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Bulls legends Horace Grant & Toni Kukoc turning back the clocks at the NBA Cares Special Olympics game 🙌

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Brock ()

@kvock @JayBanks22 Woah now. You got too much dip on ya chip. The All-Goggle Team has some hitters: Kareem, James Worthy, Amar’e Stoudemire. Horace Grant is definitely on there but he’s not the greatest goggled baller of all time.

Kurt Mayes ()

@billyrmho Pretty sure Horace Grant ate Toni Kukoc and thats just some other random with grey hair

Supernovae ()

I lost it sitting next to my dad as an adult watching Horace Grant tonight reminiscing doing the same with him when I was a child #GirlDads #NBAAllStarWeekend And he called Quavo the Drip Drip Guy

Not Exonerated ()

Horace Grant was an inspiration to me & everyone who grew up wearing sports goggles. (And may or may not have used colored tape on our only pair).

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Jean Valjameis ()

I once got Horace Grant’s autograph at an Orlando TGI Friday’s. Bow down. Do it. Why are you still upright.

Josh Dorian ()

As a metro Detroiter, Horace Grant was the only Bull I actually liked during those Pistons v Bulls rivalry days. Fun to see him back.


FYI, Horace Grant died to Bulls fans(or at least me) when he went to the Magic and was carried off the court. He can eat it. He was not on the leg of the 2nd 3-peat.

Ryan Hammersmith ()

Horace Grant’s shooting motion looks exactly the same as it did 30 years ago. #consistency

Alisa Who? ()

There were Tik Tok influencers at the Celeb All-Star game and my three year old was singing a Drake and Chris Brown song I don’t know. Don’t even get me started on how old Horace Grant just made me feel. #ineedtoicemyknees #getmeawerthersoriginal

Nicha ()

Horace Grant was my favorite player on those Bulls teams when I was a kid. #memories #chicagosmyhometown

FlyJumper ()

@21Blackking Head bumps for the kid from East IL with the Horace Grant goggles

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K E V I N ()

@thejonkelley If I was making a list, I’d still get to at least 30 Bulls before I got to Horace Grant 😂

Stream so what ()

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John S. 🏈 ()

@TheSylverFox Different player than Horace from what I remember. More range and more athletic. Horace was a better all around player. Your home for Grant brothers talk. , the Sports Hub.

Gilbert’s Grape ()

@ericraymondlim @VICELORDCOOLEE I know. This was in response to a tweet about the worst basketball takes ever on this app. There stans who legit think Horace Grant was a top 10 player in the 90s.

Eric R. Lim ()

@sheepsemen @VICELORDCOOLEE Horace Grant was not a top ten player in the 90s even if you just counted players at his position.

Luis M., President of the Bryan Mullins Fan Club ()

HOLY SH❗️T! Horace Grant in a Bulls jersey is something I thought I would never e-e-e-ever see again.

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Aaron P. Martin II ()

I guess Stephen A. Smith made a huge mistake not accepting Horace Grant to be on his team as they trail by 15 under 4 minutes in the 4th Quarter #nbacelebritygame

⁶⁶ ()

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Mr. E ()

@KevChestnut Man, we not gonna sit here and disrespect the greatness of Horace Junior Grant. He changed the game for blind brothers with the birthname Junior.

Colin Mieczkowski ()

Although the Bulls are in a tough spot, Horace Grant is a reminder of happier times. #NBAAllStar

Chicago Bulls ()

Bulls legends Horace Grant & Toni Kukoc turning back the clocks at the NBA Cares Special Olympics game 🙌

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