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@Akademiks @FreddieGibbs Remember when freddie made a whole diss track towards jeezy & he never responded lol

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Gabby Hart
Gabby Hart ()

@El_Grizzito I Trap House, Dope Man, That’s All, I could name more All classics! I put them equal. #Jeezy #GucciMane

𝗸𝗲𝗲ᵕ̈ ()

y’all don’t sit here and act like jeezy ain’t lose his touch ... he used to be my favorite rapper but his prime been gone.

Jamal Khalifa
Jamal Khalifa ()

Freddie just got on and there’s people saying he’s more influential and have better songs than jeezy. 🤭

Skam’ron💚💳 ()

he be violating jeezy lmaoo he even exposed to jeezy for seeing gucci by himself at the awards with gibbs and nem and he ain’t do shit🤣🤣

Tino ()

@3stacksxxx And this the problem wit y’all old niggas, y’all hate to believe that any new generation artist is better than someone from the old generation. Piñata, Bandana, and Alfredo are all better than ANYTHING in Jeezy’s full discography. That’s not even including ESGN, Fetti, or YOL2.

frank hates jazz.
Frank hates jazz. ()

Jeezy tried to put Freddie Gibbs in a song with him and Eminem. Freddie wasn’t feeling the song. Then, Jeezy claimed he ruined his relationship with Eminem.

🎹 ()

Gibbs finally got a little shine after rapping for a whole quarter quell and now he wanna talk crazy about a legend like Jeezy

Tino ()

@abs0ultelegend Also I can name 10 Atlanta rappers off the top of my head better than Jeezy. He a legend but you acting like he even makes an all time list

Lil Bit 😘
Lil Bit 😘 ()

The fact that people on Twitter are choosing Gibbs over Jeezy proves that boredom has set in and y’all out here sniffing all that Clorox y’all stocked up on.

Fred ()

@KnoxVagrant I’d believe you if didn’t say ppl like yourself would trade in Jeezy for Gibbs. Yes he’s poppin because he’s currently putting out better quality of music. The question is it even anywhere the quality of music that fit today’s cultures like Jeezy did in his career.

🏹 ()

@duraghenni This the problem with you young you looking at today we talking about FULL BODY Gibbs not touching Jeezy

Keep it Taylor
Keep it Taylor ()

@KnoxVagrant @fshuttlesworth8 You really don’t know what jeezy did for the culture do you

Andrew Teel
Andrew Teel ()

My man gonna sit here and disrespect Gibbs like this. This man has put out bangers😶 str8 killa, Piñata, You only live 2wice, and Bandana? Also Jeezy is a legend no doubt.

Buck Foris Johnson 🇯🇲
Buck Foris Johnson 🇯🇲 ()

Tell me Jeezy raps better than Gibbs, with a straight face. IDGAF about the sales numbers.

The Media’s Most Wanted
The Media’s Most Wanted ()

@EverydayStrugg The Real Is Back by Jeezy is the best mixtape of all time, even with @FreddieGibbs being featured in it. That’s how good Jeezy is, even when a lame like Freddie is on Jeezy still makes it a good song ☃️

Shawn Labeet
Shawn Labeet ()

@JumpmanOG Jeezy justbyoyr favorite jeezy had 1 hit the past 5 years the rest been consistent

MakaveliReduxx ()

@BigLove714 @Akademiks Nah don’t get it twisted I took heat when people use to say Jeezy wasn’t no lyricist then tm101 and everyone was groupies, he’s still good but that was his has far surpassed that musically.

The Media’s Most Wanted
The Media’s Most Wanted ()

There is no better rap album than Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 by Young Jeezy. Also The Real Is Back by Jeezy is better than any album Rick Ross or Freddie Gibbs ever put out

fuck this app. follow me on IG doe.
Fuck this app. follow me on IG doe. ()

Gibbs honestly can compete with Jeezy catalog now lol. Gibbs catalog crazy lol.

Hip Hop News Source
Hip Hop News Source ()

Young Jeezy - Pure White (feat. Doughboyz Cashout, Big & Pusha T) click & play

yoosa gonna get dabbed on
Yoosa gonna get dabbed on ()

@Akademiks @FreddieGibbs everyone already knows jeezy got ethered to the shadow realm already by gangsta gibbs stop.


Freddie Gibbs called Jeezy irrelevant over his whole career. He was speaking about also, we saw how Vic Mensa had you shook. You’re not built to talk to these guys like that. Don’t be asking “how am I bitch?” when they see



B ()

@Akademiks You mad corny stop pocket watching .... Gibbs the goat you or bozo ass jeezy ain’t fucking with him

The Ether
The Ether ()

@Akademiks @FreddieGibbs You actin like you stand in up for Jeezy when your actual problem is with Gibbs, Lame

Alexis Johnson
Alexis Johnson ()

@JunaeBrown Yeah I don’t agree with Ross bc he has more current hits. I think TI and Jeezy in their prime is closer to the same era.

Power357 ()

#NowPlaying Young Jeezy feat Jay Z - My President is Black (Remix) :: Tune In:

💜💜”WHERE IS HOV??” Damatré and Jermel’s angel
💜💜”WHERE IS HOV??” Damatré and Jermel’s angel ()

Gibbs raps better. Jeezy still a legend tho but Gibbs said that so idk why everyone is upset

BOUND 3 ()

@Akademiks @FreddieGibbs Remember when freddie made a whole diss track towards jeezy & he never responded lol

Nick Sallee
Nick Sallee ()

Oh this dude is bitching at Freddie Gibbs cause he said Jeezy is irrelevant? Well I got news for you, Jeezy is irrelevant lol. Doesnt mean dude is broke. Doesnt mean dude didnt have hits. 50 is irrelevent too. Guys fall off

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