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Carlos Beltran out. Jessica Mendoza bad. OBJ warrant. Manu Ginobli trending And that was your Big Cat sports update.

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@Jester454 No doubt, add CIF football playoff system, OBJ & Jessica Mendoza flying man.

One #ESPN “Sunday Night Baseball” analyst, Alex Rodriguez, cheated as a player. The other, Jessica Mendoza, thinks telling reporters about cheating is wrong. Hard to believe these two haven’t meshed better on telecasts. They both need to go..

Honestly I’d rather players use buzzers than have to listen to Jessica Mendoza on Sunday Night Baseball.

Jessica Mendoza gets on the microphone without A-Rod nearby to interject with awkward analysis of moments that passed by nine minutes ago and she just goes rogue.

Jessica Mendoza’s loss of credibility tour was an asinine blunder that hopefully sparks change at ESPN.

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Mets adviser Jessica Mendoza calls out Mike Fiers for exposing Astros cheating scandal.

Never thought I’d be comparing the spineless pussification levels of Jim Crane and Jessica Mendoza but here we.

I don’t believe in curses. But the #Mets had worked for months to get the Piazza event for today, which now coincides with most importantly Beltran’s removal, but even with Jessica Mendoza’s ill-time words. This organization is like a magnet for problems..

Carlos Beltran out. Jessica Mendoza bad. OBJ warrant. Manu Ginobli trending And that was your Big Cat sports update.

@JeffPassan Jessica Mendoza gonna be so mad (not at Carlos for cheating, just at the fact that people got caught cheating).

Jessica Mendoza and Carlos Beltran himself addressed the situation before either the owner or general manager. Pathetic..

It’s gonna be ironic when Jessica Mendoza loses her Sunday Night Baseball gig because of her terrible take on a radio show and not because of her terrible takes on Sunday Night Baseball..

Jessica Mendoza probably should have declined the interview request. Blaming Fiers for this is flat out wrong on so many levels. Sometimes the best comment is “no comment”..

Waking up to find out Jerry Schemmel is out and Jessica Mendoza is Actually Bad is not anything we expected today..

If you thought Jessica Mendoza was bad in the booth, wait until you see her as an employee of the @NewYorkMets.

Jessica Mendoza who works for the Mets, who just hired Carlos Beltran as their Manager, who was the lead player in the cheating scheme. Yup, completely objective interview.🙄.

ESPN announces a new show staring Jessica Mendoza called “Worst Take”! Mendoza will write, produce, host and interview herself while firing off takes that’ll make you want to rip your eyeballs out and throw em’ at your TV!.

@GolicAndWingo @jessmendoza Jessica Mendoza is lost. Please replace her on Sunday night baseball with a second Arod..

I’m old enough to remember ESPN not understanding why I cared to ask about the conflict of interest in Mendoza (and others) working both for a team and the network..

Jessica Mendoza is clueless as hell I am not surprised at all by what she said.

This is why Jessica Mendoza should not have a job. I can’t stand her..

ESPN Announcer And Mets Baseball Operations Adviser Jessica Mendoza Said She Is Upset At Mike Fiers For Going Public And Blowing The Lid Off This Astros Cheating Scandal.

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I like Jessica Mendoza but I totally disagree with her on this issue..

That Jessica Mendoza take that Mike Fiers is in the wrong for blowing the whistle on all of this is by far the worst take in the history of human beings..

Jessica Mendoza is the first Mets employee to publicly address the Astros scandal. She said she has a problem with whistleblower Mike Fiers going public and telling the world about the Astros’ cheating..

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