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Joe Smith
Joe Smith

Jon Cooper: “They bettered us. We met our match.” Called #Avs a first class organization, deserving. But said “we’re not done.”.

Jon Cooper: “I feel like every postseason I have this same conversation about Ondrej Palat”.

#Bolts Jon Cooper: “You look at this series. Was it meant to go six or seven? Damn rights it was. It’s two damn good hockey teams here.” #TBLvsCOL.

Say what you will about Jon Cooper, but he worked the officials in Phil Jackson fashion after Game 4. That was a clinic in championship-level coaching..

If #GoAvsGo win tonight, waiting for Jon Cooper to say the Avs players didn’t shake all of the hands of his players and should be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct..

“Was this series meant to go 6 or 7? Damn rights it was. See you guys in two nights.” - Jon Cooper #GoBolts #StanleyCup.

Jon Cooper: “Was it (this series) meant to go six or seven games? Damn rights it was”.

Congrats to the new Stanley Cup champions, Colorado Avalanche. Also congrats to Jon Cooper and the Lightning. Was a hell of a run, battled right to the end. Two cups and a run to game six of the final. 2021-22 season is officially over. #StanleyCup2022.

According to Jon Cooper, the Lightning are a bunch of gamers. And you saw the definition of the word tonight. On a Lightning team that keeps sticking around..

i know a guy who interviewed jon cooper a while ago and he said that he is the most insufferable sly boring interviewee he ever interviewed.

Jon Cooper : Was it meant to go to 6,7 games ? Damn right it was ! Looking forward to see you guys in two nights. #StanleyCup.

We would have had half our minor-league team playing if this was the regular season. -- Jon Cooper.

Am I the only one that just. Doesn’t care about Jon Cooper. Like, yeah, he complains a lot, but there are other coaches that do too..

I was sitting in my living room when suddenly my mother yelled to me from the laundry room “Your clothes are Jon cooper!” I smiled to myself. My clothes are washed..

Jon Cooper agrees with me: You look at this series, was it meant to go six or seven [games]? Damn right it was..

jon cooper looks and acts like how michael keaton would if he was cast as a hockey coach.

Jon Cooper on mental reset: Turn the page after the game. We’ve been here. Have we been down 3-1?.

Jon Cooper Photo,Jon Cooper Photo by Ryan Boulding,Ryan Boulding on twitter tweets Jon Cooper Photo

We must win this series because we do deserve it and have the better team but now Jon Cooper’s smugness is irritating the hell out of me and I want to see him lose. #twat.

@fakehockeyteam Jon Cooper ate my hamster whole before burning down a forest near my house and ruining the local ecosystem.

You really have to wonder what could have happened in that series if every single call had gone Jon Cooper’s way.

Colorado built the right way and have a foundation to succeed for YEARS to come, but what the Lightning did the past three seasons is absolutely remarkable. Hats off to Jon Cooper’s group..

Jon Cooper challenged this and it was found to be as a result of Tampa Bay’s shitty ice.

Jon Cooper: Tentamos o máximo que podíamos, ficamos sem fôlego. Sobre as lesões: se essa fosse a temporada regular, teríamos metade do nosso time da AHL aqui..

@TBLightning What’s Jon Cooper going to whine about this time??.

Jon Cooper Photo,Jon Cooper Photo by Captain Levi,Captain Levi on twitter tweets Jon Cooper Photo

Well Jon Cooper and the whole coaching staff for Tampa is in the bar right soooo that’s happening. I’m not allowed to go talk to them 😂.

Jon Cooper: “You look at this series. Was it meant to go 6-7? Damn rights it was. It’s two damn good hockey teams here.”.

Zach Borg
Zach Borg

@UrinatingTree Gotta credit Jon Cooper. He knew exactly what he was doing in his game four rant: -Call out refs for penalty that likely occurs in just about every game -Rant Played non-stop leading up to Game 5 -Refs over correct call it tighter on Colorado, neuter Avs PP Well played.

@Avalanche, yes the refs may have screwed us tonight, but don’t take the Jon Cooper approach. We don’t cry, just kick their ass on Sunday. #GoAvsGo #FindAWay.

@timandfriends Why isn’t Bednar crying like a little baby tonight about this? Maybe because he’s a better man than Cryin’ Jon Cooper..

Love seeing the @Sportsnet panel calling out the @TBLightning on all there bitching and complaining this game. It’s after every single whistle. Jon Cooper looks like he’s gonna cry. You’re just the 2nd best team out there fellas, that’s that. #NHL.

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