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This is the first time Trea Turner and Justin Turner have homered in the same game as Dodgers..

Trea Turner homered, Justin Turner wanted one too 🙌 (via @Dodgers).

Add that to the Justin Turner career highlight reel: a fakeout in a critical 10th inning situation to get JT Realmuto out at third base..

Justin Turner said you won’t text your wife I’ll tattoo the ball.

Back-to-back games with a HR for Justin Turner now. 🔥 #MLB #Dodgers.

Seriously Justin Turner is one of the most professional hitters I’ve ever seen even through his struggles. I haven’t been worried about him in years lol.

Justin Turner just pulled off one of the two best defensive moves I’ve ever seen. He did the other one, too..

My husband, using my Twitter account again! Whatever you played, Justin Turner then hit a 3 run homer!.

@_justice___ You can like the dodgers but you don’t gotta pretend to like having Justin Turner on the Dodgers.

@SmittyGoated I think because Justin Turner acted like the ball got by him , but still no excuse.

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