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Spencer Dinwiddie on basketball Mecca: “I’m from LA listen ’s not even close we had Russ, James, Klay may or may not made it but was right We put more people on all-nba teams than some states have in the league!”.

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🏀 Una nueva noche de NBA ✅ Otra exhibición más de Luka Doncic con 34 puntos ❌ Marc Gasol no pudo parar a Kawhi Leonard.

Lakers DefRtg: (1st) w/ Kawhi On Crt: (32 mins) w/ Siakam On Crt: (42 mins) *Warriors DefRtg: (30th) *NOP DefRtg: (29th).

@Jhickness9 At the time A+ Now A+ Was always a great trade for us. We got PG+Kawhi value. But still not cool with PG. (You should do a poll or several polls).

Kawhi Leonard vs The Raptors 1st Meeting! 2019-20 NBA Season via @YouTube.

Geçen senenin şampiyonu Raptors, en iyi oyuncusu Kawhi Leonard’ı yitirmesine rağmen enfes bir savunma takımı olmuş durumda. Üst üste 2 gece Los Angeles takımlarına karşı yaptıkları maçlarda süperstarları çok iyi savundular: Kawhi Leonard 2/11 FG, 9 Top Kaybı LeBron James 5/15 FG.

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@ABallNeverLies Les Raptors démontrent qu’ils étaient pas seulement Kawhi dépendance, et qu’ils restaient avant tout une vraie équipe, faire les 2 matchs qu’ils viennent de faire contre les Lakers et Clippers sans Ibaka et Lowry, c fort, ils restent un candidat crédible aux finales..

📌 Semaine 4 pick #21 #TTFL : 3 x Ruuuudy 50pts 4 x DLo 42pts 1 x Kawhi 22pts 2 x DMDR 18pts 376 puntos📊 On commence à prendre nos aises dans le top 10 : 6ème 🔥.

@william_lou SO gallant three men all exhausted. I am still so proud. We held Kawhi to TWELVE POINTS!.

Kawhi Leonard : Season-low 12 points (2-11 shooting & 8-9 from the FT line), 11 rebounds, 9 assists & 9 turnovers in 35 minutes.

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One of the newer terms growing in NBA circles is load management as the idea of it has been popularized by Kawhi Leonard and some have wondered if the Los Angeles Lakers would take the same approach with LeBron James. Leonard played in only 60 games during the 2018-19 NBA s….

I think they did a great job on me tonight defending, sending extra bodies, but I’m glad they did, Kawhi said. It got me better and it got my teammates better, as well..

Kawhi acaba de tirar un juego súper mierda y el banco tuvo que salvar a llega a ser LeBron lo quemaban hasta más no poder. 🤡.

I mean Davis is the 3rd best player on earth but again, you can’t have a center as your best player. You need a clutch shooter such as Kawhi or KD. The two best players in the world #nba.

The clippers won a game against the team that beat the Lakers and everybody panties in a bunch. Dam Kawhi had a bad game from what it looks like, but they won so there shouldn’t really be anything aimed at the clippers..

@Jakkeeeup @TomerAzarly What? Kawhi was double & triple teamed all game and had 9 assists, which guys missing all their 3s. Easily would have had 15. Plus Lou can’t play defense AT ALL. So how is Lou better?.

Kawhi Leonard’s teams are now 432-154 when he plays, including the playoffs. Winning percentage of In the regular season, he still has more career steals (847) than personal fouls (814).

@getnickwright Why is this guy in Kawhi jock so bad? Stop trying to make him look so good when he was shit. Biased as fuck..

Tomorrow imma be watching the Lakers game thinking what if we signed Kelly Oubre instead of waiting on Kawhi.

@bubmeezy They were both crazy but if you let the stats tell it, Kawhi’s was more impressive.

@Nate_moseby @NTD1208 This is stupid , playmakers, AD not a playmaker, last year Kawhi and Siakam not playmakers , get out of position b ball!.

@MirjamSwanson the doubles were like how the warriors did lou late in the playoffs. toronto was not messing around. great game plan and execution. they funneled kawhi out of the lane into the corner and then trapped. it was timely trapping not just willy nilly.

@hortiz32 Lo que nos falta es un 3, tipo Kawhi version 2012 0 2013, y un Grande que pueda defender y rebotear más que Aldridge aunque sea menos ofensivo, con eso y una buena ronda más Rudy como veterano y los jóvenes que tienen, podrían ser encajar mejor..

@bubmeezy What I’m saying was the playoff push from round 1 to championship was like Kawhi’ nobody really expected that.

It’s OK to reminisce, Kawhi. We’re forever grateful. But remember: We the Champs and we’re ready to battle you and your new crew, starting tonight. @Raptors. @LAClippers. 9:30pm ET on Sportsnet. 🏀.

Spencer Dinwiddie on basketball Mecca: “I’m from LA listen ’s not even close we had Russ, James, Klay may or may not made it but was right We put more people on all-nba teams than some states have in the league!”.

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