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#HeartbeatForX1 я надеюсь что у нас все получится! @x1official101

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Key🍓 giveaway end tba📌 ()

whatever happens, we will remain here. gives you light, because light is the source of everything. light can give us happiness. we always here, no matter what. always remember, we love you light up and fly high, X1! ✨🦋 #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101 @WingsForX1

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🦋NoonaEchy_Chykhan💜🇮🇩 ()

Thank you to all the Oneit who have survived and continue to fight without knowing surrender for justice and redebut X1 🦋 I love you Oneit 🥰 Spread the light, be the light 💕 @x1official101 @x1members #HeartBeatForX1

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ànis misses eunsang✨ ()

Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light. Rainbow come aftet the storm🌈 Habis gelap terbitlah terang✨ #HeartbeatForX1 @x1official101 @x1members

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_yhoney🦋🧡💙 ()

Dear X1, Im not good with i want u to know that im so happy to meet we haven’t spent much time 2gether but every moment with u is the happiest in my luv u & still wanna be with stay together as one family FOREVER 😢❤️ @x1official101 #HeartBeatForX1

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Tate 2.0 | one it🌱 ()

#HeartbeatForX1 я надеюсь что у нас все получится! @x1official101

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Teis🌻 ()

Gabakalan bosen bilang : Kami selalu disini Kami selalu dukung kalian❤ So, pls never give up! And keep shining ✨✨ #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101

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Sumixing ()

Forever and always #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101 @x1members

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GAP🧡💙 ()

We will be your light our beloved X1. HanSeungwoo Choseungyoun KimWooseok KimYohan LeeHangyul SonDongpyo KangMinhee LeeEunsang SongHyeonjun ChaJunho NamDohyon From🇮🇩 @x1official101 @x1members #HeartBeatForX1

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Nir↩ ()

Menuntun X1 ke jalan yang lebih terang -oneit #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101 @x1members

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Mishaa🦋🦋 ()

Ayo kita semangat dan terus berjuang sampai mimpi dan harapan kita tercapai🦋🦋 Fly High #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101 @x1members

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Hey🐣 ()

Menyala menerangi, walau akhirnya meleleh dan Itulah kami. Habis gelap terbitlah terang kartini. Good news segera🙏 #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101 @x1members

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Chacha ()

X1 shines too bright to the point that people hates them. #HeartbeatForX1 @x1members @x1official101

Fei ()

Sumpah demi apapun, ini bakal jadi kenangan yang bener2 berharga buat gue, terimakasih One It masih berjuang sampe skrg 💛 @x1official101 #HeartBeatForX1

Darlyn Catherine ()

I hope its a positive result! Thank you! ❤️ #HeartBeatForX1

🐰kakinnn🦋 ()

Uri Indeed, he is our giant baby 😍😍 #NAMDOHYON #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101

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Tu ()

Happy valentine OneIt. Dari kang awokawok 😄❤❤ @x1official101 #HeartBeatForX1

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Una pinche ELFa ()

Un día antes de la noticia del dsbnd, compartí una presentación de I´m here for you en fb, para que mis amigos la escucharan porque es una canción que me ha ayudado mucho ;---; #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101

Ellen 🦋 ()

eu n to nem aí pra militância de vocês, só quero saber da questão dos minisong, só #HeartbeatForX1

西瓜 sandia ♡ ()

Es la mejor foto que tengo y que podré tener #HeartBeatForX1 #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101 @x1members

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Vïaaaā 🐰 ()

Pernah berharap ngabisin valentine day bareng X1 huhu #HeartbeatForX1 @x1official101

Mini ♡ x1 reboot🔜 ()

extraño a estos dos gigantes juntos :( #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101

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²⁶ mew # jaehyun day! ()

baby don’t stop la reina #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101 @x1members

V a l e n t i n a 🍒 ()

cuándo va a acabar esta tortura? estoy chata ctm, devuélvanme a los niños tt #HeartBeatForX1

ًla protesta es a las once am kst ()

personalmente no podría estar en una bc la más insegura mm yo jaja pero q los demás hagan lo que quieran con su culo #HeartbeatForX1 @x1official101

JNᵀᵒⁿᶦᵍʰᵗ 🐳 ()

No soy One it, pero gracias a alguien conocí a Yohan y fue amor a primera Asi que dejenme fotitos de él aquí Comenten los # y ambas ganamos. #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101

Mar ()

ambas?? es q las amo por igual dean artist of the year #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101

Fer ()


Sueny🦋𝕗𝕝𝕪𝕙𝕚𝕘𝕙 ()

Habían notado al staff de abajo (esquina inferior derecha, de negro) que parece de que se come las uñas o se saca los moquitos??? #HeartBeatForX1 @x1official101

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Ayalie_ ()

Eu realmente preciso dormir mas eu realmente quero ajudar e ver o protesto #HeartBeatForX1

ًwi ⁷ ()

hola hola comenten sus fotos favoritas con el ht #HeartbeatForX1 @x1official101

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☚ Kyle Lowry #GoodGirls ☛
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