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KSI shouldn’t take the Jake Paul fight right away. Jake would have too much of an advantage with his experience. I want this to be as fair as possible but this will be the biggest PPV ever!.

Jake Paul has now offered to jump in and fight KSI on Aug 27th in London as Alex Wassabi is out due to injury… [📽️ @JakePaul].

@VoltronNFT @lukedanielG Well off the top of my head Floyd Mayweather, Lil Uzi, 69, Jake & Logan Paul, David Dobrik, Jason Derulo, Lindsay Lohan, Lil Xans, Lil Yachty, Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, Snoop Dogg, Kim Kardashian, French Montana, Chantel Jeffries, Takeoff, RichTheKid, NeYo, Lil Pump, The Game.

Don’t let Jake Paul and Swarmz distract you from the fact that KSI ducked this legend.

Jake Paul Photo,Jake Paul Photo by Lord Ron 🦀,Lord Ron 🦀 on twitter tweets Jake Paul Photo

@cspensley_ @jakepaul To see Ksi fans sway jakes way is utterly beautiful, mfs been hating jake Paul for Almost a decade. But KSI is the same person who called himself a god bc he beat up jor weller… so what this shouldn’t surprise me..

I’m one who has criticized Jake Cave in the past, but I appreciate he stuck it out with the Twins, crushed it at St. Paul, and is now contributing when he’s needed!.


Rest of 2024 doing other shit like an album August 27th 2025, the Grand Finale: KSI vs Jake Paul This plan allows KSI to get more wins and experience whilst having time to do other shit, provides more entertainment for the viewers and prevents any excuses for the final fight.


KSI vs Jake Paul should happen on the 27th of August 2025 and here’s why: Jake Paul is final boss: if KSI fights him now, there won’t be any reason to fight any of the others. Also, KSI needs to have more wins under his belt to get the experience as to avoid any excuses after….


@TweetLilman @jakepaul Yea tbh. I don’t understand that move that jj did, but what can we do?. It’s just annoying that Jake Paul of all people has the audacity to call out Jj for doing the same thing he’s did with Nate Robinson..

Been at the bar for an hour… A man came over and says “HI JAKE PAUL” then gives me his beer 20 min later… 2 men come over and give me a shot…. Is this a rib?.

yeah jake paul vs a real fighter is a death sentance, this is REALLY bad. Hasim wouldve done him in 2 rounds smh.

Bro @KSI you would lose to Jake Paul why you duking him bro 😂@jakepaul the real champ.

Biggest fight to make in 2022. Barhahahahahahahahaha lmfao 🤣😂 These are the clowns following ksi or Jake Paul. . Bloody hell boxing is going down the gurgler Spence vs Crawford Joshua vs usyk If Joshua wins then Joshua vs fury Real boxers real fights Real champions 🤡🤡🤡.


Jake Paul is a “serious boxer” who can’t get real opponents. KSI is fighting an artist he’s featured on a song Gib vs Mcbroom is the only one that makes sense to cancel, but they are yet to release another date for it.


bro, ksi vs. jake will not happen on aug 27th FOR SURE! ... what we all want to see jake fight is tate! #JakePaul #AndrewTate JAKE PAUL vs. ANDREW TATE 🔥! that fight will be massive fight too! 💪🗣.

@jakepaul so sad , fr nobody likes jake paul i lowkey feel bad for him must suck to be him even with all the money imagine just being hated all the time and having like no fans.

Anyone dreaming of Jake Paul v KSI needs to get a CAT Scan ASAP. You guys know there are real fighters fighting every goddamn weekend, right????.

@Jidion6 Yeah, sounds bout accurate, I wish jake Paul and KSI would fight already… 💀.

jake Paul a fraud! His 1st opportunity to fight a legit boxer and it’s a circus F R A U D #Boxing.

why tf does jake paul keep coming up on my feed i do not care about his shitty boxing record leave me alone damn.

@LaMikeBurner I don’t like Jake Paul lol, & I watch KSI a lot. 0 riding here big dawg..

@KSI @jakepaul “We contracted a bum for backup so we had an excuse to duck Jake Paul” 💀💀💀.

If I wasn’t emotionally invested in this team, Jake Paul would make me consider jumping ship LMAO.

Jake Paul Calls Out KSI After Fight Against Hasim Rahman Jr. Gets Cancelled.

seguinte jake paul sou um grande fã do seu gingado pugilista, mas estou ligeiramente incomodado com seus frequentes desafios aleatórios para lutas de boxe dito isso, TE DESAFIO PARA UMA LUTA DE BOXE ACEITAS COVARDE?? 🤨.

I like KSI but this is embarrassing This is a masterclass in ducking🤦🏾‍♂️ Jake Paul is offering everything you said you wanted but yet you’re fighting some guy we’ve never heard of? Who tf is gonna pay money for that?😂.

@KSI @jakepaul Nah now it’s gonna be Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul , Tate called him out 😂.

Jake Paul’s not the big attraction he thought he was and now he’s trynna piggyback on KSI and people are buying it.

@KSI @jakepaul Bro I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time now and fuck Jake Paul but this ain’t it sorry man but u can’t fight swarmz fight someone else u said u we’re gonna give us a sick event and fighting him ain’t gonna be one.

@IFLTV @jakepaul jake paul is right here if ksi didn’t say that he could fight jake in his current state i would back ksi side but it’s hard too.

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