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Jackie Aina is clearly in her ‘I am the spice of pepper soup and the force of kola nut’ era. It’s giving jollof and jesus..

Uju Anya
Uju Anya

Waiting for Jackie Aina’s new “Eau de Police Brutalité” luxury spa collection to drop..

The Cut
The Cut

Beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina is getting criticism for her latest Forvr Mood candle collection.

@CFDA thank you for the article on founder @jackieaina 🖤 Blog to Business : Beauty Boss Jackie Aina.


Jackie Aina has apologised for naming candle product after the EndSARS protest slogan, Sòrò Sókè.

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Lmao didn’t Jackie aina once defend her non black friend for cosplaying as a black woman w/ Afro wigs 😭.

I remember Jackie Aina being applauded for her calling out brands during BLM. I also remember her silence during SARS and her being forced into saying something in support. So for her to create a candle to capitalize on SARS is not only audacious but extremely evil. People died.

My non Nigerian black ass watching Jackie Aina get ate up by Nigerians (rightfully so)..

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People like Jackie Aina annoy me because they pick and choose when they want to align with Nigerian culture and when they do choose to showcase - it’s completely unrepresentative..


This is so stupid and insensitive. During the protests, Jackie Aina refused to say anything. Now you want to exploit a movement that Nigerians died for (that you refused to join) to sell fucking scented candles. Very disgusting..

Jackie Aina is the person who never developed a personality beyond being ASA president lmao, but it’s actually worse because she her “love” for Nigeria is only like 3 days old..

I’m happy for Jackie Aina and all she’s accomplished but I been saying she only uses being Nigerian as an aesthetic. She does not care lol..

I sell amazing and beautiful male fabrics for your owanmbe at affordable prices Kindly dm/call/WhatsApp 07054205358, 08105860019 to place your order 2nd of September / Kanye / kim Kardashian / Chomzy / Jackie Aina.

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You guys flog Jackie Aina every few months on this app and I’m starting to think it’s deserved.

Not people calling Jackie Aina a coloniser 😬 it’s actually possible to critique people without saying extreme nonsense. Poor taste, maybe. Thematically mismatched names, definitely. Politically insensitive… you can make that argument. But COLONISER?? Come on guys.

Got a Nigerian friend look like Jackie aina Got an American friend look like Jackie Aina.

Jackie Aina started claiming to be Nigerian when it benefited her. Sis had her whole ass AMERICAN mother dressing in traditional garb like that woman don’t dress like that stop it.

Not Jackie Aina blocking me because I liked tweets saying she should’ve spoke out during the EndSars protests LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO.

left my fruits on the floor to come and be laughing at Jackie Aina’s drags because my priorities >>.

Wait Biggie @BBNaija, this trenches (Level 1) people no get food and other packages like Level 2 guys, are they the ones to Level Up? Because Me I no understand this your package again. #bbnaija #sheggzolu Seun Mr Macaroni Adekunle Bella Hermes Jackie Aina.

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Jackie Aina went straight from reposting that apology to posting all the congratulations flowers she’s received 😭😭😭😂😂.

What bothers me about the entire Jackie Aina situation was the fact that she didn’t even try to educate or donate proceeds of her candle sales to the Nigerian community. Profiting 100% from a $38 candle and not donating a single cent from sales?!.

The only thing someone can do after a mistake is apologize & have changed behavior. Y’all lack of grace is scary. I hope Jackie Aina continues to lead with empathy..

witnessing naija twitter drag jackie aina up and down on this app was wild asf to see lmao esp on her birthday 💀 but it’s not like the dragging was unwarranted. she was dead fkn wrong for that..

If Jackie Aina truly made a candle brand off the soro soke/end sars saga, that’s truly in bad taste. There are people from that movement who were killed , are still reported missing , who are still in prison. DJ switch literally had to leave the country.

My baby, Jackie Aina getting packed in? Hate it had to be her but she’s gotta firm it unfortunately.

Jackie Aina is inspiring me to appropriate white culture and sell it back to em #SOROSOKE 🤞🏾.

How are you a culture vulture for your OWN culture , Jackie Aina is so sick in the head.

Jackie Aina and her sister are as messy and pathetic as it could get. You didn’t need to wait till end sars and now this, to figure that out. Clocked it a long time ago and muted them. Very shameless people.

Jackie Aina is the UK makeup lady abi not the American one that poses as a comedian. Cos both their names confuse me.

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