolen has been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. #MLB 6th year on the ballot..

Hall of Fame Photo,Hall of Fame Photo by AA News Network,AA News Network on twitter tweets Hall of Fame Photo

Scott Rolen being in the hall of fame that doesn’t include ARod, Clemens, Bonds is hilarious and exactly why the baseball HOF is the biggest laughing stock in sports.

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