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Kepa Arrizabalaga has played more Premier League away games in 2019 without keeping a clean sheet (16) than any other goalkeeper. The wait goes.

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@eoin_haughey @matissearmani If United gave up on De Gea when he first started in the PL then he wouldn’t be the player he is today. Maybe Kepa needs a proper coach. 🤷🏽‍♂️.

Things went poor since Jorginho and Tomori started riding the bench comeonn Zouma and Christensen is the worst pair you could choose😭😭 plus omfg kepa you just a good looking scarecrow with gloves😭.

There are still Sarri stans shitting on Lampard and making excuses for Kepa and blaming EVERYTHING on Zouma 😭 He’s gone deal with it. He’s in charge of Juve and is second to fucking Conte dkm.

Most overrated players in the world IMO, in each position. GK) Kepa RB) Wan Bissaka CB) Fernandinho CB) Ramos LB) Alba CDM) Kante CM) Pogba CM) Bernardo Silva RW) Dybala ST) Lacazette LW) Son.

When u have Kepa fucking saurus with his weetabix wrists in goal even solanke has a chance of scoring.

@Lucadinho99 Dembele, Chilwell, Koulibaly and Oblak. Sell Alonso, Christensen, Pedro, Barkley, Kepa, Rudiger..

What fucks me off most about Kepa isn’t just his mistakes, It’s his constant stupid reactions and mannerisms as well. He’s not a teenager for fuck sake he’s 25, and he’s screaming, crying and flapping his arms and punching the floor everytime he makes a mistake..

@ImThonk LMFAOOOO nah i had like barely 5 mill left when i got to the sub keeper and kepa had the best stats there besides adrian but i already have 3 liverpool players haha.

For the 3rd goal, could you imagine if Davies slotted that past Kepa just before Kante got a foot in 😱.

@CourtneyMUFC oh then it’s up to you! i personally like darker colors which aren’t brown or black, such as blue purple and blood red. but i’m sure you’ll look great in whatever you choose!.

@CFCMarv @rightbackreece yeah it’s rajesh, but i’m blocked as well so idk what it is.

Foi pro Chelsea recebendo um salário absurdo, pelo maior valor já pago por um guarda-redes e não tá jogando nada, que nem o Morata. Padrão do Chelsea é Courtois e Čech e o torcedor acha ruim que os outros torcedores critiquem o Kepa. Que pau molice..

Yet somehow Kepa starts for Spain. If De Gea isn’t given the the starting place on a platter then that national team deserves failure for eternity..

@DeGeaRole_ @D_DeGea Remember last season when they said Kepa was better 🤣😭.

i think lampard told his boys to try to avoid any physical battles with richarlison.

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@UtdZakee Repped this guy when he was worse than Kepa. I’ve seen his development and I’m glad to say I backed Van De Gea from the start..

@ReeceJamesSZN Only fools will rate Kepa over De Gea. Kepa is a baby and he needs to grow up.

Top 10 GKs itl: 1. Alisson 🇧🇷 2. De Gea 🇪🇸 3. Ederson 🇧🇷 4. Schmeichel 🇩🇰 5. Leno 🇩🇪 6. Fabianski 🇵🇱 7. Lloris 🇫🇷 8. Dubravka 🇸🇰 9. Henderson 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 10. Kepa 🇪🇸.

@ACParee Thank you If Zouma didnt feel confident in carrying the ball forward he should have taken a few steps back to then give Kova the opportunity to drop and collect the ball. with where he’s standing now he invites a Kepa to give an offensive ball so he run with the pace of the ball.

@CallumCFC_ Onana, could test the waters for Dean Henderson but unlikely. I mean is that the issue? I mean who actually takes Kepa now?.

It absolutely isn’t. Kepa should pass to Christensen who is closer and offers a better passing option. Kepa knows the distance is to big and still passes..

@nekogyul shhhh theyre sleeping brother nature miami ceedee lamb keita cardi b prass naby kepa everton vs chelsea shaun king lee corso zac brown tottenham hotspur vs burnley saturday.

- Chelsea Dibantai Everton, Kepa Banjir Olok-olok dan Sindiran.

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Kepa with his Kit-Kat fingers 🤣 I remember when certain Chelsea fans tried to put him in the combined XI when United played them 😭 Stella Artois FC!.

Kepa Arrizabalaga has played more Premier League away games in 2019 without keeping a clean sheet (16) than any other goalkeeper. The wait goes.

Kepa Photo
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