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St. Louis’ Jordan Binnington has been suspended for two games for Roughing/Unsportsmanlike Conduct on Minnesota’s Ryan Hartman..

St. Louis’ Jordan Binnington will have a hearing today for Roughing/Unsportsmanlike Conduct on Minnesota’s Ryan Hartman..

Joe Smith
Joe Smith

Marc-Andre Fleury was disappointed he got held back from fighting Jordan Binnington. Said Binnington hit a #mnwild player between the legs earlier + then when he punched Hartman. “I felt that was my guy. I had to take care of him.”.

Franchise-record 14 straight games (11-0-3) with a point for the #mnwild, 2-0-1 and 17 goals without Kaprizov Eriksson Ek and Hartman 3 points, 2 apiece for Boldy, Steel, Goligoski and Reaves, 13 skaters with at least a point; team-record tying 8 goals.

Seventh 8-goal game in #mnwild history, 3rd on the road. And of course it was Hartman, who made the Blues and Binnington lose their way tonight.


Jordan Binnington gets salty with Ryan Hartman post-goal and chaos ensues.

Saidiya Hartman on forgetting homeland +coercive loss of our stories, histories: Everyone told me a different story about how the slaves began to forget their past. Words like “zombie,” “sorcerer,” “witch,” “succubus,” and “vampire” were whispered to explain .

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The announcer In the WV game saying there’s lot of fouls being called….welcome to playing WV 😂.

I remember the bar going absolutely crazy because k state played the winner 😂😂😂.

Hope they let them play. KJ and Tomlin cannot get in foul trouble.

@markiewkatomasz To jest ciekawe jak Wyborcza się przesuwa na prawo. Matczak, Hartman, Michnik publikują teksty, które bardzo mocno przypominają dawne alt-right. Taki liberalny konserwatyzm podobny do amerykańskich republikanów. Zabawne, że to u nas uchodziło za lewactwo..

Chris Hartman, Mason Chernosky and Emma Curtis - all folks who have testified against anti-LGBTQ legislation repeatedly this session - are at the mic..

NOS Sport
NOS Sport

We beginnen aan een mogelijk historische avond voor het Nederlandse voetbal. Feyenoord en AZ gaan voor een kwartfinaleplek en een tweede direct CL-ticket lonkt voor Nederland. #feysja Liveblog:.

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Eriksson Ek (1-2=3), Klingberg, Sundqvist, Shaw, Hartman (2-1=3), Goligoski (1-1=2), and Reaves (1-1=2) score, Boldy and Steel register 2 assists each and Fleury makes 31 saves to lead the #mnwild to an 8-5 win at STL #WinningIsFun!!!.

東京都区内のホテル高すぎて(予約できなくて)船橋まできた(笑) 時期もあるよねぇ.

@UffeBodin Kommentatorn: ”Hartman clipped him” Binnington låg ju redan ner och simmade. Dags att Blues avpolletterar det där rasistiska psykfallet..

Chris Hartman, director of the Fairness Campaign, told committee members favoring the bill that all of your studies are junk science. I have sent you a dozen studies - not Swedish studies - that show the medical effectiveness and the life-saving care that (trans care) is..

Geen geel voor Hartman is gevalletje wel of geen pingel bij Feyenoord-PSV. Scheids heeft zoveel invloed op wel of geen kampioenschap. #ajafey.

Verse For Today And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord: it shall rejoice in his salvation. Psalm 35:9.

Wychodzi na to, że Hartman, który w zeszły weekend pomstował w GW na ideologię woke, sam jest przedstawicielem tej ideologii, no bo krytykuje ostro Wojtyłę, a krytyka papieża to też ideologia woke. Coraz trudniej nadążyć....

@Foppeee @StLouisBlues I mean can you blame him. His defence is atrocious and Hartman gave him a bump I think. Obviously he needs to try and keep his cool but I understand where he’s coming from.

MUST SEE - #StlBlues goaltender Jordan Binnington was in the middle of another chaotic incident on Wednesday as he attacked #MNWild forward Ryan Hartman after he scored in the second period. WATCH:.

Jordan Binnington terá uma audiência disciplinar hoje após sua conduta na partida diante do Minessota Wild, onde o goleiro dos Blues atacou Ryan Hartman. #BrasilTemNHL.

Did anyone else notice Faulk not caring about Hartman touching Binnington? Only went back into the scrum once Binnington went after Hartman. #stlblues.

@Whitney_Hartman Only 4 1/2 hours for me. I can’t not go! Also….never been to a basketball game (other than high school)! I hope I can keep up🤣🤣🤣.

FINAL: #mnWild 8, Blues 5 •MIN: 14-gm pt strk (Wild record) 11-0-3, 8-gm road point strk •8G (Wild record, 7x) •Hartman: 2G A •Eriksson Ek: G 2A •Goligoski: G A •Klingberg/Sundqvist: 1st G w/ MIN •Shaw: G •Reaves: G A •Fleury: 31sv, 1 near-fight NEXT: v BOS Sat 1p.

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@scs_real John Candy, Sam kinison, Chris Farley, Bernie Mack, Richard Pryor, Phil Hartman, George Carlin….

Blues goalie Jordan Binnington nearly got in a fight with Wild netminder Marc-Andre Fleury after Binnington started a brawl by striking Ryan Hartman..


Ryan Hartman had two goals and an assist and the surging Minnesota Wild beat St. Louis 8-5 on Wednesday night in a game in which Blues goalie Jordan Binnington was ejected for throwing a punch..

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