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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 09:40 AM IST

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Toby has clocked that Kaz is the winning ticket cos now Aaron is enjoying and he’s in bottom 3 😂😂 #LoveIsland

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y’all keep saying where was this energy for kaz when she…but she had liberty and aaron to help her. yes hugo convinced toby to leave kaz but look how much happier she is now?? hugo defended chloe bc he’s tired of hearing everyone’s dramas etc, kaz was only the start #LoveIsland

i do enjoy kaz and aaron’s friendship. laughing at toby together was quality lol #LoveIsland


Aaron and Kaz should get together!! I don’t trust Lucinda or Tyler one bit #LoveIsland

#LoveIsland why should Kaz be upset with Hugo she’s gotta a man. And why is Hugo expected to be loyal to her by choosing Georgia over Chloe. Is Kaz buddies with Hugo? I’ve seen him talk more with Chloe so he saved his friend. Much like Aaron chose Kaz.


@Nikssssss @LoveIsland So many saying but what about Kaz - Toby and Kaz were together like 3 days!? And it was CLEAR it wasn’t working!? Kaz didn’t need a man child! And who chose when she was first saved? Aaron or Hugo? Maybe he just didn’t get the chance?


@DeOne___ All we see is this 🤦🏾‍♀️ like get her OFF MY SCREEN and show more of Kaz with her friends Aaron & Libby or even Teddy & Faye or even Mille & Liam like come on @itv2 do better #LoveIsland

Kaz and Aaron Photo,Kaz and Aaron Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@tominaomi_ Aaron and Lucinda need to be laying low. He got too comfortable when he was with kaz cause he thought the public liked him when we just like kaz 😂

@bumpkinnspice @dumblott word i’m a psychologist and judging by her kaz behaviour she has always fancied aaron, but circumstances have led her to a complete new place, which is where it is easy to call each other ‘bro’ or ‘sis’

Hugo and Kaz don’t have that type of relationship, also Chloe saved Hugo when he was left out, so they’re obviously very good friends and Aaron done the speeches for Kaz bc he saved her…? Just because he gassed up Chloe doesn’t mean he hates Kaz 😭 #loveisland


The way Kaz and Aaron were egging Toby on… they knew exactly what they were doing and just YES. #LoveIsland

I don’t know why you lot are coming for Hugo. I genuinely Believe that, the night that Aaron first saved kaz and not Sharon, if aaron decided to save Sharon, And it was down to Rachel and kaz, he would have 100% saved kaz #LoveIsland

Aaron and Kaz laughing is what i needed😭😭😭😭😭😭

Just wondering why Hugo didn’t say the same when Lucinda moved from Brad to Aaron to Danny back to Aaron in the space of a few days or when Aaron dumped Sharon as soon as the new girls came in or when Kaz was snaked by Toby and Chloe <3 #LoveIsland

It was kaz and Aaron laughing for me love to see it cause Chloe is getting her karma 😭 #LoveIsland

@kateanna82 I’m just confused why everyone feels bad for Kaz. When Tobi did a madness Aaron saved her and the girls stood up for her isn’t it ?

@respawnedtarga1 Because Toby didn’t like Kaz. He told Kaz from the jump let’s take it slowly. He actually liked Chloe and gave her false hope. Everyone encouraged Toby to go for Kaz including her best guy mate he actually LIKED Chloe.

I AM SO excited to see Faye murder Hugo tomorrow, Toby will come in too, Chloe on the attack, don’t even KNOW where Kaz and Aaron stand THE DREAM #LoveIsland

Y’all really attacking Hugo and would rather protect Toby a man who played Kaz and Chloe. #LoveIsland

Aaron and Kaz laughing together was the biggest violation. The way I’ve laughed this evening

yesssss hugo lucinda and chloe and then toby faye jake kaz aaron and lib #TalksWithAsh

LOL you guys watched the whole Toby didn’t like Kaz like that and he even told Kaz that he wanted to take it everyone including Aaron who is closest to Kaz encouraged Toby to go for Chloe


Big up Aaron for keeping Kaz in and now they both found their own tings I respect it #loveIsland

As Karma would have it, Tobi and Chloe crumble. Someone coming in & being for Kaz. Kaz and Aaron assessing the situation & laughing at the foolishness before them😂 love to see it.

Aaron is a great friend to kaz and he treats her like a Queen I even forgave him for how he treated Sharon I dont like lucinda for him at all #LoveIsland

Liam is sooo lovely and actually funny from the clips I’ve seen on tik tok from love islands best bits. Kaz and Aaron are obviously very very close so out of 24 hours footage how can they come up with this complete & utter hour of shit that they’re showing us ??!?? #Loveisland


Aaron and Kaz actually getting to be in couples now>>>>> love to see it, BLM BLMMMMM

Kaz and Aaron’s friendship and Liberty and Kaz’s friendship >>>> 🥺

Kaz being happy for Aaron and Aaron being happy for Kaz #LoveIsland

Kaz and Aaron Photo,Kaz and Aaron Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Toby has clocked that Kaz is the winning ticket cos now Aaron is enjoying and he’s in bottom 3 😂😂 #LoveIsland

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