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Sajid Javid backs Liz Truss on grounds her policies are absolutely 100% the best, and not because he’s waited to see who’s ahead in the polls and wants another cabinet job..

✅ @SajidJavid backs #LizForLeader 💬 Her bold agenda can beat Labour and save Britain from sliding into the middle ranks Read more:.

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Sajid Javid now backs Liz Truss in race to Number 10. Clear as day, they are all now backing her, to secure the best possible positions and Ministerial posting, if she is voted in as next Tory leader..

Sky News
Sky News

Huge blow for Rishi Sunak as Sajid Javid backs Liz Truss in race to Number 10.

Sajid Javid says Liz Truss ‘best placed to unite the party’ in blow to Rishi Sunak - UK politics live.

Labour says Tories have ‘lost control of the economy’ as recession looms - UK politics live.

🔴 Sources close to Mr Sunak’s camp fear the “Boris betrayer” narrative is cutting through with Tory members as the former chancellor faces criticism for his role in ousting Mr Johnson from power.

Former UK health secretary Sajid Javid has endorsed Liz Truss as the next Conservative Party leader..

انتخابات مبكرة وحل البرلمان، الشعاران الاعلامي لمقتدي الصدر يريد كسب الوقت للوصول الى ظروف مواتية. وفوق كل شيء يعرف أن حكومة مصطفى الكاظمي الضعيفة والمنهكة لا تستطيع تحملها والظروف غير جاهزة لإجراء الانتخابات. #انتخابات_المبكرة.

Javid denies Truss tax cuts plan will lead to increased borrowing.

Sajid Javid thinks under Rishi Sunak Britain risks becoming a “middle income economy” with a loss of global influence and power! Pity he didn’t draw the same conclusions before his Government took us out of the EU..

Turncoat definition; noun - traitor - renegade - defector -deserter - Judas - Sajid Javid. Whoever the next PM is please mark his cards. @trussliz @GBNEWS.

چیا فرات/فرهاد یا Çiya Fırat از اعضای ارشد سازمان تروریستی کوردی PKK/YPG که پیوسته گوی بزرگ از دهنش میخورد و در حال تهدید ارتش ترکیه و انقلابیون سوری بود،توسط هسته های ترور(افراد ناشناس) یک سازمان اطلاعاتی معروف در شمال حسکه #سوریه ترور/معدوم شد! #ترکیه.

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Der Kampf um die Nachfolge von Boris #Johnson geht weiter. Der ehemalige britische Gesundheitsminister unterstützt jetzt ebenfalls die Kandidatur von Liz #Truss als Vorsitzende der Tories..

Sajid javid like the rest who sneakily waited until they could clearly see who was winning and backed them so they can get a job..

Labour says Tories have ‘lost control of the economy’ as recession looms - UK politics live.

@Javid_nosrti خطط جاهزة لتعيين مصير الاكراد و المناطق الغربية بمساندة جاهله من حنون #الحشد_يشرف_امتداد.

@longblackcloud @jastnarges1 بکسی ربطی نداره من به توییت زننده احسنت گفتم.شماهم مسلمانید.من به مجوس لعنت فرستادم.سخنو انداختم وسط.شما ناراحت نشید! بعضیا سخنو برداشتند..

@Javid_nosrti السَّلام عَلَيْكَ يَا أبا عَبْدِ اللهِ وَعلَى الأرواحِ الّتي حَلّتْ بِفِنائِكَ ، وَأنَاخَت برَحْلِك، عَلَيْكًُم مِنِّي سَلامُ اللهِ أبَداً مَا بَقِيتُ وَبَقِيَ الليْلُ وَالنَّهارُ ،.

@AliSemicolon خاک خودشه.نرمال هست.ایرانم خاک خودشو میگیره از دشمناش..

@FarashgardFdn ارمنستان کلا در درگیری نیست.درگیری تجزیه طلبان ارمنی با ارتش اذربایجان در خاکهای قانونی آذربایجان هست.مثلا مثل کوردهای پژاک که در حل جنگ با ایران برای استقلال کردستان هستند!.

Isn’t it obvious why Sajid Javid is backing Liz? He wants a job! So, he must distance himself from Sunak and hope that everyone forgets that he was equally culpable with Sunak in Boris’ downfall. I hope it doesn’t work and that he is kept out of govt. for a very, very long time..

Javid accuses Sunak of sleepwalking into a high-tax economy as he endorses Truss.

@CounsellingSam It will be the same old faces plus, Mordaunt, Badenoch, Tugendhat and Javid Nothing is going to change until the FPTP system is binned and we get a government that was elected by a majority.

To use a Star Wars metaphor, if I may, faced with a choice between the Dark Side and his son, Sajid Javid just picked up Rishi Sunak and threw him into a deep void. #ToryLeadershipContest.

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برطانیہ کے شہر برمنگھم میں جاری کامن ویلتھ گیمز کے ویٹ لفٹنگ ٹورنامنٹ میں پاکستانی ویٹ لفٹر محمد نوح دستگیر بٹ نے 405 کلو گرام وزن اٹھا کر پاکستان کے لیے پہلا گولڈ میڈل جیتا۔.

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@PaulbernalUK Times Online today - Comment by Sajid Javid. “Liz Truss is the best of Thatcher and Reagan”….”Her bold agenda…can save Britain from sliding into the middle ranks.” Translation for us colonials - Gizza job!.

@dunstablian @DavidPedder5 yes he blew though he worked alongside Sunak, Sajid resigned Sunak took his job. I think hes fell for the cunning snakes tricks! However BJ gave him another chance. Goodbye Javid!.

@Mirzaabenevis 😂😂😂 بشور وبپوش اره، چارخم میگن اینجا.

@REWearmouth Said Javid translation? OK, Liz Truss is useless but I want a cabinet post..

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