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JOE! JOE! JOE! 🏆 @ringofhonor Samoa Joe defeats Josh Woods to retain the ROH World TV Championship.

Joe Woods Photo,Joe Woods Photo by B/R Wrestling,B/R Wrestling on twitter tweets Joe Woods Photo

Ok, this is now a Joe Woods problem. No pressure, blitzing four. Garrett Wilson is open every play. #Browns.

#Browns DEFENSE as a whole looks awful today. Ridiculous. Joe Woods guessing wrong left and right..


Looks like Joe Woods play calling is just the suggestion plays list on Madden. Just randomly tapping the X button out there at FirstEnergy Stadium..

Talent no coaching 100%. Joe woods needs the Ax at half time.

We are a fucking mess. - No Walker - No JOK - No Ronnie - No Clowney - Joe Woods Can the defense get worse?.

@dawgpounddaily @KingEdward15 He’d be buying his own plane ticket if I’m in charge. This is now year 3 of Joe Woods system. Should be ZERO confusion as to what the coverage is am d where they need to be.

Joe Woods when up 2 scores regardless of how much time is left..

Joe Woods Photo,Joe Woods Photo by Mitchel Inkrott,Mitchel Inkrott on twitter tweets Joe Woods Photo

Gonna sleep like a baby tonight…but still FUCK JOE WOODS. He should still not have a job tomorrow #Browns @Browns #SteelersSuck.

@KenCarman Fire Joe Woods and Mike Priefer. We can’t be a great team with those 2 jokers making non stop mistakes.

@Crunchy_Tissues Admittedly, I wasn’t too far behind you. It’s a miracle Joe Woods’ defense didn’t blow it.

How do I, a dude who played small school Ohio HS football , know that we should be running more man, but Joe Woods does not?.

@gabbgoudy He plays zone coverage when the other team needs 1 yard. It’s definitely Joe woods.

@MaryKayCabot Not Myles fault! FIRE JOE WOODS. Not a single jets receiver was covered today. Where was our secondary? Why is Ward being paid $ FOR WHAT.

@jake_burns18 Joe Woods is the common denominator. I’ve been screaming that he’s not a good D coordinator since he was hired. Yet, here we are..

@BarstoolChief He played good. That loss is directly on the secondary and Joe Woods..

@kconverse23 @ClevelandsOwnAC Nothing about that game was Brissetts or the offenses fault. That loss falls on the shoulders of Joe woods.

@DevotedBrownie Lol!! This had to be written by joe woods or the secondary coach( who which should be filling out his unemployment paper by noon tomorrow)..

@DavidHanna1988 @AlPawlowski Chubb was the best player on the field today. The only thing he did wrong was not demand Joe Woods play him at safety..

@DustinFox37 Dustin respectfully stfu!!!! This game is on the defense and Joe Woods!!!.

@the_real_matt_m I wonder if Zimmer will be considered if/when Joe Woods is through. Makes sense with the Stefanski/Minnesota connection. But he may want a HC job too..

@DustinFox37 13 point lead. Game over. No excuse. Joe woods needs to go and get some guys on this team that want to play defense. #CLEvsNYJ @Browns #browns.

@BallySportsCLE Not giving up on you giving up on the play scheme by Joe woods, hasn’t worked for 3 years fire him let anyone else call plays.

@Browns can we please for the love of God fire Joe Woods….. prevent allow all yards defense is not working.

Denzel Ward has been terrible this year, and it’s looking like Joe Woods needs to go. This #Browns defense is making bad QBs look like Hall of Famers.

2nd and 19 and you give them 16 yards off coverage. Joe Woods got to see me man! #Browns.

Alguien quiere llamarle a Stefansky y que mandé alv a Joe Woods, su defensiva no funciona..

I’ve defended Joe Woods for a long time. But I’ve about had it with his embarrassingly soft defense on 3rd down..

Joe Woods Photo,Joe Woods Photo by Tim Spencer,Tim Spencer on twitter tweets Joe Woods Photo

I bet Joe Woods is stopping our line from getting in the offensive backfield #firejoewoods 😂🤣.

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