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Dominant first game for this new Nets duo 🔥 KD: 42 PTS, 16-26 FG, 5-8 3PT Harden: 32 PTS, 11 REB, 14 AST Lookout.

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Sam Yeezy
Sam Yeezy ()

Harden played 1 game in Brooklyn and “trade Kyrie” is already trending

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Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Dominant first game for this new Nets duo 🔥 KD: 42 PTS, 16-26 FG, 5-8 3PT Harden: 32 PTS, 11 REB, 14 AST Lookout.

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Spectrum SportsNet
Spectrum SportsNet ()

Trades happen every year. For me, my focus is on what we do here. @KingJames reacts to the reported Harden trade and discusses the #Lakers staying locked in on the road trip.

(Welcome Back Everybody, My Name Is) Tucker
(Welcome Back Everybody, My Name Is) Tucker ()

The first video of the day (about Harden) is gonna be a bit late Feeling a little creative and doing some actual *editing* to it (spicy I know)

The Crossover
The Crossover ()

James Harden fails to address the simple truth about Houston’s fade from relevance. The current roster’s shortcomings are directly attributable to his own decision making, writes @MShap2

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Legion Hoops
Legion Hoops ()

James Harden after back-to-back losses to the Lakers: “We’re just not good enough.” (via @KellyIkoNBA)

Kelly Iko
Kelly Iko ()

James Harden: The situation is crazy and I don’t think it can be fixed. So, yea. Harden proceeded to leave the podium.

StatMuse ()

James Harden hasn’t scored more than 20 points in four straight games. That’s his longest streak since 2012 — his last season coming off the bench in OKC.

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Thomas ()

@gruen_seb @thunderousint KD was a 2nd draft pick, Russ was 3 and Harden 4. It does no matter to draft in 4-5-6, Presti will find a futur star. If we can get one of them at the deadline, we have to go

Nbajnunn ()

What position got the weakest players at the top? I got to go center. PG: Curry, Kyrie, Dame, Trae, Luka SG: Harden, PG13, Beal, Dbook, JB SF: KD, Bron, Kawhi, Tatum, Ingram PF: AD, Giannis, Porzingis, Zion, Wood C: Embiid, Jokic, Bam, Kat, Vucevic

Cozy 🏄🏾‍♂️
Cozy 🏄🏾‍♂️ ()

i remember when players held their arms behind their backs a few years ago to avoid this bs. the fact that Harden gets gifted fouls to this garbage is concerning. they need rule changes badly because outside of that step back he just manipulates every bit of contact possible 🤢

bxdbitch_larri ➐
Bxdbitch_larri ➐ ()

@ravonsmario Oh sorry I read it wrong I thought u said U thought she’s unproblematic and that I’m sorry I can’t read

Aaron Katersky
Aaron Katersky ()

Given recent events in Washington and across the country, the New York State Police has, out of an abundance of caution, taken steps to harden security in and around the State Capitol in Albany. These restrictions are in place until further notice, per @nyspolice

Hanyo🔞 🔥❄️🌹 In Genshin impact hell
Hanyo🔞 🔥❄️🌹 In Genshin impact hell ()

So, serious question Who is the best romance/shipping option here? The shy and very polite but passionate librairian Moren or harden, rough and hard working widower Magnus? Or both? You for research purposes :3c

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右利きのハーデン🚀 ()

これ見てて思ったのは「死角にいるマーキーフからほぼ不意打ちに近いタックル食らってるのに涼しい顔して受け流すカズンズの体の強さすげえ、リハビリちゃんとやって足の筋肉万全なんだろうな」だった #ケガ人の目線

Legend Of Winnings Burner
Legend Of Winnings Burner ()

Houston sports about to lose -Harden -Westbrook -Watson -Hopkins -Watt -Cole All in one

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The Mummerdom Embarrasser
The Mummerdom Embarrasser ()

The Sixers are not in on Harden bc they are waiting until LeBron James and Adam Silver are arrested for conspiracy in order to introduce their newest midseason acquisition Kobe Bryant #6ANON #WWG2WFC

Rockets guy BR🇧🇷
Rockets guy BR🇧🇷 ()

Este horário da noite me permite dizer: As vezes na hora da raiva eu desejo que Harden seja trocado e que o time embale depois da troca. Mas sério agora, as vezes parece que Harden está com preguiça em quadra e isto é extremamente irritante e se isso for insatisfação, troca logo.

manvir 💯
Manvir 💯 ()

@OneMissionJeff @TheHoopCentral Curry doesn’t have the players that harden got around

LeWob James
LeWob James ()

breakout game for Talen Horton-Tucker in Houston. career-high 17 points and ripped everyone in the arena wearing a red jersey, including Harden.

Molly McKew
Molly McKew ()

For years, many have warned that US vets+active duty forces are targeted with disinfo & manipulated info that aims to harden beliefs. (Very personal mission for @KrisGoldsmith85) Foreign or domestic in origin, not taking this seriously is a threat to our readiness & security.

Pam Keith, Esq.
Pam Keith, Esq. ()

Reminder: The REASON Trumpers love Trump is that they believed he would be willing to do ANYTHING to augment & harden white supremacy in America. They literally didn’t care about ANYTHING else.

🔞Kitty @ Dabi’s Cock Snot
🔞Kitty @ Dabi’s Cock Snot ()

Dabi: I didn’t eat anything at the LoV meeting because all they had there was shrimps camping or some shit and nothing else and I don’t like fish. Kai: *nipples harden* oh no, Dabi you must be starving! Please help yourself to the food cabinet!

Yu ()

Nas Little hitting a stepback jumper? The Blazers got their James harden on the team already

Zac ()

Look man i love Herro, and love Tua. Deshaun Watson and James Harden are just dudes you don’t wanna pass up on. Get on the phones and make Miami’s sports teams even better 😤

Nba.in_depth ()

Luka is wildly good at body hunting for such a young player. He’s got some tricks and foul-hunting tactics like James Harden, but man he’s so aware of positioning and how to create illegal body-to-body contact

RedNinetyFour ()

1. Harden is clearly injured. 2. They’ve had their full big 3 healthy for game? 3. They’re going to look awful without shooting. No House yesterday and still no Ben. 4. They have existential issues (Wood’s defense) but things are also not as bad as they looked.

UVA Hoops
UVA Hoops ()

Malcolm drops 35 (career high), & the Pacers beat Harden & Houston. ‘Hoos take care of biz & get a dub vs. later Joe w/ a cool 28 and Brooklyn beats the 7-1 Sixers. UVA all day 👊🏼 #GoHoos

Alexander S. Vindman
Alexander S. Vindman ()

Thank you @AC360 for the opportunity to discuss accountability for @realDonaldTrump and his enablers for the insurrection and failed coup attempt. We must hold criminals to task and harden our democracy against corruption. #HereRightMatters

Tim MacMahon
Tim MacMahon ()

James Harden, asked for his reaction to what happened in Washington, today: “I didn’t see it.”

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