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Sheldon Keefe says he felt the Leafs got a lot more respect in tonight’s handshake line than in previous series..

Sheldon Keefe on the team’s mood going into today: “The mood is great. Guys are excited.”.

How about Sheldon Keefe with a big fuck you to media. Dressing Holl. He plays biggg. Shuts up everyone. Well done coach..

Those Keefe boys. Great in regular season but when it comes to playoffs…👀.

This was Keefe’s second real playoffs and first 82 game season with the Leafs btw..

I really like Sheldon Keefe as the coach of this team but if Barry Trotz is available, which he is, you let Keefe go..

There is so much good to take out of that series, and season as a whole. A reasonable journalist would explain how this was the first full 82 under Keefe, how this is the strongest defensively they’ve been in years, and how unlikely getting the goaltending they got last season….

The Leafs will make a few moves but they’ll have to be on the margins. Firing Keefe would only make sense if it was a last ditch with Dubas on the hot seat, but I don’t think he is at all. And that would only be on the basis that coaches don’t usually get three early eliminations.

@TheOakLeafs I really would love to have been a fly on the wall hearing Daddy Spezza talk to them at intermission!!! Wonder if he had to ask Keefe, or just said I got this coach, hold my beer.

It looked like the end of the line — even on a night when elimination was not a possibility. Then Keefe proved to be prophetic. On last night’s stunning turnaround:.

Also very tired of the notion that Dubas/Keefe have just gone “we’ve tried nothing and we’re out of ideas” the past few seasons. These are the game 7 lines since 2019. A complete overhaul of the roster aside from the core.

Keefe Photo,Keefe Photo by Magic Marincin,Magic Marincin on twitter tweets Keefe Photo

Remember folks. We’re all just fans. Its to criticize, over react and have all the bad takes. But there’s a reason why Sheldon Keefe is running the lines. I’m sure he knows more of what’s going on then even the smartest guy sittin on his couch. Trust him. Leafs in 6 #LeafsForever.

Also for what it’s worth, I assume Sandin would have played over Holl, but Liljegren got scratched for him so what’s that say about either Keefe or the player?.

Olipa hyvä ja jännä peli TBL-TOR. Vaikka Toronto putosi kunniakkaammin ja saappaat jalassa tällä kertaa, on muutoksia edessä. Dubas ja Keefe saa nyt lähteä. Tavares pitäisi haudata väkisin johonkin mutta ei sitä kukaan ota tuolla sopparilla..

I don’t think many on here follow me for Leafs takes but here’s mine. Run it back. Make some tweaks that improve the team, if there is a hockey trade to make, do it. Dubas is great, Keefe is doing great. Not a big Holl guy, but after Keefe kept him in he was solid. Run it back!.

@snowmanonfire @TicTacTOmar My lip-reading informs me that Spezza said, “I’ll beat the crap out of you if you let in another one before we tie this up. If we lose, Keefe will replace me with that Clifford guy. Do we want that?” 😉😂🤪😏.

@FultonReed6 He had one giveaway and was vilified, others had more and nothing was said. Keefe is da bomb.

@tim_micallef They only lost by 1 this time though Tim….and Keefe said the guys got respect from the winning team in the handshake line this year…..VICTORY!!!!.

Keefe: The snack packs and orange slices were a definite upgrade over last year. Looking forward to our participation medals, too..

@RLadhaniCTV If I were Keefe I would counter by saying we are winning without even coming close to playing our best game.

@FultonReed6 Yep. Keefe just needs to stick to the plan. Keep dressing Spezza. And if M&M play like they did last night and Willy and JT pitch in the Leafs could end this in 6 games..

@mnmfan76 @BillzBeanie Keefe said he’s a guy you who you can just lose it on one shift and completely admire him the very next shift 🤣😂.

Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Soundsystem is better than your favorite band’s entire discography.

Dubas and Keefe have done nothing with a ridiculously talented team…I don’t understand people who justify them still being in their roles..

@Delaware_Hater Absolutely disagree. I hope they keep Dubas and Keefe. Run it back again. Literally the best season in team history and arguably the best core the Leafs have ever had. Does the loss suck? Yeah. So does the waved off goal in the 2nd. Can we get officiating transparency instead?.

@DarrenDreger Seems like all the Leaf media (not Simmons) supports Dubas, Shenaban and Keefe. Even after that horror choker exit vs Habs..

Writer and investigative journalist, Patrick Radden Keefe; American political staffer and writer, @HumaAbedin; and writer, historian and hotelier, @peterfrankopan discuss present times, the burden of history and an enigmatic future at JLF Soneva Fushi. (Continue in thread).

@yohanes1313 Yeah the top tier reliable sources are staying tight lipped so far… I’m keeping an eye out for what George Bannister, Paul O Keefe has to say for the next 10 mins. Usually top, top accounts for reliability.

@MikeInBuffalo shanny, Dubas and Keefe are done. Nylander and Tavares are dealt. Book it..

Bottled yet on home ice. At least one Keefe knows how to win trophies😁.

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