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Watch Josh Norman. Clueless. Looks like a 3rd grader out there..

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@inkmetalbeer Lions putting up 50+. Either throw to the TE or whoever Josh Norman is covering..

Salvo por una lesión o por obviamente el partido perdido, pero ya no ví a Josh Norman en las últimas jugadas defensivas. Simeon Thomas, Aaron Colvin y Jimmy Moreland estuvieron presentes.

I don’t care that this won’t be reversed. I like that someone fucking tried in the secondary. Josh Norman and montae Nicholson did not..

I’m sick of rebuilding. We’ve been rebuilding since the Super Bowl. When we should have paid Josh Norman. And Norwell. But Gettleman forever fucked this team then took his fat ass to NYG. And we’re left with this..

@CalquL8ted Get rid of that FO specifically Bruce Allen, the bullshit interim coach, Manusky, Josh Norman, and a host of other we can talk..

Invest in the guys who haven’t received their huge contracts. Haskins, guice, and Mclaurin are the future. Not josh Norman and Morgan Moses and Adrian Peterson..

Ima be the one to say it, our secondary has been awful since josh Norman left, and aside from him we weren’t great either..

@PackofPantherz Josh Norman is a bad cornerback outside of 2015. Looking forward to anyone trying to disprove that. Props to him for getting paid but this team would not be better if he was on it..

@ChadwikoRCC but at least trey quinn, josh norman, adrian peterson, etc. are getting valuable minutes..

@CraigHoffman What about josh Craig? I’m sorry Moreau been better than josh by any objective for Norman to be accountable and he keeps getting free pass.

@granthpaulsen Josh Norman’s value is the $3M cap hit right now. He is guaranteed to be cut in the off-season..

Everytime there is a touchdown Josh Norman is involved in the play in some fashion lmao god he really is the worst football player in the NFL.

@Redskins Josh Norman has been blowing coverage for over two years now. Almost every blown coverage has been on Norman. Time to move on..

Racial Slurs fans having meltdowns over Josh Norman. You LOVE to see it! 😆.

The Washington #Redskins are the only team where Josh Norman would not be on the list of worst free agent acquisitions.

Haha Josh Norman really left the Panthers and became one of the highest paid corners for the Redskins just to stop balling completely. Never seen someone go from hero to zero so fast.

Closer look at Sam Darnold’s second TD: The Jets like to throw to Jamison Crowder (82) out of this look. Maybe that’s why Josh Norman (24) hesitated when Crowder came in motion, allowing Robby Anderson (11) to get….

You would think players like Josh Norman would want to excel so he could play for another team. He’s not making any good highlight footage besides the bull jump..

I’m legitimately convinced we could leave Josh Norman’s position open and we would be better off.

@Redskins Norman is the worst player on the worst team in the @NFL.

Josh norman is a straight BUM sick of looking at the dumb ass look on his face everytime he gets IS HE STILL JUST SICKENING😶😶😶😶😶.

If the redskins opponent gets a passing TD, pretty good chance it was blown coverage by Josh Norman..

@SkinsRealm I’m lost and figured you might know, how in the world does Josh Norman still have a starting spot on this team? Dudes garbage, and has been since he arrived here 🗑.

Josh Norman did say last year in training camp Sam looked legit 🤷🏾‍♂️ #TakeFlight #Jets.

Watch Josh Norman. Clueless. Looks like a 3rd grader out there..

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