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Updated: October 26th, 2021 12:39 PM IST

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There are no “both sides” to the Holocaust. There are also no “both sides” to American chattel slavery, to systemic racism, to lynchings and land theft and Indigenous genocide. Despite what power has claimed for months, decades, centuries.

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Why Not Question “The Holocaust” in Schools? - Philip Giraldi

norman finkelstein is a holocaust denier brought to you by the same publication that says islamophobia is fake and was invented to antisemitically victimize people who hate muslims

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they’re doing everything and more than they can to erase the identity of current palestinians and palestinian history. after the holocaust, everyone asked “how did we let this happen” while we sit back and watch history repeat itself again

@cnn94cnn @northNJtrack Also she apparently thinks that bestiality is worse than the Holocaust.

It’s just swell seeing people comparing vaccine passports to the thing that used to wake my grandmother up in the middle of the night. It’s weird that there’s an overlap of those morons, & Holocaust deniers. I guess if you’re in that overlap, you are ok with vaccine passports?

This is true. I would never want to offend Jewish people by comparing the actions of the current state government to those of the Nazis, but things started on a smaller scale in stripping Jewish citizens of their rights in Pre WW2 Germany before the climactic Holocaust horror

Antisemitism isn’t a problem for the Jewish community to solve alone - it’s everyone’s challenge to take on. At the Malmö Forum, Canada pledged to strengthen efforts to preserve Holocaust remembrance and combat antisemitism. See our pledges here:

If Anita Bryant were pied in the face today, the way she was decades ago, we would have endless op-eds screaming about “violence” and likening the incident to the Holocaust.

📖 Hope is the Last to Die by Halina Birenbaum Halina Birenbaum survived Majdanek, Auschwitz, Ravensbrück & Neustadt-Glewe camps. Her autobiography describes an adolescent journey through the horrors of the Holocaust. #kindle #ebook:

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@CossackLaughing ... I want to remind them all what an actual holocaust looks like so bad.

@floweRie__ Just wait until she hits you with her theory that Ri stole money from Jis solo tour and used that money to gamble.😎 And if you’re lucky, she’ll also tell you the Holocaust never happened.

@CaesareWepunkt @rufunsan Ein frauenverachtender, narzisstischer, übergewichtiger, Arbeitsloser Lügner, Sexualstraftäter und Gewaltverbrecher der den Holocaust gutheißt und sein Leid mit dem der Juden im 2. Weltkrieg vergleicht „Früher warns die Juden, heute bin’s ich“

The opening of the @I_W_M’s new ground-breaking Second World War and The Holocaust Galleries at IWM London on Thursday 20th October. Our @TobyVIP as been finding out a bit more about

@frankhuiskamp De vreemdelingenhaat van Wilders en Baudet tegenspreken, mensen waarschuwen voor opkomend fascisme, en informeren over de kwaadaardigheid van de Holocaust

Graham Linehan compares recognition of trans people to Holocaust denial.

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Can you Americans stop with the holocaust comparisons? Holy fucking shit dude

I’m gonna go farther and say the publication of this article is the equivalent of giving “equal discussion to both sides” on topics like the Holocaust or Sandy Hook. It’s a parallel to the legal BS going on in Texas & elsewhere. And before you @ me, yes the harm is just as bad

@GayGuyKyle Writing letters of forgiveness, then reading them aloud, then getting rid of them is something I learned from a Holocaust survivor.

@shika_rosez It’s a pretty popular clip for antizionists, where he yells at a girl crying while talking about her Holocaust survivors grandparents.

@Jobjo91585833 Rechterhand Baudet enthousiast over economisch beleid nazi’s. Freek Jansen, de rechterhand van Baudet en voorzitter van de JFVD, relativeerde een paar jaar geleden de Holocaust. Ook was hij enthousiast over het economisch beleid van de nazi’s.

im sorry but that death rate is not even comparable to the holocaust 💀💀💀

Please, someone, tell me: HOW do you “oppose” the Holocaust?

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@FoxNews But nothing about the Texas school trying to teach the opposite side of the Holocaust, you know, the NAZI side.

@GWPattie @Scribulatora Nailed it! Horst Mahler, a founding RAF (Red Army Faction-Bader Meinhof) member, is now a vocal Neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier. In 2005, he was sentenced to six years in prison for incitement to racial hatred against on record as saying that his beliefs have not

@JimmySecUK Jesus said we had to be absolute pacifists so even ww2 was a sin and shame about the Holocaust oops

The Holocaust isn’t a controversial issue. It’s not “widely debated.” They killed 6 million of my ancestors in fucking death camps. “Opposing views,” aka Holocaust denial won’t be taught in My lifetime. Kiss this Jew’s ass.

There are no “both sides” to the Holocaust. There are also no “both sides” to American chattel slavery, to systemic racism, to lynchings and land theft and Indigenous genocide. Despite what power has claimed for months, decades, centuries.

There’s a reason white supremacy attacks history. Opposition to teaching bigotry’s history and where it leads- from the slave trade to the Holocaust - is about erasing society’s tools to recognize prejudice & prevent atrocity. Holocaust denial has no place in our society. None.

Congrats to @GovAbbott on signing a law that has teachers “terrified” and that led school administrators to suggest they give a “both sides” approach to the Holocaust. Just amazing work.

NEW: A school administrator in Southlake, Texas, advised teachers last week that if they have a book about the Holocaust in their classroom, they should also have a book with an opposing perspective. Listen to the audio recording obtained by @NBCNews:

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