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No Gomez or hendo in the starting line up. Surprising to be honest.

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the pass harvey made to salah for the first goal… if it was hendo u know where the ball was heading.

1 game in and the wetwipes are making it very hard for me to remain calm! From Klopp’s blind loyalty to Hendo to Pep spending all week treating the training ground like Wetherstones!! Where do we get these morons from? But I’m not getting involved 😉.

@babuyagu Have to be realistic, Hendo’s current ability makes him more suited to a No 6 role where he gets more time to pinpoint where he wants to pass & less pressure from opponents. Anytime he plays higher in a packed midfield he’s less productive & lacks precision in passing..

Having kept on seeing Barry corballymancII spouting shite about Bobby and Hendo on my timeline; finally blocked him. Honestly thought I had him in the bin ages ago… hey ho, live and learn! Block block block button people.

Carvalho and Elliot deserve to be starters now. Dull klopp will still play you Milner or Hendo 😩.

Congratulations to @ManCity for yet another title. Absolute joke. 10 injuries after just 2 games. But no we don’t need signings right? Milner and Hendo are going to give us the title right? I’m sick of this..

@slangennn @TheImmortalKop few years back the hendo fabinho wijnaldum midfield was so effective man.

Soooo…Bellator 285…dublin, Sept 23rd. Hendo, Yoel, Melvin, Mads etc queally, Leah, Clarke Seems like a no brainer to me. 👊 #irishmma.

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@TenSlag …Dest may be available who has worked with Erik before. I don’t know what his ceiling would be. But, he may be cheap. 4. Goalkeeper Get someone who is all rounded (cross claiming, passing, coming out of the box etc). Extremely important signing since we let Hendo go..

Do you prefer Elliott or Henderson on RCM? I would play Elliott there but play Hendo on the LCM rather than Keita..

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Saw a building that used to be a furniture store now with a Spirit Halloween sign it has.

@IMCFTraveller Really happy with the way he’s responded to this challenge. When people were begging Hendo to trade him I said he could still play a big role with the right attitude. Glad it’s working out!.


Can we please have a conversation about Fabinho. He’s been crap for a while and deserves to sit out for Hendo..

@LFC_LION @LFC You’re a fraud you’re an anonymous twitter account with an club legend as your avi. They were poor Hendo was worse. At least he wears his real name on his twitter accy.

@Bowesey15 @AnfieldEdition I’m not a ‘Klopp can do nothing wrong guy’ like most of the LFC fans out there. I actually think he was to blame in the year we had all those injuries to VVD because he played FAB and Hendo down back instead of playing Phillips and Co like he did at the end. CONT….

If Battle was a better striker he would have hit Sato when he was knocked out like Hendo did to Bisping #UFCVegas59.

@DarionALT The thing is it’s not FSG playing hendo ahead of elliot? They gave him the 80m ST it’s on him now.

I love Hendo but to put it into context if we were offering him what top club would be buying him. Idk. He does well in our system but on the ball lacks the finesse that Harvey and Fabio could be having. Longterm I think Harvey is gonna be huge for us. Has the spirit and talent.

@JACKCFC441 @annabelfc_ Then you agree that Hendo should have a freekick before the first goal aswell?.

@DaveBake_ Boetsch-Hendo had a decision on the undercard. Rockhold-Bisping in Australia in 2014 went 11 for 11..

@Totally_Blitzed And I’m screaming at the tv for Herb to call it already! Sometimes it’s tough being a nurse and an MMA fan… 🤣🤣.

@BetaKopites Halah klopp. Masa iya gk belajar dari musim lalu kalo ketemu musuh yg begini hedeh munyak. Beli gelandang ! Udah tau hendo itu cuma bagus leadershipnya doang masih ada di pake.

@Totally_Blitzed Always love the underdog. That main event though! What a fight! 🙌🏼.

@donna_hendo Old fighters in TUF knowing a 30+ year old not going to do much in the next few years they need to revamp it. But love the KO for an underdog.

@Totally_Blitzed I’m surprised at the outcome of that fight. Mo Usman looked terrible in TUF..

record which won’t magically go away. At best we can manage them better but Elliot and Carvalho are too young to take that pressure and Hendo has injury issues himself. It’s a gamble and an unnecessary one to not add a midfielder. Not too late and window is still open #LFC.

@RoryGreenfield @TaintlessRed I will take anyone other than Hendo in that position at the moment. Bring on Spearing ffs.

You man are talking about Klopps loyalty to Hendo…I’ll tell you me rn if Adam Lallana wasn’t as injury prone as he is he’d be in our starting 11 today..


Drop Bobby into an AMC role behind Nunez if Thiago is out injured. Hendo and Fab add solidity in CM. #LFC.

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