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Updated: November 25th, 2021 07:39 PM IST

11/27柏戦試合前のピッチ上(&LIVE配信)に #NMB48 #堀詩音 さんが登場☺ 12:30頃からの短い時間となりますが、この出演のほかにも当日札幌ドーム内で撮影をし、後日クラブSNSでの配信を予定しています🎥 アウェイにも観戦に行くほど熱いサポーターの堀さん@shion_0529_Hori お待ちしてまーす🙏🙏

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aoyama feels genuine like he really cares about deku and his classmates. i hope hori goes with him knowing abt invisible girl but had to keep his mouth shut bc if so, aoyama gonna be in my top rank 1A students when we was bottom tier

emakumeok jasandako indarkeria eta emakumeon segurtasun eza oraindik eta gehiago areagotu direla adierazten dute datuek. ASKI DA! 💪🏻 Emakumeon aurkako indarkeriarekin amaitzea posible da, eta hori da gure helburua. (+)

no i’m actually kinda upset and i’m not typically one to complain about hori writing but he fumbled df out of traitor storyline if this the case. hagakure is quite literally the LAMEST possibility. I MEAN DENKI RIGHT THERE?

휴 ㅠ 찾아오랬더니 못와 왜! 선착맞팔이었다기옴 사실 뭐없지만.. 이거 조만간 터트릴거같긔요

day 293639 of me throwing a pissy hissy fit about hori like a toddler baby cause i don’t get what i want

Bere zerbitzuko egoilarrek 38 orduko turnoak egitera iritsi dira. Bere argudioa hori defendatzeko: nire garaian hala zen eta ez ginen kexatzen. Kirofanoan 3 egoilar, batek ere ezin izan du ezer esan, mediku hori bere nagusia delako.

sorry but i do not care about hagakure getting interesting last fucking MINUTE, when all hori’s done with her in the past is write her like the shittest side character ever, like fucking hell you had 300 chapters

グローバリスト達はランキングがお好き。全く無批判に英米系価値観に身を寄せ、世界をも人間をも画一的に格付けする。まことに浅はか。その上、国民人口激減の中での東京のその手の「充実」は、地方過疎の結果に他ならない。⇒「世界都市力」東京3位 点数はロンドン・NYに迫る

broke: traitor reveal sucked because i didn’t like it woke: traitor reveal sucks because now i have to wait for hori to do whatever he’s doing with this rn to see oboro again


@TheBoiBubba Hori: ‘if there aren’t any more women in the plot then I can’t fuck their writing up!’ The big brained strategies that real writers employ

ua traitor shouldve just stayed as a one time thing but noooooo hori wanted to foreshadow and shit😒😒


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Hori saw all of our tier lists marking ojiro as boring and irrelevant and said ‘I’ll show you motherfuckers’

@dripgodgiorno Hori usually uses the most obvious pick for the best reveals in this story already. Dunno why people are losing their shit about it when all your points make perfect sense and are built up. It would make less sense if it were really anyone else.


I agree with pineapple that DFO is inevitable now I just also think that’s legit story ruining, hori might as well end the manga there on a cliffhanger because it legitimately obliterates all of his themes on the spot

Literally my whole tl is jumping on Hori; they’re all staying muted till Christmas because this is atrocious💀

Hori made literally the worst and I mean worst traitor reveals in anime history #MHASpoilers

@YinkaDrip2Hard @listlessssss Yeah, but Hori went off before this so ima just let him do his thing

Hori never beating the misogynist allegations 😭😭😭😭😭

@blckwhips RIGHT?? and now they’re all like “this is such a boring plot, hori just wants to wrap this story ” LIKE WHAT????

hori: *pone al traidor más zzz, flop, estúpido* hori: ¡hoy vi un anime super lindo, comí un choripon! plus ultra!!! hasta mañana

I’m not surprised 😂 I kinda expected it tbh, with a quirk like that you can get away with a lot though I thought Hori forgot about the whole traitor plot point ngl 😭

@love4lanzhan yes!!!!! i heard that too and im hoping its not true??? personally i would prefer no traitor over smth this anticlimactic 😭😭😭 let hori forget the traitor instead of this

How u go on such a hot streak for such a long time and then fumble like this Hori I don’t understand 💀


mha spoilers/// so hagakure gonna risk her life to save another classmate to make up for betraying them? cause hori is on a roll with killing off his female characters lately

#DidYouKnow that Japanese trainer Noriyuki Hori is currently the only overseas trainer to win two races at the same #HKIR? He trained 2016 winners MAURICE, who won the Hong Kong Cup under Ryan Moore, and SATONO CROWN, who won the Hong Kong Vase under Joao Moreira 🤩 @HKJC_Racing

Hori Photo,Hori Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets


Hori Photo,Hori Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

11/27柏戦試合前のピッチ上(&LIVE配信)に #NMB48 #堀詩音 さんが登場☺ 12:30頃からの短い時間となりますが、この出演のほかにも当日札幌ドーム内で撮影をし、後日クラブSNSでの配信を予定しています🎥 アウェイにも観戦に行くほど熱いサポーターの堀さん@shion_0529_hori お待ちしてまーす🙏🙏

Hori Photo,Hori Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

ReCollect配信スタートしました🔥 よろしくお願いします🙏

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