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Colorado Rockies OF Ian Desmond shared a powerful message with the reasons behind him opting out of playing baseball this season.

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Mike Monaco
Mike Monaco ()

If you haven’t seen it and read it yet, I highly recommend Ian Desmond’s Instagram post from last night. Powerful. Every word of it. Full post here:

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Randy ()

Ian Desmond is a baseball hero. You have to be pretty courageous to call out the whole “play the game the right way” thing as a white baseball culture construct. I also commend his decision partly because he feels a real responsibility to teach his kids and build community.

Kevin Lockett
Kevin Lockett ()

@BNightengale Judging by these tweets, Ian Desmond was right. Too man fans only care about African American players when they score runs, pitch a great game or give them fantasy points. Very few care about the lack of diversity in MLB management or what happens to Black men off the diamond.

Kamron Koplitz
Kamron Koplitz ()

This wonderful game of baseball can save lives, as well as bring people together during a time of sadness. You gained a new fan today Ian Desmond.

Priorities and perspective. What Ian Desmond plans to do with his life during this baseball season is far more important than MLB. This is beautiful and powerful.

Aisha ()

Ian Desmond calls for change as he opts out of 2020 MLB season

Caitlin Moroney
Caitlin Moroney ()

Ian Desmond calls for change as he opts out of 2020 MLB season

Adam Sager
Adam Sager ()

Kudos to you Ian Desmond and hopefully he does make a huge impact in Sarasota and @MLB.

defund the police sparks 🖤🥂⚾️🏀
Defund the police sparks 🖤🥂⚾️🏀 ()

I may hate the Rockies but I have the highest respect of Ian Desmond for that open letter about opting out and the racism and homophobia inside MLB.

Sharon Garrett
Sharon Garrett ()

Omg this is so powerful Ian Desmond, you’re a good man and I hope you do good things 💜🤍

ChuckModi ()

“Another memory: My HS teammates chanting “White Power” b4 games. Two Black players on the team sitting in a stunned silence the white players didn’t seem to notice” — Ian Desmond

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matt formes
Matt formes ()

Ian Desmond is the most famous player to opt out so far. I wonder which big name All Star will opt out and cause everybody to rethink the whole thing. #MLB #Covid_19

Brad Lenertz
Brad Lenertz ()

@1043TheFan @ROXHeating Ian Desmond hasn’t “participated” in baseball for years

Jena Garcia
Jena Garcia ()

This could be Desmond’s greatest moment and we’ve seen him do some incredible things in the game of baseball, but I’ve never been more impressed by him than in his honesty about why he will be opting out of the 2020 season. Some highlights from Ian Desmonds post ⬇️

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Jorge Velasco
Jorge Velasco ()

@SportsCenter Thank you Ian Desmond for being courageous! Wish many others would follow your lead! Keep doing what you’re doing!

Isaac N.
Isaac N. ()

@verint6 @molly_knight I have no idea what you’re looking at but Ian Desmond doesn’t play for the Padres. Don’t die on this hill

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Razzball ()

Ian Desmond opted out of the baseball season and sounded more like what baseball needs as a commissioner than anything Manfred has ever said

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Matthew Swenson
Matthew Swenson ()

Ian Desmond was the subject of many frustrating tweets during the last several baseball seasons. However, I have nothing but respect for his message and decision to be with his family. Tip of the cap, Desi. See you next year.

SportsCenter ()

Colorado Rockies OF Ian Desmond shared a powerful message with the reasons behind him opting out of playing baseball this season.

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Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson ()

@__steve_g @Britt_Ghiroli Like 4 commentors and now blue checkmarks need to come out white knight for the extremely well compensated Ian Desmond

Brooke Cortese
Brooke Cortese ()

I’m sorry but if Ian Desmond isn’t your athlete after his Instagram a beautiful man

Hjs56 ()

@emmabaccellieri Wow! Ian Desmond is truly a upstanding citizen!! I’m glad that he finally decided to come out and make this statement now. Couldn’t possibly be for attention or anything considering racism has been alive and well many years before this. Truly a great statement!!!

Adam Wexler
Adam Wexler ()

Rockies 1B/OF Ian Desmond (@IDesmond20) with a lengthy explanation of his thoughts on everything happening right now and his decision to opt-out of the 2020 MLB season.

Music Fan Person
Music Fan Person ()

Just became a big Ian Desmond fan after reading the IG post linked in the below tweet.

Sarah ()

Rockies Twitter: I love Ian Desmond Everyone: You said you hate him we have the tweets Rockies Twitter: Ian Desmond is my friend

⭑ F𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐞 ⭑
⭑ F𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐞 ⭑ ()

4 players so far have opted out of playing the 2020 season -Mike Leak Diamondbacks -Joe Ross Nationals -Ryan Zimmerman Nationals - Ian Desmond Rockies

Al ()

@nickgroke @Ken_Rosenthal Ian Desmond is a joke. We all remember him betting on himself in DC and then falling off the face of the baseball earth. He is opting out because he is embarrassed and washed up

Scott Monserud
Scott Monserud ()

News: Ian Desmond bows out of 2020 season, Views: What is the critical mass number of playing withdrawing that leads to MLB calling it all off?Two per team? Five? Big stars?

Molly Knight
Molly Knight ()

Ian Desmond is opting out of playing in MLB this season. In addition to Covid-19 he cites the MLB’s rampant racism, sexism, homophobia, cheating scandals, and labor wars. Please go to his Instagram to read the whole thing because, whew, it is outstanding.

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Thomas Harding
Thomas Harding ()

At the end of a heartfelt Instagram post about the confusing and heartbreaking conditions of racism and lack of opportunity, now and throughout his life, #Rockies OF Ian Desmond announced he will not play during the 2020 season. (cont.)

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