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This is the only footage legal would approve to show ya ahead of time. #Herogasm.

The next episode of #TheBoys S3 features #Herogasm In the comics, Herogasm is an annual festival where superheroes meet in secret on a remote island for a Vought-sponsored orgy.

#Herogasm Photo,#Herogasm Photo by Culture Crave 🍿,Culture Crave 🍿 on twitter tweets #Herogasm Photo

Please allow 3 to 5 business days to recover, maybe more. #Herogasm.

#Herogasm Photo,#Herogasm Photo by THE BOYS,THE BOYS on twitter tweets #Herogasm Photo

Really gotta stop sharing photos with @KarlUrban. @TheBoysTV #Herogasm.

Tá chegando! O #Herogasm de The Boys vai ao ar na meia-noite desta sexta-feira (24).

#Herogasm Photo,#Herogasm Photo by NerdBunker,NerdBunker on twitter tweets #Herogasm Photo

The Boys: Episódio do Herogasm ganha teaser.

#Herogasm Photo,#Herogasm Photo by Legião dos Heróis,Legião dos Heróis on twitter tweets #Herogasm Photo

This is the only footage legal would approve to show ya ahead of time. #Herogasm  @TheBoysTV.

the boys acc is just saying herogasm is terrifying bc there’s probably an spn reference in it, i’ve cracked the case.

Twitter não aprova emoji safadinho de “The Boys” para “Herogasm”.

This has been trending non stop and it hasn’t even aired yet #Herogasm 😳.

#Herogasm Photo,#Herogasm Photo by niamh👽 THE BOYS SPOILERS,niamh👽 THE BOYS SPOILERS on twitter tweets #Herogasm Photo

CHEGOU A HORA! O #Herogasm de The Boys já está disponível no Prime Video! O ep está INSANO!!!.

#Herogasm Photo,#Herogasm Photo by Good Nerd,Good Nerd on twitter tweets #Herogasm Photo

O episódio Herogasm da série The Boys já está disponível na Prime Video. 👀 Quem vai assistir ? #Herogasm.

#Herogasm Photo,#Herogasm Photo by 🔱Pessoas ou Personagens não Confiáveis,🔱Pessoas ou Personagens não Confiáveis on twitter tweets #Herogasm Photo

@eIixirgenius It’s based off the comics so. They aren’t doing as much as they could bc herogasm could rlly be it’s own season 😭.

Stranger Things steve Beyoncé Normani covid feliz día #Herogasm.

Omg can’t believe they’re actually gonna do #Herogasm  Who else is excited?.

@JudgeRaymondo I’m up to date on The Boys now. Episode 4 was amazing. Episode 5 was cute. Episode 6 (Herogasm) promises to not just push the envelope but to push it off the table into the abyss. #TheBoys #Herogasm.

Tô até com medo de como que vai ser a Herogasm na série de The Boys, impossível ser pior que na HQ, mas mesmo assim com medo.

call me the h word but i actually wanna see the full cut of #herogasm, not the edited one that they had to cut for it to be legal in those 4 countries 🤧 release the tapes!! @TheBoysTV.

@TheBoysTV @bigfreedia “Cum on Cum all feel the noize!” Invite Quiet Riot to headline this orgy! #TheBoys #Herogasm.

Jensen ackles is warning us of the upcoming Boys episode Herogasm are we ready?! 🍆😉😈.

Pensando seriamente se eu vou assistir o episódio que traumatizou a equipe de The Boys #Herogasm.

#Herogasm Photo,#Herogasm Photo by jacqueline #JustiçaParaDomEBruno🏴🚩💉,jacqueline #JustiçaParaDomEBruno🏴🚩💉 on twitter tweets #Herogasm Photo

Já vou ficar off do tt pra não tomar spoiler de #Herogasm até eu conseguir assistir.

🚨🚨TIREM AS CRIANÇAS DA SALA. O tão aguardado episódio #Herogasm  de ‘THE BOYS’, já está disponível no catálogo do Amazon Prime Video. #TheBoysTV.

#Herogasm Photo,#Herogasm Photo by wes do @falandoserie,wes do @falandoserie on twitter tweets #Herogasm Photo

#theboys #Herogasm esperávamos: orgia recebemos: carnificina, porradaria de qualidade, litros de sangue e tripas exageradamente calculados, plot de qualidade padrão diamante simplesmente a melhor série do gênero.

#Herogasm Photo,#Herogasm Photo by ✨ kitty,✨ kitty on twitter tweets #Herogasm Photo


I’m shocked, Herogasm was one of the best episodes so far this season. It was nowhere near graphic as the comic was but damn they pulled off a great story amid all the debauchery #TheBoys #Herogasm.

@TheBoysTV I think y’all should have turned to the writers of Euphoria for guidance on the actual herogasm scenes, didn’t live up to the hype. However the fight at the end, a-train, starlight and pretty much everything else made this one of best episodes plot wise.


Nothing just trying to get my mind right, pass a lil time before solider boy fuck this house full of supes up #herogasm #theboys.

Herogasm SPOILERS: . . . . . . This is easily one of the coolest sequences in comic book property.

#Herogasm Photo,#Herogasm Photo by Tarik #Ubishit,Tarik #Ubishit on twitter tweets #Herogasm Photo

i reaaaally enjoyed #Herogasm, loved how utterly bonkers it was whilst still being one of, if not the best episode yet.

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