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It’s not saying 3 million didn’t need it, it’s that many were told they didn’t qualify for it because ‘the line had to be drawn somewhere’ #insiders

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Morgan Godfery ()

it was funny when people said that matthew hooton was going to be hot toddy’s chief of staff and then it was earnestly repeated in the media that “insiders say” and people reckon this platform has no influence lol idiots ()

@llisa_simpson Medcap är spännande på gott och ont. Insiders säljer och VD ska sluta senare i år. Behöver inte vara negativt. Kan bli en bra nystart. Som jag skrev till VD i förra veckan är det risk att det blir 6 mån vakuum ur aktiemarknadens perspektiv. Men jag ger inga individuella råd. 😇

Sonydcf ()

Hemos pasado de noticias reales a noticias sobre insiders, luego a noticias sobre rumores y lo último en periodismo de videojuegos son las noticias sobre opiniones de fanboys como si fueran hechos. Flipo 😒

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XING Schweiz ()

Wer zahlt eigentlich die vom Bund garantierten Corona-Kredite und werden diese jemals zurückgezahlt? @harrytweet12

Astrid Maier ()

Die Zeiten ändern sich, zum Glück! Warum wir euch jetzt duzen: 👇🏽 ⁦@eszet⁩ ⁦@XING_de⁩


so uhm is anything gonna happen on may 25th?? many insiders are speculating but so far theres no announcement or smth

Vagina Bones ()

¿Sabéis realmente como van los scoops? Os explico, a los Insiders les dan las migajas que webs grandes no quieren vender o que en principio no interesa. Un scoop como este puede valer perfectamente miles de euros. So, fan theory basándose en el gif de ATT.

Zeb | Nico SZN ()

BREAKING: Michigan lands top-120 2021 4🌟 LB, Junior Colson, out of Brentwood, Tennessee. The Wolverines beat out the in-state & red hot (recruiting wise) Vols. This is a very, very nice pickup for Don Brown & Brian…

Not Today, Malarkey 🥁 ☃️ 🐝 🍷 🛹 ⚖️ 🧢🧦 ()

Finally, someone who isn’t afraid to take on powerful ice cream lobbyists. The revolving door between DC insiders and the ice cream industry is about to slam shut, folks.

McLeodGaming ()

MG Insiders, check your email inbox! Every member has had an email sent to them with the download link for SSF2 Beta 🎉 Have fun!

Josh McBaker ʬ⁸⁴ ()

@campestrinxe Un blog español que tiene una fuente fiable de Estados Unidos? Ni de coña. Otra cosa es que lo dijeran varios insiders, alguna fuente cercana a Affleck, él mismo, The Hollywood reporter o Variery.

Diktat1 ()

@carolecadwalla Everyone feels like a right mug following instructions to the letter. The Elites and Insiders followed their instincts.

Jim ()

DOJ Insiders convinced Sessions Trump would be Ousted so to save himself he Recused. If he backed Trump he would also be disgraced. Deal was he would be retained as AG with others running the Shop. Sessions DESERTED & left his Commander in Chief exposed to the Enemy. A SAD MAN. ()

Βατούτιν: «Τους insiders τους λέγαμε παλιά, κουτσομπόληδες» -

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Andrew Prosser ()

Wow! This is the official Twitter account of the Civil Service! Someone will lose their job but it shows what the insiders in government are thinking

Blake Urban ()

@SentiQuanti Yeah always going to be more selling than buying on average with insiders. But the times they buy heavily on the aggregate indexes, pretty good signal historically.

The Camp ()

@AtlantaMovieTours ‘ new #GAFilmandChill is live! They are bringing #GeorgiaFilm🍑🎬 to you with entertaining Insiders, fun stories, trivia, and more so Get In (your own house) and Geek Out with them! Visit for more info, private virtual tours available!

FreebieShark ()

Disney Movie Insiders: 10 FREE Points

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Youss 🖤 Babylon ()

@gagainbabylonia Yeah without source, yall believe anything you read from these fake twitter insiders that never provide a source of any sort

Ardgowan Distillery ()

“What’s the one dram you couldn’t live without?” “As I created Clydebuilt Coppersmith blended malt, there will always be a bottle in my drinks cabinet!” Our Max McFarlane talks to @TheWhiskyWire in this #whisky insiders interview. ⬇️🥃

Gray Connolly ()

As a prominent Catholic writer, Greg Sheridan notoriously capitulated on Gay Marriage & even then, his bending the knee bought him no new respect, only further derision. A lesson to the youth looking for safety from the mob - they will always come for you, too #Insiders

Dee Madigan ()

It’s not saying 3 million didn’t need it, it’s that many were told they didn’t qualify for it because ‘the line had to be drawn somewhere’ #insiders

Greg Jericho ()

The Coronavirus has not made the climate crises any less urgent. My Sunday graph of the week post #insiders The climate crisis looms as the Coalition fiddles with fossil fuels

Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Instead, we have Trump insiders botching million dollar contracts.

⚖️Leah ()

Why you shouldn’t trust @fordnation Since pandemic began, all three big LTC corporations have hired Ford insiders to lobby #onpoli #cdnpoli

Lux September ()

Insiders can and should have dissenting use internal platforms. U can’t be an insider who behaves like outsider. If you want freedom of speech and so on, be an OUTSIDER. U can’t have ur bread buttered both sides. #GlendaGray

Bianca van Wyk🇿🇦 ()

@VusiSambo @Mr_TeeLives I knew this day would come son ... it’s official you are human a human boy 😉 😂Just between you and I, if rumours of all the clandestine secrecy of the NCC is so true, did you really think ‘insiders’ would be released out in the wild to just tell people stuff 😂

Ingrid M ()

yeah not sure I can take much of Hewitt. This is like #Insiders lite. Don’t they usually have a politician on this show?

Public Citizen ()

Trump insiders who have voted by mail: -Donald Trump -Melania Trump -Mike Pence -Ivanka Trump -Jared Kushner -Alex Azar -Larry Kudlow -Wilbur Ross -Mark Esper -Stephanie Grisham -Ronna McDaniel

Lara Logan ()

Political operatives target journalists - and cowards pile on anonymously. Who else is tired of un-named “insiders” and “former colleagues” piling on like sharks at a feeding don’t even have the moral courage to stand by their own words. When they come for one, they come for all

☚ #DuHast Charlie Monttana ☛
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