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Updated: December 1st, 2021 02:39 PM IST

That was an extraordinary new low. The PM, in Parl, attacking a lawfully constituted anti-corruption body declaring @GladysB was “done over” by “the most shameful attacks on the former NSW premier”. He called ICAC’s process “an absolute disgrace” & said powers were “abused”.

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#BREAKING: The Senate is considering whether to reorder business to immediately deal with the Australian Federal Integrity Bill 2021, @helenhainesindi’s Bill which I have introduced into the Senate. The Government seems uncomfortable about even debating an ICAC Bill. #auspol

How about instead of trying to silence social media you introduce a fkn ICAC?

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Scott Morrison digs in over federal Icac – and tries to shift blame to Labor for slow progress #auspol

New Australian laws to unmask anonymous online trolls and make tech giants pay - The Age these bastards from the coalition hate , hate being held to account , that’s why we have no Federal ICAC

@murpharoo @samanthamaiden Is there a mandate to do this? There sure was one for ICAC. Zero so far. Very concerned voter ID it will affect ability of First Nations people, homeless and older people to cast their votes. Often these people are disadvantaged. Making them voiceless too is ….awful.

Are some of our top federal politicians corrupt? Protect our democracy and institute a federal ICAC with sharp teeth so we can find out, stop it & get a better parliament. VOTE. The nation is rudderless in the face of growing storm

@vanOnselenP I do think that if there was a serious prioritisation in law reform for the current AG, a Federal ICAC would be well ahead of this, and Voter ID wouldn’t be a thing. I wouldn’t have wasted time on the Right to Religious Discrimination Bill either, but here we are.


Good morning to everyone who’s also adult enough to realise it’s possible to both completely deplore a woman’s politics & how/where she chooses to work AND defend her right to be free of disgusting misogynist bullying, cruelty & hate. Life is fucking complex. #ICAC

YASS you can’t keep a girlboss down you better watch your back dominic perrottet daryl maguire and ICAC because she’s coming to end you all

Thanks, PM, for vigorously denigrating ICAC. You provided proof of the need for a similar federal body. Geoff Schmidt, Richmond @theage letters

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It’s a terrible indictment on watchdog media that a former NSW Premier who resigned amidst ICAC corruption hearing and who has been found to delay covid restrictions against health advice, would be politically clean enough to be placed in a key federal election seat.

The Liberal Party sees everything that was exposed at ICAC: - open rorting of grants - politicised funnelling of money, and - ignoring gross conflicts of interest as just their normal practice. If you ever needed evidence they have to go it’s this.

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The only things that matter to Scott atm are avoiding a federal ICAC & the religious freedom bill.

@barriecassidy Imagine what the 2019 NSW election result would have been had voters known that the Premier was in a relationship with the former member for Wagga Wagga who she had just demanded resign from parliament over corruption. Just as well the ICAC phone taps were kept secret.

Why we need a federal ICAC, no. 287: Brisbane company worth just $8 when awarded $385m Nauru offshore processing contract

In Parliament, you’re not judged just by your words, but by your vote. Scott Morrison voted against a Federal ICAC.

By “done over” does Scott Morrison mean the secret ICAC recordings where Gladys blatantly revealed she gave hundreds of millions of dollars to her undisclosed secret lover for his electorate, without due process, just to keep him happy? Okay then #auspol

That was an extraordinary new low. The PM, in Parl, attacking a lawfully constituted anti-corruption body declaring @GladysB was “done over” by “the most shameful attacks on the former NSW premier”. He called ICAC’s process “an absolute disgrace” & said powers were “abused”.

Scott Morrison has just told Parliament the reason he doesn’t want a federal ICAC is because it might catch out some Liberal MPs.

It seems Morrison and his gang of Merry Thieves are being dragged kicking and screaming, by the politicians with integrity, closer to an ...with respectivity hopefully. 👍👍👏👏 They might claim that that’s not fair. Nobody told them they had to be honest.

Is anyone watching the mayhem in the chamber right now??? The government just lost a vote the floor re debating an ICAC bill and govt has lost control trying to claw it back! #chaos

Rebekha Sharkie has commended Liberal backbencher Bridget Archer for bravery and courage in backing the push for a federal ICAC saying she is on the, right side of history. #auspol

SHOW US THE ICAC! It’s long past time the House debated a corruption watchdog bill. Morrison has refused to allow my strong ICAC bill which *passed the Senate* 2 years ago to be debated in the House. Let’s hope Helen’s bill, which is very similar to mine, has better luck #auspol

@helenhainesindi @GGeoffwitha Yes!! Go you good thing! A Federal ICAC is FAR MORE important than a Religious Discrimination Bill All power to you Helen 🐝 #auspol #qt

I’m religious, I don’t need any protections, I’m good. What I do need though is a fucking federal ICAC #ReligiousDiscriminationBill


@BelindaJones68 Enough of this preaching bullshit! This is not the Australian way. I grew up as a catholic and was taught by my family to never push your religion on anyone. Get rid of this clown who thinks this is more important than a federal Icac. Get rid of him!!!

Morrison’s Lies: A History - I’ll establish a Federal ICAC - France knew about the subs - EVs will ruin the weekend (then, I never said that) - It’s not a race - I’ve never told a lie in public life - Craig Kelly’s “doing a great job in Hughes” (personal fave). He. Can. Go.

Another day, another Morrison FAILURE This time it’s his failure to deliver a #FederalICAC Morrison trying to SHUT DOWN class actions Morrison SHUTTING DOWN Federal ICAC This would SHUT DOWN scrutiny of Big Pharma links to Govt & health bureaucrats 🤔

What are you so scared of Mr Morrison? Why do you block every single attempt to debate an integrity bill?

Pauline Hanson joins the government to block federal ICAC bill

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