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The next sports betting ad should include highlights of the Lightning getting away with hooking and holding, followed by the Holl penalty negating the Tavares goal..

【マイリスト】【HOLL☺︎R】ドーナツホール / ハチ #sm40472410.

Hiziv emañ an devezh bras ! 🤩 💪 Holl asambles gant ar strollad breton @alvan_music & @ahezmusic a zo war ar renk en anv Frañs en #Eurovision. Bretonezed ha Bretoned ac’hann pe eus lec’h ll, harpit anezho ha votit evito fenoz ! 🙌 #EmojiBZH.

Holl Photo,Holl Photo by Région Bretagne,Région Bretagne on twitter tweets Holl Photo

Just saw replay of Maple Leafs versus Lightning. Man, Toronto deserved win more than Tampa Bay there, the Maple Leafs played really good hockey. That call on Holl was a joke. Congratulations Lightning for advancing into second round!.

#DateMyFamily holl up’ so what was that wolf doing in there?.

Holl Photo,Holl Photo by Nhlamulo Makhubele ,Nhlamulo Makhubele  on twitter tweets Holl Photo

But I was told that the refs weren’t the cause of the loss last night. I was told that blatant interference has to be called! Funny how this wasn’t called in game 5 and it lead the tying goal. Exact same play, if not worse than the Holl “interference”🤔🤦🏻‍♀️.

Congratulations to Providence Day OL Josh Holl @JoshuaHoll1 on his offer from Duke! #HardWorkWorks.

FAs on July 13: Mikheyev (UFA) Engvall (RFA) Spezza (UFA) Blackwell (UFA) Kaše (RFA) Lyubushkin (UFA) Giordano (UFA) Sandin (RFA) Liljegren (RFA) Campbell (UFA) Eligible for extension on July 13 (‘23 FAs): Bunting Kerfoot Kämpf Simmonds Holl Källgren.

Demat d’an holl ha bonjou a teurtous 👋🏾 Félicitations à @alvan_music et @ahezmusic 👏🏾 Outre la prestation de très grande qualité ils ont permis d’exposer la culture bretonne, not. le breton, aux yeux du monde. Le résultat est sans importance Bravo à vous et un grand merci 🙏🏾.

Time to get back into a Saturday night tradition: watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives until I fall asleep on the couch..

🤔 ahhh yes. “Blatant interference has to be called” as I’ve been told. But leafs fans are the crazy ones thinking the Holl call was ridiculous..

Holl’s penalty last night was the definition of interference. I’m not sure how anyone can say it wasn’t. And if you bring up “well the refs missed so and so in Game 3”…okay. We aren’t talking about that game and it had no impact on the call on Holl. Sheesh..

Yet Holl was the one to get the penalty here LOL Still SOOO angry over this 😡.

soo welcome to Twitter where you get told you’re wrong for having an opinion… no it shouldn’t have been called because of the lack of consistency with other non calls. BUT Holl’s decision making concerns me and I hope he picks it up in the third. Pls.

@Mikey807Sports There were no less than 3-4 maybe even 5 blatant non-calls for interference on Tampa after the one they called on Holl..

@NHL_Watcher Yah I was talking to some Toronto fans and they aren’t happy with the officials and want to basically just add more pieces and send Holl into the stratosphere. We Habs fans want to trade everybody when we suck lol, Hoffman and Petry have gotten the worst of it this year.

Jonathan Quick vs Mike Smith is the goalie matchup for millennials who have seen a lot of their favorite albums have 20th anniversaries the past couple years..

@berezin_goal We can get picks for Holl and Kerfoot. Most likely a second and a third.

Pob dymuniad da i’n holl bobl ifanc sy’n sefyll arholiadau nawr dros yr wythnosau nesa’ - ni gyd yn ymwybodol mor anodd ma pethe wedi ond gwyddom hefyd fe newch y gorau mewn amgylchiadau unigryw a heriol…ni yma i chi ac i chi gyd yn sbeshal..

Mrazek and his wasted capspace is solely on Dubas. The capspace could of been used for an upgrade for the forwards or for further depth. Keeping Holl over Mccann as well. Miscalculations by @kyledubas before the season started which affects who we ice for playoffs..

Lol this guy gets paid to talk about hockey. Keefe wasn’t the problem. This was the best the players have mentally been in the playoffs. Maybe playing liljegren instead of holl or boosh but he wasn’t the problem.

I think a big Leafs misconception is about Dubas. An analytics guy. I think Dubas *is* smart. But a lot of his moves-the Foligno and Kadri trades, the Tavares and Holl signings-have amounted to nothing. And they have nothing to show for it..

@Robb_Ellis Ya, the fact that Keefe thinks Holl isn’t the Leafs worst Dman tells me all I need to know about him! 🤮.

I mean, it’s not something I love to see called in game 7 of the playoffs, but it was definitely interference, and Holl did it on purpose. Avs get called for unintentional ones ALL the time.

@CoachBombayy This really stings after what went on in game 6. Also the Holl penalty a period earlier.

Mae tîm Maethu @cyngormon yn gwneud lwybr yr arfordir er mwyn codi ymwybyddiaeth. Ddoe ymunais â nhw ar gyfer y darn o #Penmon i #Beaumaris ar ddiwrnod braf. Diolch o galon i holl ofalwyr maeth Môn. 1/2.

Holl Photo,Holl Photo by Carwyn Jones,Carwyn Jones on twitter tweets Holl Photo

Couple things wrong with this. Killorn didn’t “rip the stick” out of his hands. He just landed on it. Holl wasn’t just “standing there”, he moved right into the path of a defending player..

@mriles4 Bud nothing to break down class u answer that way but shite Coach failed and players missed Simple hockey plays like shoot puck and when on PP ya go towards their Net NOT ur own? Basic hockey but coach controls who on Ice and he was going with Holl?.

@torontobaghead Never wanna see Holl, Engvall, Simmons, Kerfoot or Nylander in a leafs jersey again..


@EthanMcCabe3 true and true haha I swear Keefe just wanted to ego that reporter who said Holl stinks. Lilj in for sure..

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