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Toronto’s Nazem Kadri has been offered an in-person hearing for Cross-checking Boston’s Jake DeBrusk. Date and time TBD..

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For the second year in a row a Nazem Kadri suspension opened the door for Andreas Johnsson. This time the end result was the biggest game of his career..

To the individuals who are referring to Kadri as a terrorist ppl like you who contribute to what society has become ..ignorant.

Leafs turning lemons 🍋 into lemonade 🍹 in Kadri suspension..

. Câh ü mevki-kârı çok oldu gözümden düşeli, Bunların hiçliğini ben bilerek öğrendim. Şimdi de kalmadı nakdin nazarımda kadri, Kirli ellerde görünce, paradan iğrendim. Neyzen Tevfik (câh ü mevki-kâr: yüksek mevki ve yerlerin değeri).

So that was Kadri that was cheering above me last night in the press box. 😂.

Hockey fans: Kadri should have own up and fought. Also hockey fans: Ovechkin was challenged but should have said no because the other guy playing professional hockey is too young. 🤔🤔🤔.

#Habs Headlines: Noah Juulsen’s return to health, prospect updates, suspensions, today’s playoff schedule and more.

Kadri’yi ziyaret edip kulağına “gübre olacaksın Kadriiiiii” diye fısıldamalık saatler..

@khushikadri @Atheist_Krishna Nobody : Khushi Kadri : You are a godsend angel Krishna Ji..

Kadri hearing is done. Announcement of length of suspension expected before game time..

Nylander is a failure because he doesn’t play with enough emotion. Kadri is a failure because he plays with too much emotion. The Toronto media is literally reading us Goldilocks and the three fucking bears..

This is an odd take but I almost like the Leafs better vs Boston without Kadri. Leafs are trying to stay out of the Bruins style/nonsense, Naz feeds into it..

@CBeswick @Mad_Brarchand People have got to stop blaming the refs for Kadri’s actions. Not one other player cross-checked an opposing player in the face. Saying the refs made him do it is like blaming music for when ppl commit suicide 🙄.

@ANI Crowded Congress rally 😀 held in Kadri mangalore..

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Güç erkeğe, Güzellik kadına verilmiştir. Her şeyi yenen güç, Güzelliğe yenilmiştir. Y. Kadri Karaosmanoğlu 🌹😊❣.

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Something worth keeping in mind while people suggest that the Kadri hit is worth double-digit playoff games. This was a $5000 fine in the 2017/18 regular season and also checks the cross-check to the face region and repeat offender boxes..

There’s absolutely no evidence that Nazem Kadri has learned his lesson from previous suspensions (@reporterchris).

The fact that Kadri wasn’t suspended for this is hit is absolutely insane..

Should Kadri be suspended? Yes. Should DeBrusk be suspended? Yes. Was the reffing comical? Without a doubt. Will the DoPS make the right call? 110% No. Is anything going to change? Unfortunately not. An absolute joke of a league #StanleyCup.

Cross checking a guy in the head late should probably be a big suspension. So should a lot of other things and they aren’t given those but here we are. Kadri didn’t have to be here..

“It’s up to the league to decide, to be honest. I got no comment. I did a series of tests. I’m just hoping they come back negative. It’s all kind of a blur, to be honest. From what I remember, it was high. I felt it in my face.” —Jake DeBrusk on Nazem Kadri cross-check.

Toronto’s Nazem Kadri has been offered an in-person hearing for Cross-checking Boston’s Jake DeBrusk. Date and time TBD..

The Nazem Kadri hat trick: score a goal, be on the receiving end of an obvious penalty that isn’t called, and do something stupid that might get you suspended..

There isn’t a lot of difference between this and Kadri’s hit on Wingels last year. He got three games for it. Maybe a little less force here, maybe not three games, but if that’s the.

Nazem Kadri: I think we’re one of the fastest teams in the league. That’s going to be a problem for other teams to defend and that’s something that we’ve got to take advantage of every single game..

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