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Meet Raymond Johnson — a career criminal who lured a man to a house, shot him, stabbed him, robbed him, and then disposed of his dead body. His victim was stabbed dozens of times. John Fetterman voted to release Johnson — and he’s back on the street as a result..

John Johnson Photo,John Johnson Photo by RNC Research,RNC Research on twitter tweets John Johnson Photo

I want John Johnson off my football team. Tomorrow. Im done with this lazy turd. He’s just straight up stealing money from the #Browns at this point..

I am reading from The Solitude of the Country by Samuel Johnson..

John Johnson was such a good player until he became a brown they always ruin careers🫡.

romeo and juliet by dire straits, heaven by charly bliss, the ideal husband by father john misty, and upside down by jack johnson because my baby likes it.

John Johnson Photo,John Johnson Photo by am rod,am rod on twitter tweets John Johnson Photo

Denzel offsides Grant missed tackle John Johnson stiff armed to hell Browns defense this year in one play.

John Johnson get trucked by Najee Harris is going to be in every highlight reel this season. Ouch. #browns.

This #Browns defense is absolute dogshit. If I see John Johnson miss one more tackle, ima die..

ALRIGHT! Maybe I should also tweet more about John Johnson, JOK, Anthony Walked, Jed Wills, and Denzel Ward and they’ll play better too!.

What in the ENTIRE FUCK was John Johnson tryna do? Tryna tackle Najee Harris up high like that?.

John Le Carré attaque Boris Johnson et le Brexit dans son dernier roman #John Johnson.

@egoldie80 John Johnson’s goal line run defense is not exactly pro bowl level tonight.

John Johnson and Denzel Ward the biggest thieves in the NFL. Stealing so much money. #Browns.

Idk what John Johnson did to the Steelers RB’s but they all trying to murder him when he’s around for a tackle.

@Panthersxfann @FreeBetRetweets He needs 103 yds passing & his team is down 10 at relax. I’m more worried about John Johnson bum ass 😂.

Also the #browns DBs have GOT TO do a better job form tackling. Too many weak ass arm tackles. John Johnson was downright embarrassed on the goal line..

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