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If there’s one thing I want refs to protect me from it is the always excessive and unsportsmanlike showboating of Jack Salt.

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Did I enjoy the hell out of writing this? I SURE AS HELL DID..

@WahooBasketball I think the only thing better than watching Jack Salt’s performance would have been to discover that box score after the game like you and be bewildered, haha that is awesome..

Johnny Trueblood - Great name, he and Jack Salt should do a buddy cop film. You are welcome Hollywood.

He could hardly contain his excitement about the possibility of LeBron and Jack Salt playing together next year..

What a win and performance by Jack Salt and Kyle Guy #GoHoos.

[email protected] asked Jack Salt a question with a Flight of the Conchords reference and I’m not sure he got it. That’s because we’re old and he’s not..

@UVAMensHoops I humbly propose that every baby boy and girl born in Charlottesville today be named Jack Salt. #GoHoos #ACCTourney.

“I haven’t jumped that far away and dunked in a while. I had to hang on the rim or I would have fallen on my head” - Jack Salt on his “technical” foul.

#UVa’s Jack Salt, on the technical: “Yeah, I haven’t jumped that far and dunked it in a while.”.

Jack Salt: “I’ve not had a game like this at Virginia.” Says most similar performance was versus Clemson in last season’s #ACCTourney , credits teammates for feeding him low..

I’m not sure which is harder to believe, UVA losing to a 16 seed last year or Jack Salt dropping 18 while shooting 80% from the free throw line..

Jack Salt’s career day was the most unexpected breakout performance by a Kiwi in NC since Michael Campbell..

Mike Tobey may have blessed Jack Salt with his Every Night Is Senior Night Nationwide Tour superpowers today.

Today is a very beautiful day to be a fan of the second greatest player in UVa history: Jack Salt.

If there’s one thing I want refs to protect me from it is the always excessive and unsportsmanlike showboating of Jack Salt.

@Dirtball99 Sure. UVA up by 10 now and moving away. State has adopted a style of play involving not hitting shots and not guarding Jack :12 to go..

Jack Salt with 11 points for UVA. His season and career high is 12 vs Maryland this year. 🧂.

This game is a Jack Salt origin story and there’s going to be a cutscene at the end showing him being recruited for the Avengers #NCSTvsUVA.

#UVA on a 16-3 run, highlighted by a pair of Jack Salt and-1’s, and the Cavalier lead is 46-37 as Kevin Keatts calls for a timeout, 12:11 to go. #ACCTourney.

Jack Salt hasn’t scored in last six #UVa games. Has 11 today as #UVa goes up 46-37.

Two three point plays by Jack Salt and a four point play by Kyle Guy have put Virginia squarely in charge. Pack takes time trailing by nine..

Raise your hand if you had Jack Salt outscoring Jerome and Hunter combined by 6 points with 13 minutes left. #UVA #ACCMBB.

NC State dealing with all kinds of salt today, from talk of their non-con SOS to Jack..

Jack Salt does realize that senior night was Saturday, not today? 11 points including 3/4 FT. 🧂 #UVA.

Jack salt has completed 2 “and 1s” in less than 5 minutes. This is not a drill.

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