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New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern wins second term in landslide election victory

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The Atlantic
The Atlantic ()

Jacinda Ardern’s victory foreshadows the challenge facing all world leaders in the months and years ahead, writes @YasmeenSerhan. Though succeeding in the face of the pandemic is hard, dealing with its aftermath could be harder.

💚 Valdivia_Val 💚 Palmeiras 🐷🌹🚩🚩🌹🚩
💚 Valdivia_Val 💚 Palmeiras 🐷🌹🚩🚩🌹🚩 ()

Mais um país de petralhas 🚩❤️😆 A primeira-ministra da Nova Zelândia, Jacinda Ardern, foi reeleita neste sábado, c/95% das urnas apuradas,Ardern (Partido Trabalhista) derrotou a Judith Collins, líder do Partido Nacional. Hoje, a Nova Zelândia mostrou que o PT tem seu maior apoio

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Tres anys marcats pels atemptats de Christchurch i la Covid. Els neozelandesos reforcen el lideratge de Jacinda Ardern per tres anys més

Aisha Shuaibu
Aisha Shuaibu ()

Jacinda Ardern just won second term as prime minister of New Zealand by a landslide for her unshaken commitment to the people, witnessed by the entire world time and time again. Competence is the bare minimum a nation deserves from their leadership.

Bechamilton ()

This is how to do it folks. Listen to ⁦@jacindaardern⁩ victory speech- gratitude and a unifying message.

Ray Puig
Ray Puig ()

com Don Simon , OI podemos? @AdaColau La bona gestió de la pandèmia atorga la majoria absoluta a Jacinda Ardern a Nova Zelanda

Chris Austin
Chris Austin ()

Amazing leadership. Our European leaders could do well to learn from Jacinda Ardern and drop their ‘we know best’ arrogance. Leadership is doing everything for your people and putting them first, above everything. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Paul Wilkinson #FOGG 🌹
Paul Wilkinson #FOGG 🌹 ()

You’ve really got to lol at the Corbyn stans trying to claim Jacinda Ardern as one of their own. Do they think people are that stupid?

Revista Semana
Revista Semana ()

Su rival, Judith Collins, del Partido Nacional, admitió la derrota cuando aún queda un cuarto de los votos por contar y le compartió sus felicitaciones.

Serge Van Steenkiste
Serge Van Steenkiste ()

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wins landslide reelection (Among the challenges for the next government: an economy severely wracked by the pandemic and loss of critical tourism revenue)

ᴮᴱru⁷ ()

Every country deserves a leader like Jacinda Ardern. Such a class woman. She completely shatters the sterotype of what politicians are and proved that non-corrupt politicians are not a myth. NZ is really lucky to have her!

Julien #JunkTerrorLawNOW
Julien #JunkTerrorLawNOW ()

new zealand just promised that they will ban conversion therapy. i love jacinda ardern najud! huhuhu sanaol oi.

Michael Eichert
Michael Eichert ()

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wins 2nd term in a landslide via @Yahoo Congratulations to Ms Ardern who had done a wonderful job managing the country and the virus.

CNA ()

End of reign for New Zealand kingmaker Winston Peters

Jacinda Ardern Photo,Jacinda Ardern Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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Jacinda Ardern mendapatan masa jabatan kedua sebagai Perdana Menteri Selandia Baru setelah berhasil menangani pandemi Covid-19 hingga nol kasus.

Allegra Fox
Allegra Fox ()

@Reuters Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is just brilliant 👏👏👏. Her country & the world is all the better for having leaders who rise to the change & adopt new thinking into leadership & governance ❤️

Shamil Esq, UBI now to save people!
Shamil Esq, UBI now to save people! ()

Jacinda Ardern won! CNN on international comparisons on #Covid19 Greece, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Finland, South Korea. Calm, empathetic, competent Vs Hoax, So What, Shook hands with Coronavirus patients leaders.


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Wins Second Term in Landslide Victory

Jacinda Ardern Photo,Jacinda Ardern Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Travel Guy
Travel Guy ()

There seems a logic if Ardern was mandated with landslide logic to justify 303 other than jumla,bigotry, hatred, hegemony????

Vicky-juanita25 ()

@indi_db My sister lived out there for many years and loved the place and Jacinda Ardern knows how to run a country well.

Richard ... Socialist.
Richard ... Socialist. ()

Jacinda Ardern has thanked the mini people who voted for her government. We need more mini people.

Ben ()

@CurtisMorgan_ all we can do is hope jacinda ardern is not another establishment centrist

UptownNance 🥊#LFG💗 🐕🐈🇨🇦🇺🇲🆘🇪🇺
UptownNance 🥊#LFG💗 🐕🐈🇨🇦🇺🇲🆘🇪🇺 ()

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern headed toward landslide reelection By Emmanuel Stoakes

David Paxton
David Paxton ()

If only Jacinda Ardern governed a completely different country so she could get exactly the same results. [continues at thread length]

The Orwellian 🇳🇿
The Orwellian 🇳🇿 ()

@TumaiTawhiti Very smart. I guess that’s why Australia have largely navigated COVID so much better than New Zealand. The only state struggling is the one with a Premier that has a lot in common with Jacinda Ardern.

José Domingo Torres
José Domingo Torres ()

Jacinda Ardern arrasa en las elecciones generales en Nueva Zelanda via @el_pais

CNN Breaking News
CNN Breaking News ()

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern wins second term in landslide election victory

The New York Times
The New York Times ()

Breaking News: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand is headed to a second term, early election results show. Her pandemic response led to a surge of support.

The Associated Press
The Associated Press ()

BREAKING: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern appears headed for big election win and 2nd term in early vote counting.


Cuando la covid volvió a Nueva Zelanda en agosto, tras más de tres meses sin casos, Andern confinó inmediatamente a la región de Auckland. Gracias a ello, la segunda ola ha causado 179 casos, y no se ha detectado ninguno nuevo desde el 26 de septiembre

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