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There are over 500 tribes in Nigeria, but APC managed to convince tribalists in Lagos, that anyone who doesn’t have tribal marks is Igbo. The chaos they brewed will burn them..

I once twitted that Peter Obi’s crime was being Igbo but I was called a liar, I’m glad you can see how he’s being tagged in conversations that have nothing to do with him..

In late 1970, Igbo merchants who fled Lagos before the civil war returned to find their homes had been taken over by their former friends and neighbours. Those former friends largely still own those homes. These tweets look like jokes, but history has shown they’re not..

Igbo Photo,Igbo Photo by Editi Effiòng,Editi Effiòng on twitter tweets Igbo Photo

Imagine having to shout “i’m not igbo” so you’ll be allowed to vote. Do you know how dangerous that is? Any leader that permits this for their own selfish ambition hates Nigerians.

Lmaoooo! You literally came here to post it for more engagement, even celebrated it was reaching more audience when someone even called you out for it. Elections are over now, and you want to be new. E say na “dear Igbo people” 🤣🤣 Very evil being..

@AjeboDanny @paeyakdpeople You be fo*l guy, emeka attack all Yoruba and he know a lot of Yoruba condemns the attacks on Igbo: so make dem Dey look , macaroni are all lot of us condemn the attack. So make dem no drag him. Na now everybody eye Dey clear, Make you continue your fo*lishness.

@stvnuniversee I believe there was sarcasm in the tweet, people have been sarcastic about how you can look Igbo as a Yoruba person so.

@SaifullahiA @AishaYesufu How are Igbos trying to collect Lagos from Yorubas. They sold their land, sold their houses and used the money for owambe. now dey want to tell us to live in the houses we bought or built with our own money?Is any of the governorship candidate an igbo man? Igbos no vote 4 Kano?.

Investments in Lagos state North(Hausa/Fulani) - $72 billion South West(Yoruba) - $46 billion South East (Igbo) - $7 billion Na only mouth dem get 🤦🏽‍♀️ So na only mouth my brothers get .....

@thecableng God punish you and your generation. Your father . After you have rigged the election finish . Don’t worry Igbo people will soon leave Lagos for you guys . This 2023 election has taught us lesson never to invest at Lagos and go back to East as we are never one ..

My Linage, My Tribe Proudly an IGBO Man, Nothing can change hate cannot stop us.

Igbo Photo,Igbo Photo by Farwl Play,Farwl Play on twitter tweets Igbo Photo

@OjomuK @Naija_PR Wetin dey pain me be Sey all these things na capping online real life una get close Igbo friends.


@AdenijiJoseph13 @Sam_Davoclyn1 Lmao so an Igbo man or Hausa man has to be your pastor 😂.

@TheLotaChukwu If an was not allowed to govern Anambra state, how the hell should a yoruba man who cannot speak yoruba fluently but speak Igbo language very well be allowed to govern in yoruba land? He is too much of a risk for our cultural preservation with his strong Igbo base..

@SympLySimi makes it almost impossible to not generalize with these names. Nwanne means brother, and is used by persons from other tribes to refer to the igbo man too. Should we also call it a slur? Well i conclusively feel, that the name calling might have a negative toll, if the mind.

@simon_ekpa @officialABAT Me I sha know say any stupid act from Igbo this time you will go into extinction.

@MrMekzy_ Thank God say nah Igbo and Yoruba no be Yoruba and Edo My own for don be now😒.

@ChronicSalesman @_SirWilliam_ What was the boomerang effect that caused This one? Your problem is that you don’t know history so you believe things have not happened before. This is normal strategy used against igbos since time memorial. Stop gaslighting Igbo people please. We are not your problem.

Igbo Photo,Igbo Photo by Ekene C. Okechukwu,Ekene C. Okechukwu on twitter tweets Igbo Photo

@ganewhimself @SaharaReporters Your mama , how is the Igbo interfering in the election?.

@PeterPsquare Your career is dead, using Obi to revive your dead career. Omo Igbo migrants that’s what we know you guys. Drug trafficking.

@n6oflife6 Receive sense. Delta is not an ethnic group. The owners of Ebeano Supermarkets are from Igbo ethnic group..

@hustlerzvision @TheLotaChukwu Same can be said about yorubas that were born and raised in Igbo land, they should go and develop their homelands too. The reason for this land scuffle is because of how developed Lagos is, majority of which was by the sweat and blood of other tribes..

@Drealololade Understood, but why are people jumping on this one? That’s my own. Someone made a joke earlier about Igbo babes been recognized by their big yam leg and everyone was laughing saying it’s cruise and jokes so why are we taking this one serious? We can just take it also as a joke.

In summary my Yoruba people, before you join them to fan the embers of this tribal war, just remember that your sister, your brother, your friend or even your partner who looks like Igbo could go for it,.

@jollynony For this thread I owe you one Efi Igbo. I am unapologetically Igbo and proud of it. Understand & accept this and have peace ✌️.

@realFFK @renoomokri Good to know that your children have no heritage in Yoruba land or Igbo land.

@rhewhandamzi @Nkemchor_ Of course like i said there is tribalism everywhere but the hate for igbos in the west is far more than igbos say our Land Where i come from igbos have a big market we call Igbo market and they have been doing business there peacefully.

The conversation is literally about people getting harassed, killed and deprived voting because they’re Igbo But let’s discuss the ethics of body odor profiling. A distraction like the no man’s land nonsense..

@OluchiErnest1 @AmnestyNigeria Fear of domination on their own land. A valid fear. What would you have done if you were in their shoes? As an Igbo person? Be honest with yourself. In the aftermath of this election, the Igbo will find it tough going forward. All our trust and gains gone..

@renoomokri @Josephnnadozie They cannot allow that at all. This is the true picture of the acclaimed Abiola. He is full fledged Igbo..

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