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Avoir transférer notre pick #11 pour ce débarrasser de Kemba Walker, putain c’est terrible. Quel échec. Mais il fallait s’en douter..

What else is new?! 😂 Knicks get - 2025 first-round pick Pistons get - Jalen Duren, Kemba Walker Hornets get - 2023 first-round pick, 4 second-round picks #NBATwitter #NBADraft.

@CoreyB08 I think they should bring back IT, Kemba, Kyrie, Jordan Crawford and Rondo and Phil Pressey. All PG lineup.


@TheKnicksWall He told us when he came to the team. He’s clearly sticking to the plan of not mortgaging the future and build from within. It’s year 3. Let him get through free agency. don’t understand y people so mad we got rid of Kemba got future picks and didn’t jeopardize the young guys pt.

@JamalBinBallin @big_business_ You don’t think Kemba Walker is gonna miss playing at the Garden? That was probably his dream since he was a kid. Now he’s stuck eating square cut pizza in the Midwest..

Like @KING__KEMBA said, trust the fckin process. Our time has come @DegenApeAcademy.

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Knicks deal Kemba Walker and five picks, nab 2025 first-rounder in trades with Charlotte, Detroit #BleedGreen.

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I think my final thoughts on the trades is that I wouldn’t have done them, especially the one that shed Kemba’s salary. Creating cap for Brunson doesn’t make sense to me Maybe picks end up conveying earlier than expected or they’re significant parts of a big trade but I doubt it.

@DetMotorCty It’s probably Kemba who would want out. He’s probably going to ring chase.

Les Knicks se débarrassent de Kemba Walker, envoyé aux Pistons.

Kemba bound for Detroit after short, uneventful run in Big Apple.

@Vazquez1Gil @FredKatz kemba was an experiment. a risk that didn’t pay off. you don’t think it’s better to cut our losses than have him taking up a roster spot and money on the payroll to not even be with the team?? you are just emotional they didn’t get ivey.

Kemba Walker 44 POINTS vs Wizards! ● Full Highlights ● ● 1080P ... via @YouTube.

@Taph_mb Taph l’explication est là ils veulent se débarrasser du contrat de kemba.

J’ai presque crier au génie quand Leon Rose a ramener Fournier et Kemba aux Knicks l’année dernière. J’ai presque crier au génie quand il a ramené Cam Reddish. Ces trois mouv’ ont été catastrophiques..

Kemba Walker se va a los Pistons en un traspaso múltiple a través de @piratasbasket.

Nah the more I’m thinking about it the Knicks front office really just sent a fucking lottery pick and 4 seconds to get rid of a fucking 9 million dollar expiring contract that THEY signed Kemba too, I’m officially done.

Abbiamo perso 1 prima quasi assicurata e 4 seconde di un Draft potenzialmente enorme per dare via Kemba e leggo tifosi parlare di masterclass..

Wild. Not sure Jalen is a super upgrade from Kemba…..and uh Quickley???.


@cedricshine It was 2 future firsts. We traded 12 for multiple firsts AND traded 2 future 2nds to get off kemba. Ppl are bugging.

@knicks505 Sorry. By annoy me I meant I don’t like it because I wouldn’t waste any asset just to get off Kemba. But I also said annoyed because, yes, 2nds are replaceable, and it’s not some insane move.


Reading through the lines we got two 1sts back from OKC for #11, one protected. Sent CHA back their protected ‘23 pick for Duren. Packaged Duren with Kemba for a 1st back from Detroit..

so they the Knicks traded 1st rd pick, 4 2nd rd picks to Charlotte to acquire Duren to trade to Detroit to unload Kemba!.

i wouldn’t mind kemba off the bench he can replace payne he can’t be any worse.

Knicks acquired Jalen Duren from Hornets & sent him with Kemba Walker to the Pistons. 🤔 What are the Knicks up to? #NBADraft Knick fans.


They prolly gone buy kemba out but they should buy cojo out or trade him.

@New_Tape_City They gave 2 seconds to get off Kemba. And gained possibly 3 1sts. Two 2nds is fine to get off that..

@knicks_boycott Literally nothing. Got to not pay kemba apparently. Garbage franchise.

So did the Knicks just float 2nds to Charlotte and nothing else to dump Kemba? Cause then it ain’t bad.

Honestly, Kemba had no place on Pistons. He literally can’t do shit off ball. He is worse than Cojo when he isn’t the primary ball handler..

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