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Remember when Jeremih sent a look-a-like to perform at his concert? 😂😂😂😂 Y’all too young.

No. Omarion. A Drake record couldn’t save you Summer couldn’t save you Jeremih couldn’t save you Tank can’t save you You got served dance break isn’t saving you..

“That was painful” - Mario Felt that so tough after Jeremih got done screechin next to O searchin for his key 😰😵‍💫 #Verzuz.

Dawg Mario told Omarion and Jeremih “y’all niggas sound crazy “ in the middle of their performance omfg.

@Concrete_Rose01 That was not a good look! This was my first #Verzuz. I will never look at O melon or Jeremih the same..

Mario tried to get Jeremih to stop singing several times and he kept going 💀. #Verzuz.

I forgot about this coming on tonight but i came in when jeremih came out and lawd he can leave the vocals for the girlies who can carry..

Y’all he done leaned on b2k, jeremih, tank, you got served, and summer walker…everything but his vocals..


Omarion and Jeremih are 100% not serious lmaoooooo WHY DO THEY SOUND LIKE THAT 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫.

At this point let Tank battle Mario ... He put up the best fight than Omarion/Jeremih .. Verzuz WTF 😒😂.

Mario is disrespecting EVERYBODY that Omarion brings on stage. Jeremih. Tank. Dude just doesn’t care. 🤦🏾‍♀️😩😭🤣😂 #VerzuzTV #OmarionVsMario.

@SincerelyLogan_ Because he had to let it be known. Jeremih came out there sounding a fool.

After seeing what he did to Jeremih, I feel like Omarion is the type of friend who would watch you drink Casamigos straight all night and still let you drive home.

Okay not too much on Jeremih! He was on the vent and got COVID 😢😢.

@addict4sneakerz @IvorySnowPlays Yes we gotta give Jeremih grace bc God literally could’ve called him home but said not yet & he’s alive and well on stage!! Mario was sending me though 😭😭😭.

He told Jeremih not to do it but he did it anyway lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Lol jeremih wth 🤣🤣. Mario was trying to save the verzuz fr.

Jeremih: if weeeeeee Mario: YALL NIGGAS SOUND CRAZY #versuz #verzuzbattle.

Lmao bro why df Jeremih got on stage and did that 😵‍💫and Mario had no filter either 😩.

Down On Me - Jeremih feat. 50 Cent (I Like The Way You Grind Trap-Hop Remix)_CB8EDFDAFB22064C.

Yooooo Jeremih really had Mario on that stage in distress. He said “Ayo STOP” 😭😭😭 #Verzuz.

Jeremih turned his head like he was finna do something outstanding 💀🫠.

Jeremih couldn’t believe he said that he had to stop to look at him 😭😭😭😭.

@ariaischic I’m gonna give Jeremih a pass. He went THROUGH IT with COVID. He may not have regained the strength to have proper breath control and vocal strength. Then again, he don’t take care of his kid so maybe he doesn’t deserve that pass..

@KissFMUK Oi oi morning lads, can you please do a shout out to me and ellie this morning doing the open at work. Can you play down on me by jeremih to get the day going 🥳🥳.

It was the pause Jeremih took and then got back on the mic STILL sounding crazy 😭 I’m just happy to see him healthy. God bless..

Mario saying they sound crazy had me on the FLOOR y’all 😂😂 because they did. I’m sitting here like what has Jeremih been doing in the studio all these years 😭😭😂😂.


@ShadowInDeDark These guys hide behind their ghost writers to deliver RnB songs…this verzuz exposed them,felt bad for Jeremih,covid do am strong thing…Mario killed them all,even went vocals for vocals with Tank..

This moment took me tf out 😂😂😂😂 Why does Jeremih sound like that?.

DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Jeremih - THANKFUL (feat. Lil Wayne & Jeremih).

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