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Updated: January 27th, 2022 10:39 AM IST

BREAKING: Spotify to Take Down Neil Young’s Music After Saying they Need to Choose Between Him or Joe Rogan

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BREAKING NEWS: In a shameful move, Spotify takes sides with anti-vaxxer Joe Rogan and begins removing Neil Young’s music from its platform. RT IF YOU ARE DISAPPOINTED WITH SPOTIFY!

BREAKING: Spotify to Take Down Neil Young’s Music After Saying they Need to Choose Between Him or Joe Rogan

NEIL YOUNG: I want all my music off the Spotify until they fire Joe Rogan. Spotify: OK. The World: Neil Who? Oh, him. Is he still alive?

@evan_delo @TorontoStar Freedom of speech right? Is Neil Young free to take this stance…waiting for half of us to listen to Joe Rogan for the answer

@TorontoStar 300 doctors? Are you kidding me. How many professors, veterinarians, probably easier to tell us how many were MDs

The legendary rocker accuses the music platform of spreading fake information about vaccines, calling out popular talk show host Joe Rogan.

@therecount Naaa not cause of your vaccine status; cause of your dishonesty about it. Because of your cs decision to degrade the election of and take cheap shots at President Biden. Because of your decision to promote Joe Rogan as an honest participant in the discussion of vaccines.

Neil Young is looking to remove his music from Spotify due to vaccine misinformation being spread by Joe Rogan.

@nathaliejacoby1 Neil Young is 76 years old, & a polio survivor. Joe Rogan is 54 years old, & fully vaccinated against the infectious diseases that had routinely killed children in NY’s generation. There’s no bravery in claiming that you’re not afraid of something which has never threatened you.

Can someone ask Neil Young exactly what it is that is this information coming from the Joe Rogan show? Can he prove his claims?


Neil Young, the GOAT, is threatening to pull music from Spotify over Joe Rogan’s vaccine misinformation. Here’s what people are saying | The Star

Neil Young exige remoção das suas músicas do Spotify porque a plataforma aloja o podcast de Joe Rogan @24sapo

Neil Young told Spotify to remove his music from the service, accusing it of providing Joe Rogan with a platform to spread COVID vaccine misinformation.

LOL @NeilYoungNYA thinking he has even 1/100000 the influence that Joe Rogan brings to the table! Funny old boomer.

@RawStory But Joe Rogan said Ivermectin is the way to go. And we all know that before Rogan was a stand up comedian he graduated first in his class from Harvard Medical School.

@Deplorapatriota @PapiTrumpo I’d rather see Joe Rogan any day than these crybaby clowns who can offended at the drop of a hat

Dan Neil Young maar verwijderen 😉 Neil Young doet mee aan censuur: “Spotify dient óf mij óf Joe Rogan te verwijderen” 🤡 @Kijkverder1

UFC bantamweight champion Julianna Pena comes to the defense of Joe Rogan after months of heat directed at the popular commentator and podcaster. STORY:

Great Job Neil Young for taking a stand on the misinformation influncers that are profiting by pushing controversial ratings heavy bs on media platforms!

@nypost Neil Young has ALWAYS been a jealous SOB. Joe Rogan has 40 MILLION podcast listeners.

@AaronRodgers12 Please help me out by answering this question as I have no experience with this, but how does ot feel to be a piece of shit? Glad you lost. Your game was shit. Your career is over. Stay away from Jeopardy and any other public forum. Drink bleach with Joe Rogan.🖕

@catturd2 No one goes to Spotify just to listen to Neil Young. But millions go to @Spotify just to listen to Joe Rogan.

Cantor exigiu que músicas sejam excluídas da plataforma caso o podcaster mais popular do Spotify, Joe Rogan, permaneça:

@ownsadoghouse I bet Joe Rogan isn’t sitting around watching “The Batchelor” on Monday nights. And Stern said he watched about 5 minutes of the Playoffs this past weekend. Are you kidding me? 5 minutes of the most exciting playoffs in the History of football and he doesn’t even know the teams.

@NickAdamsinUSA You are an idiot. Neil Young is way more popular than unfunny comedian Joe Rogan

@Vulgar_wit @RollingStone Joe Rogan is free to say or amplify whatever he wants…why shouldn’t Neil Young have the same rights?

@GadSaad What a clown this lady is “Joe Rogan is a frequent spreader of misinformation” 🤣 he’s hosting the greatest experts on the matter. Then this puppet Josh goes on there and sounds like an absolute sheep of the left… he’s ignorant as hell.

I’ve not seen the Joe Rogan podcast that everyone is ranting about but this Neil Young ultimatum is BS. Cancel culture isn’t the answer. If what Rogan said is so wrong explaining his errors should be simple. Don’t be afraid of words kids. Stick and stones.

Neil Young wants to remove his music from Spotify over Joe Rogan’s vaccine ‘disinformation’ I Always liked Neil’s music but it appears he is misinformed by fake news and censorship of scientific data. Sen Johnson hosted scientist &doctors who spoke truth.

Neil Young Demands Spotify Pull His Music Over Joe Rogan Covid Vaccine ‘Fake Information’ #health #pharma

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