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Jaden Ivey grew up watching his mother, Niele, play in the WNBA. Today, Niele gets to see her son drafted into the NBA ❤️.

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Jaden Ivey is teaming up with Cade Cunningham in the Motor City 🚗 @brhoops The Pistons select Jaden at No. 5.

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Jaden Ivey is ready to make some noise in the league 🗣 #NBADraft.

Jaden Ivey in listing his options: “There are situations where I can go to New York.”.

“I think I could definitely fit [in New York]. I have the DNA to win. RJ Barrett, they want to win.” - Jaden Ivey.

Jaden Ivey lists the Knicks as a team he could see himself landing with in the NBA Draft: Obviously, there could be situations where I could land to New York.

Jaden Ivey on Knicks: “Obviously a tremendous opportunity and tremendous organization.”.


Jaden Ivey credits his mom for his love of the game 🏀❤️ Get to the know 2022 #NBADraft Prospect, @IveyJaden 🎥 @StateFarm.

Projected lottery pick Jaden Ivey named LeBron James as the one NBA player he would want to dunk on..

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#Sources — Kings have had internal discussions on the possibility of staying at pick 4 and selecting Jaden Ivey, while listening to offers for PG De’Aaron Fox. #NBA.

all these ivey, kyrie and brunson rumors just to end up with a lineup of burks,fournier,rj, julius and taj.

@bretthuff22 @IamKDiddy Eh, I’ve reached a nice zen moment where I’ve accepted that whoever they get is gonna be a good player. I’ll be disappointed if they don’t take Ivey, but lord help me if I ever look at Murray as a disappointment..

Gonna need to see what the Knicks do the rest of the off-season to fully assess tonight, but those five minutes we all thought we were getting Ivey is something I’ll never forget. Amazing stuff Knicks Twitter..

Lined up perfectly on my timeline. First guy is (almost) done if we don’t take Murray. Second guy thinks we’ll be sold and relocated if we don’t take Ivey..

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Quickley Ivey Barrett Obi Mitch McBride Grimes Reddish X Sims 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨.

Purdue star Jaden Ivey no longer wants to play for the Pistons, per league sources. After long discussions with @uncagedbruh, he has firmly decided that his home in the NBA is in Indiana..

Sak Big Board that no one asked for and will inevitably come back to bite me: 1a. Chet Holmgren 1b. Paolo Banchero 3. Jaden Ivey 4. Bennedict Mathurin 5. Jabari Smith 6. Dyson Daniels 7. Jaden Hardy 8. Ochai Agbaji 9. Jalen Duren 10. Keegan Murray 11. TyTy Washington.

I just want to say one thing: You cannot be “crying” if the #Knicks don’t get Ivey. It’s a big price to pay and I don’t blame them if they don’t do it. There are plenty of other great options!! I am just showing you guys what the media is reporting 🤷🏼‍♀️.

This is where I’m at. Take a swing. I think Ivey is worth that..

Jaden Ivey in the two biggest games of his life (Big Ten championship and Sweet 16): 11 turnovers 1-14 from 3 .72 assist/turnover 47% TS I like Ivey but if you want to give up multiple future picks on top of pick 11 and some of the Knicks young players you’re out of your mind.

2022 NBA Draft: Final Big Board sees changes inside the top 3. Murray solidifies himself as a top-five pick..

I think the Magic are going to go safe — and Paolo is the safest pick. I think it should go: Jabari Smith, Paolo Banchero, Jaden Ivey, Chet Holmgren. The one least likely to be a bust is Paolo. — @getnickwright on the NBA Draft:.

Dire que quand j’ai vu ce tweet, mon coeur s’est emballé et j’ai cru qu’on allait faire venir Ivey et enfumer Detroit… Ptdr quelle naïveté, au final c’est tout l’inverse.

@Kivi015 @iHateShaun The Denver pick was sent out for MIL 2025 (top 4 protected). Wizards pick is likely to convey within next 3 years, as is Detroit (the protections loosen and Ivey, Cade, Duren core plus Bey should mean they get better pretty quick)..

If the Pistons got Ayton in FA and Ivey in the Draft, that’s when I’d realize that we’re living in a simulation… I’m not used to Detroit sports teams giving me this much excitement.

some receipts on @SpeakEZsports_ takes on Jaden Ivey, so he don’t double back and lie in the future:.

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I haven’t asked for much man. GO GET JADEN IVEY @nyknicks do what it takes ! Take that LEAP . Be aggressive . This is the guy !!!.

My gut tells me the Kings try and rob the Pacers for pick 6 to STILL take Murray. If the Kings stay out at 4 I think they take Murray. The real question is, does Detroit snag Ivey or trade the pick to someone who desperately wants Ivey?!?.

@RedAlternates No way they take Ben if Ivey’s still there right? Bc it sounds like they’re REALLY falling in love with Mathurin.

Así empezaron / Así van. Jaden Ivey creció viviendo el 🏀 en primera fila, pues su madre, Niele Ivey, es ex-jugadora de la @WNBA ¡Gran legado! 🤩.

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