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Kim and Pete Twitter

Pete Davidson I’m not nearly as beautiful as Kim but I’m real funny and can shotgun a beer please hit my line PLEASE.

I can confidently say that Kim and Pete breaking up doesn’t upset me at all considering the fact the this man straight up got a tattoo of her children’s initials on his body… is that not weird to y’all?.

Damn Pete and Kim broke up. It’s all good Pete. You give skinny tall white boys like me hope that we can land the bag. Much love bro ❤️.

Pete Davidson. How the hell does he date all these hot women? I wouldn’t pay him any attention, not even if I were paid. Money and clout means nada. He makes repulsive “jokes” and he’s not attractive. He and Kim K broke up so protect your energy ladies, he’s on the prowl again🤢.

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