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May 2021: 180 thousand illegal immigrants encountered at the southern border. May 2020: 23 thousand. What changed? The person in the White House.

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𝗡𝗢𝗪: Euro GameDay Warm Up 👏 Join Jim White, Simon Jordan & Danny Murphy ☑ Coming up: ○ #EURO2020 is finally here! ○ Jose Mourinho ○ #PL introduce thicker lines for VAR Watch on YouTube & Facebook! 📺 [ Listen below now ↓

Jim Bisenius
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first @singlelink backend theme is coming along :) check out singlelink v3 (vanilla) vs the white-labeled tinypage!

Jim White Photo,Jim White Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Zac Corrigan
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Ruth, a working class white man from rural Tennessee, risked his life to help end Jim Crow segregation.

Gov Trad Chad
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@Jim_Stewart61 @thehill That’s pretty racist of you to suggest America only belongs to white That’s the problem with you liberal racists, you can’t accept that what makes America great is that Americans come from every race, color, religion and walk of life. America First was for EVERYONE!

Jim Stewartson, QAnon Eliminator, #RIPQ 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
Jim Stewartson, QAnon Eliminator, #RIPQ 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️ ()

White Knight has been on the radar but I thought they were relatively new. Guess not. So that means Jim/Ron Watkins, Lisa Clapier, Joel Zamel, Fred Brennan, and the INC were all in the Philippines. In 2016. “Digital Soldiers” amirite?

Manda Posthumously🦾🥦🏳️‍🌈
Manda Posthumously🦾🥦🏳️‍🌈 ()

Anybody else sick and tired of holding their breath waiting for the day Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and the likes go to prison? Never mind their white-collar crimes. Every last Trump enabler turns out to be a pedophile and NOTHING ever happens.

Tom ()

How thick is Jim White??? Does he just not get football??? Why does he think it’s ‘disgusting’ that an Englishman couldn’t care less what Scotland why should you want your rivals to do well? Sure Scots look at it the same way. Fuck Jim White

Tom Garratt
Tom Garratt ()

I listened to this earlier in the car and I swear I wanted to wrap it round a fucking lamppost every time Jim White started spouting. What a clueless toad.

JustPlainWayne 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇵🇱🇱🇹🎸♊️🎶🏃‍♂️🐶🐶😸
JustPlainWayne 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇵🇱🇱🇹🎸♊️🎶🏃‍♂️🐶🐶😸 ()

Lauren Boebert Marjorie Taylor Greene Louie Gohmert Jim Jordan Ron DeSantis Mo Brooks Greg abbott Ron Johnson I’ve concluded that the Republican Party is just a jobs program for stupid white people.

🇺🇸 Dana 🇺🇸
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Critical Race Theory is the act of blaming historic racism of DEMOCRATS on white people. If we are honest, we will teach it was DEMOCRATS who fought to defend slavery, created Jim Crow laws, founded the KLAN, & lynched blacks. Place the blame where it belongs: DEMOCRATS.

Elliott Johnson
Elliott Johnson ()

Jim White showing once again what an absolute chopper he is. Literally made up half the stuff he said

Neil Hutchinson
Neil Hutchinson ()

@smoggy_1986 Here we have an intelligent and honest man having a frank and refreshing opinion, the conversation is sadly blighted the pathetic Jim White.

Ricky ()

I didn’t realise Jim white was that thick. What a complete and utter fucking moron

Rep. Jim Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan ()

May 2021: 180 thousand illegal immigrants encountered at the southern border. May 2020: 23 thousand. What changed? The person in the White House.

Josh Marcelis
Josh Marcelis ()

Jim White is the biggest bellend ever and I won’t be told otherwise 💩

Imran ()

Jim White is crying and moaning cos an England fan doesn’t care how Scotland do at the euros? What a weirdo lol Ask any normal Scotland fan and they’ll want England to lose every game as well.

Smithj ()

@AlyOlivia @SenCortezMasto Dems used filibuster hundred of times during the Trump administration - does that make Dems white supremists and Jim Crow supporters??

Calvin Charlton
Calvin Charlton ()

If Jim White thinks it’s “disgusting” an England fan doesn’t care if Scotland do well - he should take a look at my timeline & Scotland fans opinions of England! 😂

TheJordan1890 ()

@craig_dw As they do us!! Jim White acting like Simon Jordans said something silly haha

• ()

Jim White really is in the wrong profession ent he. This is like us wanting Luton to do well, Celtic wanting Rangers to do well etc

Wallace🐓⚽️ ()

@philbusby666 @Sjopinion10 I can’t stand jim white mate, he never listens to anything anyone says ever 😂, I’m sure when England play he wants them to lose! Simons only saying he doesn’t care 😂

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🤬 “What a ghastly hypocrite you are!” 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 “You’ve sat there saying you’d dread it if #Eng get to the final, so you’re not wishing them well! I don’t care for #Sco.” @SJopinion10 hits back at Jim White regarding supporting home nations. 👀

Jonesy ☆ #GSBOUT
Jonesy ☆ #GSBOUT ()

@WestHamMatters 😂👍 Total prick mate Jim White struggling to get his words out 😂 Cracked me up

El Tel
El Tel ()

jim white has proper embarrassed himself here. why would any ENGLAND fan care about how anyone else other than ENGLAND do? 😂 weird mate, proper weird. #ENG #Euro2020

Nath Ransom
Nath Ransom ()

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂eh he’s absolutely spot on someone put Jim White in the fucking bin

paul delves
Paul delves ()

Jim white sounds like an ABC taxi driver “I want all the local teams to do well” NO mate!! I couldn’t give a flying fuck about anyone else other than the team I’m supporting

Tanner ◣ ◢
Tanner ◣ ◢ ()

Fuck Scotland Fuck Wales Up the fucking IN-GER-LAND 😂😂 Also Fuck Jim White

JD ()

@Jummmbbboo Even in that clip Jim White says that Scottish fans say “England, are you kidding me” about showing us any support, yet still says it’s wrong Simon isn’t interested in their results 😂

nathan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Nathan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ()

I do genuinely wish some days that Jim White doesn’t wake up.

Charles M. Blow
Charles M. Blow ()

I always wondered how liberals responded as white supremacists systematically established Jim Crow and restricted the black vote. Now I see. They say “isn’t that horrible, but we have more pressing concerns at the moment.” Black people’s oppression is rarely the priority.

☚ #DIDWIN #BoycottKareenaKhan ☛
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